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MAIL ORDER BRIDE: The Pregnant Widowed Bride

by Annabel Blair

Cassandra couldn’t be happier with her husband, Jonathon. Their life in New Orleans is almost perfect. She is just about to break the good news that she is going to have a baby when he is suddenly struck down by yellow fever.

Out of options and overwhelmed by grief, she responds to an order for a mail order bride in California as a last resort.

But what man would want a woman who is already pregnant with another man’s child?

She decides to hide the fact that she is pregnant until she arrives in the small mining town of You Bet.

But when she arrives she struggles with breaking the news to her new husband. How can she tell him? And how long does she have until he realizes on his own?

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The Beyond Experience

by Michael Reid Jr

A suspenseful and emotional journey which reveals something we all secretly wish for.
Allow yourself to be taken in by the unimaginable idea of visiting heaven…or is it all in the mind?

Dr. Ethan Lewis’s past doesn’t allow him the luxury of sleep. He’s guided by guilt and heartache, both of which motivated him to perfect the unorthodox treatment for anxiety and depression. But, when his lab assistant, Kyle, pushes the limits of the treatment, he threatens his own life and reveals the drug has unimaginable reach.

Lies, deceit, and a revelation regarding Dr. Lewis’s past halt the aggressive trials, but Kyle’s new love interest provides the final blow. A rift forms between the two best friends. Kyle’s disloyalty begins a cascade of events leading Dr. Lewis to enter The Beyond Experience himself in order to solve a string of missing persons. What he finds inside will destroy his beliefs, and, provides the answer to why his fiance spoke those final haunting words as she died in his arms; “forgive me.”

A Texas Christmas Tale: The Marrying Kind: Just Plain Love in the Old West (Brides of Texas Novella)

by Kathleen Y’Barbo

Merry Christmas from Cut Creek, Texas!

Anything can happen when four meddlesome, retired Texas Rangers try their hand at matchmaking. As Christmas draws near, clandestine meetings are held to foil Sheriff Rafe Wilson’s plans to leave Cut Creek and the infuriating dressmaker Peony Potter behind. Will Rafe follow in his father’s footsteps and join up with the Texas Rangers or will a Christmas miracle keep him home where he belongs?

Note: this novella first appeared in Lone Star Christmas

Miracle at the Christmas Eve Tea Party: A Women of God: Lancaster County Story

by D.L. Stalnaker

When Sarah Beiler and Samantha Hoffman decided to give Cecilia, their co-worker and Sarah’s future sister-in-law, a special tea party at their gift and tea shop on Christmas Eve to celebrate her upcoming wedding, little did they know the drama that was about to take place. While they were stranded at the shop by a crippling blizzard, they were unable to return home due to the deteriorating road conditions. In addition to the snow storm, the wooden bridge that was a link to their homes was made weaker due to a crash the night before and they feared that it would collapse under the weight of the snow and the heavy winds. After they lost their electricity and phone connection to the outside world they would have to make it the best way they could. Could their bond of sisterhood and faith in God be enough to see them through the night? What happened when an unwelcome stranger showed up at just the right moment to save one of the women from possible danger?

This book is a Christmas novella and it tells a story using the characters from my other Women of God: Lancaster County books.

Sweet Longings

by Vanilla Orchid Books

Looking to add some sizzle to your Kindle library? You’ll find it here with over 32,000 words of panty-melting passion in this collection of fun and hot short stories

Forever My Heart
Falling Again
Holiday of Love
Honoring Her Heart
Summer Splash
The Cherished Bride
Summer of Sweetness

WARNING: These stories are super hot with explicit scenes of desire and passion that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!


MAIL ORDER BRIDE: The Amish Bride’s New Life

by Annabel Blair

Sylvia King is leaving behind the familiar life she has led in her small Amish community. After the death of her sister her childhood home seems to smother her. She finds escape in the form of an ad in the newspaper that asks for a mail-order bride. After a few months of correspondence she is headed for a new life in Texas.

Vincent McCullough wasn’t looking for a wife. He decided when his fiancé died from a chronic illness that love simply wasn’t for him, but when he finds out that his mother made it a condition in her will that he be married by his thirtieth birthday in order to gain his inheritance he finds himself with no choice but to find himself a bride.

Will Sylvia be able to adjust to a new life outside of her Amish community? Will she and Vincent be able to heal the scars on each other’s hearts?

Contains a FREE series of Bonus Clean Romance Stories!

3 cuentos de Navidad (Spanish Edition)

by Miguel Ángel Itriago Machado

Tres cuentos de Navidad totalmente distintos, escritos por el mismo autor: el primero, es una corta y lírica narración sobre la aparición de la estrella de Belén. El segundo, es otro breve relato, impregnado de amor y de humor, narrado en primera persona, nada menos que por el Niño Jesús; y el tercero, es un cuento, con un estilo original, audaz, en el cual en plena Noche Buena se mezclan los sentimientos de paz con los de la más brutal violencia.

2 eBook Combo: Temptation in the Pulpit and Dating a Single Minister: Black Romance Author – Church Drama

by Eddie Johnson

Get two romance church drama eBooks all in one. In ‘Temptation in the Pulpit’ Minister Devon Tucker finds nothing wrong with working for the Lord while holding his own as a ladies’ man and Casanova. Also Derrick Hamilton a single Baptist minister in ‘Dating a Single Minister’ finds himself fascinated with Summer Reed a gorgeous fashion mogul, although he’s still involved with another woman. An ex of the minister further intensifies the drama.

A Christmas Jar for Santa: A Christmas Jars Short Story

by Jason F. Wright

The Christmas Jars tradition:

“…one by one, family members will empty their pockets and delight at the cling-clang of change hitting the empty glass bottom. Most days will yield a quarter, a dime, perhaps two nickels and a stray penny. Occasionally Mother will make change for herself by drop- ping in a worn dollar bill and pulling out an appropriate combination of cool silver coins. Over the months that follow, the gathering change will leave no recognizable void. Occasionally the temptation to borrow for laundry, a movie, or the ice-cream truck will float through the house, over the jar, and out the back door. But it never lands. The money is spoken for.” (Excerpt from Christmas Jars, copyright 2005, published by Shadow Mountain.)

Christmas Jars, a New York Times Bestselling novella by Jason Wright, first became a phenomenon during the 2005 holiday season. Readers across America reacted to the message of daily giving and sacrifice by creating their own Christmas Jars.

Today, thousands of glass jars rest on kitchen countertops, slowly collecting the spare change generated each and every day. On Christmas Eve, each jar, now overflowing with both money and goodwill, will anonymously find a new home. In turn, the grateful recipients will put the money to good use in their lives and begin their own jar. Thus hearts and lives are changed and the cycle continues.

This short story follows in the tradition and spirit of Christmas Jars. If you’ve read the original, you’ll love this sweet addition to the Christmas Jars family.

My Christmas Angel (Christmas Angels Book 1)

by Eleanor Smythson

10,000 word Christian romance novella. It’s a bit much in the run up to Christmas when a hard working girl loses a job in a shop and a job in a cafe both in the same day – and all because of one man! This heart warming tale of love and laughter in the Christmas season will get your Yuletide off to a great start.

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