Free science fiction Kindle books for 19 Dec 16

The Fall of Man (Zombie Apocalypse Series Book 1)

by Jeff DeGordick

Mankind was wiped out in the blink of an eye. Hordes of mindless, flesh-hungry zombies ravaged the world and left a bloody trail of death and ashes in their wake.

Sarah survived that nightmare eight years ago with her son who was born on that fateful day. Now as they struggle to eke out a living in the apocalyptic ruins of Virginia, they hear word of a safe haven in the next state over. A place where she’ll no longer have to wonder if her son will live to see tomorrow.

There’s just one problem. Standing between them and paradise is over a hundred miles of more than just the undead. Cannibals, lunatics, and murderous bandits prowl the landscape, searching for their next victims.

But facing an impossible journey, Sarah may just have the ace that they need to make it: an unexplainable and frightening power her son possesses that will either turn the tide and deliver them to salvation or bring about their destruction and leave them to join the ranks of the dead…

B The EXXtinction: The Only Hope for Man is a Woman

by Santiago Mantilla

Set in the United States of America in the year 2034. This is an epic novel of a fight for the survival of a species, mankind as we know it. A tale of a father’s love for his daughter and his battle to prepare her to take on the leadership role of a lifetime, to become the head of the rebellion against the Queen whose sole purpose in life is the extermination of all men.

In a cataclysmic occurrence known as the “The Event”, the Queen starts a vicious civil war that reduces the male population by seventy five percent. With the creation of a subliminal communication device she takes over the minds of women throughout the nation and they begin a mass genocide.

Queen Estevez theorized that all women would take action against men. That was not the case. She underestimated the strong connections and bonds amongst men and women. The wonderful relationships that exist between husbands and wives, fathers and daughters, brothers and sisters, they become the very foundation of the rebellion. Due to a combination of circumstance and ability Noah, Talayeh’s father finds himself smack in the middle of the resistance, sacrificing himself to increase their chances of survival. His actions plant the seeds of hope in Talayeh’s mind that would eventually turn the tide. Surviving the Queen’s death squads is the first obstacle, surviving each other is the next. Like a Queen Bee Estevez believes that she and her sisters shall inherit the earth. The only hope for man is a woman.

Space Mercenaries: The Ghazzali Horde (Wolf Cyborg Book 0)

by Galen Wolf

The Space Horde is Coming:

A god of love whose followers spread murder across the Universe

Mercenary captain, Severan sells his share of the spaceship Mantis and begins a peaceful life as a farmer.

Ë?Ë?Ë? He was one of the best captains in the Universe

With his picked crew, he could take out any enemy

Ë?Ë?Ë? But Severan grew weary of war

And he found a peaceful planet and raised cattle with his wife and kids

Ë?Ë?Ë? Then war came to find him

Severan has to protect his family from a ravening space horde of religious, DNA spliced fanatics.

And he has to do it now

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This is a short story introducing Severan.


by Geary Radcliffe

I wrote this short story, and five others, while staying at a bed and breakfast in Granada, Nicaragua. The characters in the story are real, but the story is totally sicence-fictional.

Yuen-mong’s Revenge

by Gian Bordin

Yuen-mong was born after her parents, both famous scientists, got stranded on Aros under suspicious circumstances, while attempting to collect mineral samples from its ring. When she was twelve, savage descendants of a failed colonization attempt three hundred years earlier killed her parents. She survived the planet’s many deadly perils with the help of her highly developed empathic skills that allow her to sense the emotional state of people and animals. She always dreamed that one day she will return to her parent’s home world, Andromatis, and reclaim her heritage. When Atun, a mineral exploration scientist, also crash-lands on the planet, she seizes the opportunity to realize that dream, but first she has to overcome his prejudices for her primitive, cave-dwelling lifestyle. Implementing her father’s theory that the rapidly oscillating magnetic field of Aros cripples all electronics, they convert his damaged space lander to mechanical control. In spite of Atun’s fear that flying such a contraption is the surest way to kill oneself, they manage to reach the space craft her parents had parked in orbit around Aros more than twenty years earlier. It is only the first step towards embarking on a mission of discovering the who sent her parents to â??the planet of no return’ and why, and of seeking revenge for her parents’ death. Will her Aros survival skills be of any use on Andromatis?

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