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Mossad: The Hidden Secrets of Israel’s Secret Service

by Alexander Stone

Discover the untold secrets of Israel’s Secret Service

All over the world, there are intelligence agencies dedicated to the protection of their respective countries and the people who reside within them. Israel is no exception and their Mossad is one of the most respected and world renowned organizations in the world. Their tactics may be viewed as on the borderline of legal and illegal, but the measures they take to ensure the security of their State and their people are done so cautiously and meticulously. This book will cover the founding of the Mossad and detail some of their most notoriously famous and successful missions. As with any human-led institution, there are bound to be mistakes made and this book will detail some of the Mossad’s most famous errors. From start to finish, this book will educate and enthrall the reader with historic accounts of missions assigned and completed by the Mossad. It will also discuss the relationships it has built with the United States and what mission the Mossad took on to help establish a long-lasting comradery between the two countries.

This book will detail some infamous assassinations accredited to the Mossad as well as describe some of their most embarrassing failures. In addition to their notable operations, the book will cover a former operative’s perspective on the agency and will discuss his reasons for leaving as well as how he sees things regarding the State of Israel in an entirely new light. This book will detail the extent to which the Mossad would go to in order to obtain information about a target, or apprehend a target. Additionally, this book will detail the capture, trial and execution of two of the world’s most notorious Nazi war criminals.

Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn:

-What is the Mossad and what do they do?
-How the Mossad was formed
-Former and current heads of the Mossad
-Missions they’ve taken
-High profile assassinations
-Highly publicized and criticized mistakes they’ve made
-Confessions of a former agent
-How the Mossad humiliated the Soviet Union
-The Six Day War

So don’t delay purchase your copy and learn everything there is to know about the Mossad!

Serial Homicide (Volume 1): True Murder Stories (Notorious Serial Killers)

by RJ Parker

This is the first book in the ‘Notorious Serial Killers’ series which will feature six cases in each volume. INCLUDES PHOTOS

Ted Bundy was a burglar, rapist, kidnapper, necrophiliac (sexual intercourse with a corpse) and serial killer in the 1970s. It’s believed he killed 30 plus women.

Jeffrey Dahmer (the Milwaukee Monster), was a rapist, killer, necrophiliac, and cannibal who killed 17 young boys and men between 1978 and 1991.

Albert Fish was a child rapist, cannibal and serial killer who operated between 1924 and 1932. It’s believed that he killed at least 9 children and possibly more.

During the 1980s and â??90s, Gary Ridgway (Green River Killer), a serial killer and necrophiliac, is believed to have killed 49 women, but confessed to murdering 71.

Between 1978 and 1983 in the United Kingdom, Dennis Nilsen (The Kindly Killer) is known to have killed between 12 and 15 young men. He had a ritual of bathing and dressing the corpses, preserving them for a time before dissecting and disposing of his victims by either burning them in a fire or flushing their parts down a toilet.

Known as the Co-Ed Butcher, Edmund Kemper was a cannibal, necrophiliac and serial killer who, between 1964 and 1973, killed 10 women including his mother who he beheaded, used her head as a dartboard and for oral sex.

Plus… Bonus Story

In February 2013, LAPD Cop Chris Dorner went on a shooting revenge/spree killing targeting higher-up officers and their families.

10:10: A spiritual love story

by Michelle Wood

Born on a date that would ultimately be used for her restoration, Michelle experiences a transformation, as God reveals himself to her and leaves no doubt that He has been fighting for her all along. She has known and loved Him from childhood, but the enemy who seeks to use her darkest fears to devour her, will cause her to question God’s presence. Depression and anxiety pull at her and just when she needs Him the most, God turns her gaze to a number, 10:10. Obedience becomes her new joy and as she trusts Him to carry her into boldness, He begins to unfold a beautiful story of truth, protection and romance that only existed in her scripted dialogues. Changed by her new truth, Michelle uses her incredible journey to restore hope to those under attack and express God’s love for us in the way He has asked her to. You are specific, intentional, deeply loved and God has you. You are eternally forgiven and designed for a purpose that only you can fulfill. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind as God uses Michelle’s touching and adrenaline filled story to reveal who God is and what He wants you to know about Him.
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. -John 10:10
And that was only the beginning…

Killer Retard : The True Story of Brandy Holmes

by Rhonda Norman

“She had a IQ of 77 and a .38 caliber gun.” – a Caddo Parish Detective
It was New Year’s Day in 2003 when retired pastor Julian Brandon heard a knock on his door in Blanchard, Louisiana. He opened it to find the villainous duo of Brandy Holmes and Robert Coleman who “bum rushed” the 70-year old man, forcing their way in.
The couple shot the minister and began ransacking his home.
His wife, Alice, tried hiding in the back bedroom but Brandy and Coleman followed her, demanding valuables before shooting her.
They then stole whatever they could out of the home; cash, credit cards, and jewelry.
Brandy would only be captured after she bragged to one of her neighbors that she killed an elderly couple.
She would be sentenced to death but would blame being born with fetal alcohol syndrome for her behavior. By doing this, she could avoid personal responsibility, as her life was filled with murder and mayhem.
“I was named after my mother’s favorite drink,” she said. “Brandy.”
Born out of a childhood of neglect and growing anger, Brandy Holmes would become one of the most vicious killers in Louisiana history.

