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A Thotful Christmas

by Smply Gorjs Hope Destiny

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THOT stands for That Hoe Over There and is defined as someone that is a hoe or promiscuous.
A Thotful Christmas brings out six different stories of men and women who are either THOTS, are involved with one and/or may know one or two.
We all know a thot that we may or may not admit is one but the writing is all over the wall.
In this story, it is Christmas time and everyone needs love including the ones we define as THOTS but breaking up a seemingly happy home is most definitely not what it is and you will find a lot of that going on in these stories.
The side chick acting like the main chick.
Friends betraying friends.
All the lies and deceits that usually surround a thot can be found in these epic tales.

The Closest Thing to OK

by Cristy Rey

At eighteen years-old, Sam DeCastro moved to Tallahassee to lend her recently widowed brother a hand in caring for his two small children. Five years later, Sam is their sole caregiver, her troubled brother increasingly fades from their family picture. Not a mother to the children that she raises. Not a wife to the brother that she’s shackled to. Not a daughter to the parents that hardly loved her as a kid. Not a cookie-cutter example of the perky PTA parentâ??not with her tattoos and penchant for heavy music, twenty-three year-old Sam has practically no social life, no college degree, and no room for love in her life.

Jake Turner is the counselor at Canopy Hopes where Sam’s niece and nephew attend school. Jake had Sam once, and then he lost her. Six months later, when they reunite for a parent-teacher conference, sparks reignite. With Jake back in the picture, Sam must decide what she wants for her own life: Stay trapped in a platonic marriage with an absent husband of a brother? Strike out on her own, leave the kids behind, and never look back?

Jake isn’t sure that Sam sees a happy medium, but he wants her to. He knows that, if she doesn’t, there won’t be any room for him in her life.

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