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Homo For The Holidays: A Collection of Mostly Gay Christmas Tales

by Mark Roeder

Homo for the Holidays is a collection of mostly gay Christmas tales. In this collection are found stories of gay romantic love, the love between a father and his gay son, and old lovers returning from the beyond. There are stories within the pages about a magical Christmas tree that appears of its own accord every year, angels, ghosts, and a century-old hotel that miraculously reappears during the holiday season. Most of the stories are written for gay readers, but some are just cozy Christmas tales. There are stories in this volume for all true lovers of Christmas. So, grab a plate of Christmas cookies and a steaming cup of cocoa and sit down to enjoy this collection of most gay Christmas tales.

Mark A. Roeder is best known for his Gay Youth Chronicles series, but pens a few Christmas tales each holiday season. He currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana, near Indiana University.

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The Death of Tarpons

by Les Edgerton

Now middle aged and in poor health, widower and grandfather Corey takes a solo trip home to Freeport, the Texan town he grew up in.

But that trip turns out to represent much more than a poignant journey for old times’ sake.

With memories of his childhood prompted by the familiar Texan landscape, Corey narrates the story of the 1950s summer that changed his life forever.

Dismissed and beaten by a frustrated and violent father and effectively abandoned by an emotionally fragile and obsessively religious mother, the teenage Corey turns to his grandfather for comfort.

Then his grandfather is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

As events unfold, it becomes clear that this is just one of several life-changing events to happen to Corey that summer.

His parents’ marriage falls apart, his mother’s mental health declines and his father becomes increasingly angry, as a beloved father and grandfather slides towards death.

Meanwhile, Corey’s best friend lives locally in a violent and dysfunctional household, until the ultimate tragedy strikes and Destin is whisked away to live with relatives.

Faced with the loss of his closest friend and imminent loss of his grandfather, Cory focuses his attention on a very special project, a present for his father. A present intended to win his father’s love.

But it doesn’t.

And Corey’s good intentions vanish into violence…

And that is when, strengthened by the wise counsel of his dying grandfather, Corey realizes that it is time to be his own person.

The Death of Tarpons is a coming-of-age tale as the adult Corey recalls his past and sees with new clarity the issues surrounding love, parenthood, family and death which he must deal with.

Praise for The Death of Tarpons

“Edgerton’s first novel shines with wisdom.” â?? Publishers Weekly

“Highly recommended for public libraries and for academic libraries supporting writing programs.” â?? Library Journal

“Edgerton’s skillful writing and characterizations invite the reader to share Corey’s horrors and hopes, to try to understand unreasonable motives, to care about the outcome.” â?? Austin American-Statesman

“While this book deals with violence and cruelty, it is ultimately a definition of gentleness and love. It is a good story; it is a good book.” â?? The Indianapolis Star

“…this first novel reflects equally the author’s respectable effort at expression, and its protagonist’s expressive struggle. Big on heart.” â?? Booklover’s Magazine

“Edgerton is not just another stunning narrative talent, he is an important narrative authority – a master of his or any other generation.” â??Vincent Zandri, author of As Catch Can

“It is heart-felt, heart-rending, compulsively readable and wise.” â??Douglas Glover, author of The Life and Times of Captain N.

“Les Edgerton’s The Death of Tarpons is a big-hearted and beautiful story of love and death and the fact that we all grow up and away, for better and worse, from who and what we once were. A fine book, well worth the reading.” â??Bret Lott, author of Jewel

“Edgerton takes on one of the hoariest of projects, the family chronicle, but he explores individual characters and domestic relations in so particularized, so eloquent andâ??in the very best senseâ??so idiosyncratic a way, that we almost feel we are treading such ground for the first time.” â??Sydney Lea, author of A Place of Mind

Les Edgerton was born and raised in Texas and now lives in Ft.Wayne, Indiana, where he and his wife Mary co-own Bold Strokes Hair Designers. In 1993, he was declared â??one of Indiana’s best writers’ by Arts Indiana .

