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Batteries and Suckers: The Transfer of Wisdom

by Paul Posey

I think it is by divine design, that we as adults tend to fall into particular lanes in our lives. Some have taken on roles as helpers to support others in their daily struggle. Others, seek out those who live to help and provide guidance and support. Over time these roles define us in two categories, I like to call Batteries and Sucker. After reading this short book, you will be able to figure out which one you are. Maybe you will find out that you are both, you make the call.

Papi, cuéntame un cuento: CUENTOS INFANTILES (Spanish Edition)


Cuentos clásicos para niños que suceden en lugares mágicos como el Reino de los Dulces o en la montaña del Humito de Irás y no Volverás, algunos rescatados de la vida tradicional en el campo y otros de los personajes célebres que gustan a los pequeños.

My Three Man-Whore Brothers

by Kunti

Alexa Malone hates being associated with her three older brothers. Of course she loves them and everything, but being the only girl in a family of man-whores who treat all girls (except her) like objects isn’t easy. Her life’s one big jumble of dichotomy. With the help of her gay best friend and a (supposedly) reformed bad boy, maybe she can make it through.

God Damn Good Parenting

by S. Bhan

Dreaming perhaps of how wonderful it would be to have tiny versions of yourself and your partner running around?
Or perhaps the mini Me’s and mini You’s have already arrived and you are wondering where the hell the â??wonderful’ is?
SICK of being sick AND FED UP with being fed up all the time?
FRUSTRATED with the insane amount of advice being dealt out to you by seemingly every human being walking the surface of planet earth?
FELT LIKE WHACKING the next person asking you to correct your seemingly incorrect ways!
From overtly patronising and criticising in laws who you wished disappeared into thin air â?¦ to friends that you never wished had disappeared into thin airâ?¦from husbands that seldom look up from their smartphones to children who need you all the time.
You may wonder where the â??YOU’ in you has gone.
Perhaps on a brief vacation or maybe chucked into oblivionâ?¦
Welcome to â??God Damn Good Parenting’.
The book that takes you on a hilarious yet truthful account of what pregnancy and parenthood actually are all about!

The Christmas Pageant

by Michael W. Hall

Coming home from the big city to his small-town Christmas, a successful businessman, bearing expensive gifts for his family and friends, finds the real meaning of Christmas is sometimes small and simple.

How to treat a Bitch – A Girl who Ditch: Throwing a Bitch from Eiffel Tower is the best solution -but there are other ways!

by Priyanka Neru

98% girls are good, but 2% girls are bitches. These bitches have real intention to make fun of you, and have pleasure at your cost. But times have changed. Guys are not scared of their wives. The dogged guys have started attacking these bitches everywhere, and make them mental patient. This book is rule book on how to rock the lives of Bitches.

Molested In New Home

by Kunti

A young teenager moving through foster homes on her way to her 18th birthday discovers that her most recent transfer to an eccentric home in the country houses a clan of teenagers with no familial connection who can mysteriously produce supernatural abilities through sheer power of will.

Tags:- family, romance, ghost, paranormal, molested, erotica, sex


by Michael W. Hall

A young family, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, and limited finances, of their first holiday season, experience a Christmas they’ll always remember.

Traveling With Children I

by Linda Hays-Gibbs

Memories of traveling with my children. Humorous insights into new situations woth raising children.

The Rescueteers’ Christmas Mission, Book 2: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12

by Annette O’Leary-Coggins

What if you were called upon by the King of the leprechauns to rescue Santa from the wicked Banshee of Raven’s Point? The two bravest nine-year-olds in Ireland, their equally courageous greyhound and five leprechauns are ready to embark on a very important mission – to save Christmas for everyone.

After renewing their willingness to once again be Rescueteers, Nanny Reilly, Ned Franey and Henry Daly soon discover the Banshee and her skeleguards are on high alert awaiting their arrival. Even worse, she has installed a wish blocking device that surrounds the entire Banshee’s Cradle. Suddenly, all the Rescueteers’ wishes and magical shillelagh waving are worthless. What will they do?

As they attempt to liberate Santa, and punish the almost comically wicked Banshee, the Rescueteers soon realize that they may never return from their mission to the Banshee’s Cradle.

In this charming and magical adventure set in the Irish mythological world of leprechauns and banshees, the Rescueteers unearth secrets and a deep underworld woven beneath the infrastructure of the Banshee’s Cradle – secrets that have the power to affect all of them…forever.

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