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A Postcard from Cottonwood

by L. Soren Mobley

Neil Enright is an alcoholic polyglot with a photographic memory who has spent the better part of his life seducing women from one end of the globe to the other. During a respite from his travels, Neil returns to his hometown of Baltimore where he is held up at up at gunpoint and brutally kills a man in self-defense. Neil hops the first bus to anywhere and ends up in Cottonwood, Arizona where he meets Ana, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. With his newfound soul mate, he finds himself in a predicament, which far exceeds the mayhem he was determined to escape.
Herein begins Neil’s existential crisis, a desperate search for meaning. Does Ana know more about Neil than he knows about himself, which would lead him to self-realization if she can find the key to unlock his psyche? Or, has Neil uncovered an elaborate hoax, exposing not only Ana as a fraud, but deception so far reaching that it extends from the microcosm of humanity into the macrocosm of what is writ in the fabric of the cosmos. A Postcard from Cottonwood is a psychological thriller and a philosophical dissertation intertwined that will leave one questioning the nature of reality itself.

Scarier than LEAVING LAS VEGAS (and that’s a lot to say)

Add a dash of Tom Robbins and a pinch of Camus’ The Stranger, and an anger and bravado all his own, and you get L.S. Mobley’s loaded stew of angst and heartbreak. This is the type of book where you can turn to any page and just start reading.

Emergence: Luctor et Emergo

by Kristopher Driver

Take a seat behind the mind’s eye of neurotic high school student, Justin, as he endeavors to resolve all of life’s greatest mysteries: what exactly is a life of virtue, and how are we to go about living it. Feeling burdened by anxiety and overwhelmed by environmental pressures, our protagonist is drawn through a series of unlikely events, the chaos seeming far beyond his control. Follow Justin as he tries to govern his life through headwind after headwind of moral dilemmas, which he steers by way of deeply philosophical enquiry and candid introspection.

The story takes place in the urban centre of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the heartland of the Canadian Prairies. In a narrative wrought with metaphor and dark humor, playful use of colorful language and in style reminiscent of past hellenic dialogues, Emergence is a crime drama for every one interested in taking a long, objective look at their own prejudices and deep-seeded beliefs.

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