Off the Grid: Book One (The Jamie Keller Mystery Series 1)

by EN McNamara

When Jamie Keller’s father is killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb, her mother decides to combat the financial and emotional stress by moving the family from Hamilton, Ohio to the rural town of Promise, Oregon.
Fourteen-year-old Jamie narrates the tale of the journey, intermingling descriptions of family dynamics with her own personal philosophy of life.
The victims of Jamie’s scrutiny include: older sister Jenny, who listens to praise music and wears a WWJD bracelet; younger brother Jake, contained and brainy, with know-it-all tendencies; and little sister Jana, lover of animals and sometimes the comic relief.
In Reno, Nevada, the mystery begins when Jamie’s mother fails to pick the kids up at the mall as had been previously arranged.
After waiting for hours in the blazing heat, brother Jake finally goes in search of his mom only to return with an amazing story. He has located the car, and everything in it is intact (including the family’s pet cats), but Mrs. Keller is nowhere to be found. Intensive searching proves futile. Their mother has vanished!
Nervous about becoming wards of the state of Nevada, and fearful of being put in separate foster homes, the Keller kids decide to avoid authority, choosing instead to take the gamble, and continue on to Promise, Oregon.
On the way into town, a giant JESUS banner is the first sign that Promise is in a bible belt. Jenny is thrilled, Jamie, not so.
Upon arriving at the ranch, the Kellers are met with further disappointment when they discover that the ‘ranch’ is nothing more than an old trailer, situated off the grid. Jake is in his element, with the challenge of solar panels, batteries and generators, but the girls are far from enchanted.
War, religion, world peace, inner peace, dealing with financial stress and self sufficiency are some of the key topics in this often humerous story story.

Off the Grid is a contemporary novelette directed at a young teen audience but enjoyed by all ages.

Bad Things to Good People

by Kirk Houghton

Notorious serial killer, The Hair Stealer, is on the rampage in Carlisle searching for his mother. The residents are paralysed by fear but fascinated by the man behind the crimes.

Part satire and part thriller, Bad Things to Good People is a collection of six short stories exploring the tensions of a city embroiled in fear. Carlisle’s celebrity asexual, Stephen P, sees his career jeopardised on the verge of a lucrative book deal; nurse, Lorraine Gillibrand, is traumatised by a workplace assault and worries about her grandson’s misdemeanours; freelance writer, Jeremy Foxton, is in Cumbria on a research trip and open to the advances of a mysterious private detective; while Manchester youth worker, Leona Collins, is recalled to the county in emotional circumstances but has her own demons to confront. All will be affected by the Hair Stealer’s reign of terror, yet some don’t know how they’re connected.

At the centre of the storm is Chief Superintendent Tony Gillibrand, the man under pressure to catch a killer. But another nemesis from the 1990s threatens him at a critical stage of the investigation and leaves him exposed to misconduct charges..

It seems the green shoots of recovery are under threat from something far more dangerous than the credit crunchâ?¦

Nether Kingdom (Tyrants of the Dead Book 3)

by J Edward Neill

At the world’s edge, Andelusia awakens to the terrible realization that all her dreams have come to nothing. No matter that her father, the warlock, has fallen into exile. No matter that the enemies of mankind have retreated into darkness. When the shadows in her heart cause the seasons to change and deadly storms to sweep across Thillria, she knows what will come:

The Black Moon will descend.
Grimwain will return.
The Ur will rebuild their haunted civilization atop humanity’s graveyard.
Unless she alone wages war against the Nether Kingdom, the world will burn.

Checkout Girl: an angel short story

by Aimee Alexander

When an eighty-three year old woman dies, she is not transported straight to heaven. She’s taken on an unexpected detour back to her life shortly before she died. But she’s seeing the world from a different point of view. This is the first time she has ever experienced a detour being the best part of a journey.

‘A wonderful, warm read that’s guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings,’ author Colette Caddle.

Checkout Girl was published as part of the short story compilation, Moments, in aid of the tsunami. It was also part of a short story collection published in Germany.

Aimee Alexander is the pen name of bestselling Irish author, Denise Deegan

Checkout Girl includes a short excerpt from Pause to Rewind, a contemporary novel by Aimee Alexander.

1994 (Spanish Edition)

by Eva Castrillo Martin

La novela controversial, oscura, que te cuestionará sobre el bien y el mal. Puro Rock â??n Roll. En 1994 comenzó una historia que jamás debió haber ocurrido. Eloísa y Sebastián lo tienen todo, dinero, belleza, inteligencia, maldad y perversión. Pero no viven bajo las reglas de la sociedad que los demás mortales. No dejaron que nadie se interpusiera en el camino de sus depravaciones, solo ellos mismos. Una historia de amor, obsesión y locura. No es una novela de valores tradicionales, ni para todo público. Hay personas que son maldad pura, hay personas que no pueden detenerse ante nada, ni nadie. Y si he de decirles: El papel lo aguanta todo, pero quizás tú no.

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