MYSTERY: THE BIG THRILL – LOVING PARIS: (Serial Killer Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller, Murder) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (True Crime Suspense Thriller Mystery, Crime, Love 3)




This book entitled The Big Thrill: Loving Paris is the third book of the series The Big Thrill. It is about how Aidan and Phoebe met each other.
Phoebe and Aidan will fall in love immediately. But because of too much fear and hesitation, they will never be in a relationship. Phoebe is a huge performer in Paris while Aidan is a multi millionaire businessman in New York. Both of them are having different spectrum in life.

But Phoebe knows she loves Aidan more. They will fight their feelings for each other, however in the end; they will catch themselves in the arms of one another.
In a world where nothing remains permanent, and the only thing that will hold still is change, can there be a love that can survive the many circumstances of the world? If so, are they brave enough to find out? Are they willing enough to believe in love? And in the city of Paris, a city of wild love waiting ’round the corner, could there be fate?

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Aloha Wanderwell Call to Adventure

by Aloha Baker

“The First Woman To Travel The World By Automobile!”

“The World’s Most Widely Traveled Girl!”

In her own words, the remarkable ALOHA WANDERWELL BAKER tells the true story of her amazing 7 year journey around the world in a Model T Ford with the Wanderwell Expedition in the 1920s.

Containing Aloha’s 1939 memoir, “Call To Adventure,” and with exclusive newly-commissioned essays, photos and supplemental materials from the author’s estate, “Aloha Wanderwell: Call To Adventure” takes the reader along on her epic trek through Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan, China, the Soviet Union, the United States, Cuba, and Africa – a thrilling adventure made all the more astounding by the fact that Aloha herself was only 16 years old when she set out to see the world by car.

“Brains, Beauty & Breeches – World Tour Offer For Lucky Young Womanâ?¦. Wanted to join an expeditionâ?¦Asia, Africaâ?¦.”

In 1922, Idris Galcia Hall was a 16 year old schoolgirl when she answered an ad placed in the Paris Herald by self-styled adventurer Walter Wanderwell. who was just starting out to break the world’s long distance automobile record in an expedition jumpstarted by Henry Ford’s donation of a pair of Model Ts. She joined the expedition as Wanderwell’s secretary, and, christened with a new stage name, Aloha Wanderwell, she soon found herself functioning as translator, driver, seamstress, all-around good will ambassador, and even actress, as she soon became the focal point for the filmed record of the trip. Along the way, she and Wanderwell fell in love and were married when the expedition reached California in 1925.

“Aloha Wanderwell: Call To Adventure” captures in vivid detail Aloha’s own impressions of the long-forgotten Wanderwell Expeditionâ?¦sweeping through Italy just as Mussolini and the Fascisti were consolidating their powerâ?¦ braving food riots and hostile mobs in Germany, a country then reeling from the harsh reparations demanded by the victorious allies of World War Iâ?¦camping at the foot of the Great Sphinx in Egypt’s Valley of the Kingsâ?¦ driving into Palestine, where the Jews were attempting to build a new nationâ?¦ across the arid lands of India, towing the Model Ts across rivers by water buffalo. Aloha traversed the highlands of Portuguese East Africa, and nearly died of thirst in the Sudanese desertâ?¦.disguised herself as a man and prayed in Meccaâ?¦ hunted elephants in Indo-China, became a confidante of Chinese bandits, and was granted the title of “Honorary Colonel” in the Red Army of Siberiaâ?¦ and hob-nobbed with Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks during a visit to Hollywood.

“Aloha Wanderwell: Call To Adventure” is a remarkable tale told by a remarkable woman.

Seven Days To Say I Love You

by Ashley Hames

When my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer he was told by his doctor that he had “weeks rather than months” to live.
If I wasn’t already aware of it, the clock had – at that moment – truly started.
It was to stop just one week later when my father died – and it’s those seven days which form the basis of this true account.
Divided into seven days, this is a story that faces up to the thoughts and fears that we all have – of growing older, of losing a parent, of saying what we really think, and of learning to live again.
So, if you’re having a mid-life crisis…

Reviews on Amazon include the following comments:

‘I was so compelled by this book that I could not put it down: Utter brilliance, heartfelt and meaningful, I was truly inside the writer’s mind from beginning to end.’

‘A beautifully written account…and offers very palpable hope.’

‘The author did a wonderful job in transporting the reader in such a way that you are walking alongside him the entire time…A great read.’

‘I wasn’t sure about embarking on this read to begin with – fearing a “woe is me” account – but this book isnt! It is refreshing, honest, clear, and insightful.’

‘Reading this made me cry, smile, hurt and heal a bit more…This book made me feel NORMAL!’

Beyond All Imaginings

by Janet Whitehead

This is the true story of my life: The tragic loss of loved ones and the heart-wrenching grief; the magic of faerie-like beings showing up in my clay, on my pages, and in my home – which they did very much to my dismay, at least at first.
This is a story of magic and altering time and dogs that fly and people who died and beings who introduced themselves as faeriesâ?¦ and this is a story of pottery.
It’s about smashed fingers, smashed dreams, smashed faeries and the value of throwing up your arms and saying “whatever.”
It’s about impossible things being possible and Rolling Stones playing on unplugged radios.
It’s about walking through walls and it’s about faerie sex; a chapter, by the way, that nearly stopped me in my writing tracks.
And now, the faeries insist on blowing themselves up.
This is the story that blurs your boundaries between reality and fantasy and leaves you wishing you could find your way into my world, albeit without the tragedies.
As you can imagine, this has not been a simple story to write. Hell, if it were fantasy it would have been easyâ?¦ but this is my life.

Tiny Titan – One Small Gift (Journey of Hope Book 1)

by Ann Yurcek

Author Ann Yurcek was ‘just’ a mom when her story begins with the birth of her daughter Becca. Becca surprised everyone with a rare genetic disorder called Noonan’s syndrome. As Becca struggled to survive her family plunged into poverty. Their remarkable journey out of poverty is a story of it’s own, but within the pages lie secrets much more important we all should know.

Tiny Titan by Ann Yurcek launches a new kind of Mother’s Day story for all the countless mothers in America who dedicate their lives to exceptional children with special medical and mental health care needs. The story and the children are real.

In 1989, the Yurceks sixth child, Becca was born with a rare genetic disorder, and while she struggled to survive, her family tumbled into poverty. This is the true and inspirational story of their journey out of poverty and the many miracles they received along the way.

In the spirit of giving back, they adopted and reunited five siblings separated in foster care. And for their new children they fought for resources in mental health and child welfare with the same tenacity they had fought for Becca in the medical world. Others’ said their journey was impossible, but they proved them wrong.

Gold Mom’s Choice – Best Adult Non-Fiction
5 Star Dove Award
Books & Authors – Best Inspirational

By Ann Yurcek


I sunk into despair. The holiday was fast approaching and Christmas was the last thing on our minds with Becca critically ill in the PICU and everyone else sick too. There was no money for gifts, and there was no time to buy or make anything. I was sick, tired and depressed over the circumstances we found ourselves in. If the phone rang, I was afraid to answer it because it might carry the news that Becca was worsening or no longer here. The phone was a constant reminder of trouble. It rang with bill collectors waiting for money. It rang when medical personnel had more dreaded news or another crisis for Becca. My emotions rose and fell like tidal waves, up, up, up and down, down, down. I tried not to think; not thinking was how I coped. It was like the stairs I ran at the hospital, up and down, and then I’d stop and sit, empty and mindless. I could not think about my children going without gifts at Christmas, but our lives were impossibly out of control. We had fallen into a dark hole due to no fault of my innocent children. At any moment they were going to lose their new baby sister. They were caught in the tidal wave of catastrophic illness when they needed a Santa most to give them hope. How would I explain to my children that Santa forgot them?
I was used to planning ahead and beginning in July bought two presents each month to cover birthdays and Christmas. Over the years my frugal plan had worked flawlessly. I squirreled away the hottest toys for Christmas gifts with early season purchases. While other families were school shopping I was making wishes come true. It was a challenge to make my kids birthdays and Christmas memorable. I love the holidays and I began to bargain shop for Marissa’s September birthday gift. I budgeted a little each month until Christmas, finding sale and clearance treasures, completing my shopping race under budget. In November we celebrated Jim, Nathan and Ian’s birthdays followed in December by Matt’s birthday, and then Kristy’s birthday in early January. The gifts I bought with Jim’s carpet points guaranteed the boys November birthday gifts. Matt at age three was easy; all I needed was something big. Big for my little kids were exciting and ten dollars went a long way. Other than that I had nothing. We had already used the house payment money to pay for medicine, throat cultures and doctors visits for the kids and me while we were sick.

I was a rookie in the being broke game. ……

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