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by Sarah-Jane Bow Psychic

30 years experience of being a professional Psychic has brought British born woman Sarah-Jane Bow a wealth of information. In this short 30 page book, she teaches you how to use Candle Magic, how to cleanse your home, how to read Tarot Cards and how to evolve at a quicker pace using certain prayers – plus much, much more. This book is for the advanced soul looking for new answers.

Romance: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Capturing Ruby’s Heart (Western Frontier Romance Novelette)

by Grace Fisher

Desperately seeking to escape her pastâ?¦will she allow herself to be caught up and captured by love from a stranger?
Ruby is adamant that she will not marry a man that is only interested in her because of her looks. As such, the first chance she gets to thwart the plans of her father to use her as a pawn in his scheme to gain wealth she jumps on it. She answers an Ad to become a mail order bride to a man she has never met and who lives out west in no man’s land. In her heart she feels she is making the right decision. When she meets Sam, the handsome rancher who commissioned her, she is swept off her feet. That is until her past catches up with her.
Sam is in need of a bride. Someone to share his life with but the women in his territory are far from suitable. When the beautiful dark haired, blue eyed Ruby arrives to take up the offer he is bowled over by her beauty. But with beauty like hers, there is usually some baggage that comes along with it. Will he be able to look past all of her issues and give her the promise of a happy ever after?


Auras: Essential Beginner’s Guide to Seeing, Feeling, and Knowing (Auras for Beginners, Psychic, How to See Auras, Chakras, Book 1)

by Valerie W. Holt

The #1 Guide to Seeing Feeling, and Knowing Auras

Discvoer the Realm of Auras

In this book, Valerie will discuss how you can start seeing, feeling, and knowing people, specifcally their auras, at a moments notice!

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn from this book:

  • What Auras Tuly Are
  • The 7 Layers that Make Up Auras
  • How to See Auras
  • How to Feel Auras
  • How to Know Auras
  • Practicing Your Perceptions
  • And More…

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Christian Romance: From Prison to the Palace (Inspirational Women’s Fiction Second Chance Contemporary Romance) (Clean & Wholesome Sweet Love Inspired First Love Short Stories Book 1)

by Johanna Jenkins

Esther White has spent almost ten years in prison for a crime she never committed. Now, at the age of thirty-five she is ready to be released back into a world in which she has only one friend left, a friend who has always believed in her innocence, and who visited her as often as possible in that dreadful place. It is through Ellen Blake’s loyalty, support, encouragement and advice that Esther becomes a Christian during the time she is incarcerated. Thanks to both the prison chaplain, Jane Bennett, and Ellen’s never ending help, Esther finds the strength to survive her terrible ordeal. Her new found faith in God not only sustains her during her most difficult times, but becomes the inspiration for her need to uncover the truth. After meeting wealthy Christian philanthropist, Jesse Johnson, Esther embarks on a spiritual journey that takes her from the prison to the palace.

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Inspirational ROMANCE: Christian Romance ***SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE*** Religious Second Chance Clean Romance (Military Fiction Short Stories Romance Contemporary Book 1)

by Angel Atkins

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When an angel falls in love with a tough military manâ?¦

Will the â??good girl’ be able to crack the shell of a hardened military man, and will the alpha bad boy get real enough to stick around for true love?

This is a clean love story with two people finding themselves in the most unusual of ways. And above all, each finding their way through the love of God, Christianity, and having faith.

Note: Mature content referred to.

Tags: ROMANCE Christian Romance Christian Inspirational Second Chance Romance Military Contemporary Clean Women’s Fiction Historical Romance

Fall On Your Knees: A Story of Christmas

by Andrew Harper

Set in the present, “Fall On Your Knees” is an allegorical treatment of the Story of Christmas. This short story weaves the fated destinies of lovable characters around the birth of a child born in a borrowed space. Difficult circumstances and wounded people work together to remind us that the Season of Christmas is a time of peace and goodwill toward mankind.

dreams to reality (part 1)

by James Williams

As The Perils of Joseph’s dreams collide with his descending life, he stands to face his most Troublesome enemy yet. Himself. Not knowing who his father was or what the dreams originated from left him in the dark, but when the light comes will he be ready for what it may reveal? Murder, Mayhem, mystery, and betrayal shines through this action paste, fast-paced, Thrill Ride Through The Chronicles of Joseph.

God’s Christmas List

by Mark J Musser

With all the time spent thinking about the perfect gifts for our friends, relatives, and neighbors, I wonder how much time we have spent asking, “What does God want for Christmas? What’s on His gift list?” After all, it is His birthday, right? This holiday is about the Lord wrapping Himself in flesh and becoming the greatest gift the world has ever known. That means if anyone deserves something in return this Christmas, it is Him. Since that is the case, we should invest time in discovering the Lord’s wish list.

Using his down-to-earth conversational style, Mark Musser leads you into the Christmas story found in Matthew 2. There you’ll encounter King Herod who cares more about being in charge than being changed. You’ll meet the religious leaders who are too apathetic to apply the Scripture to their lives. And you’ll wander with the wise-men as they pursue Christ with every ounce of their being.

As you journey with these characters, you will see their strengths and weaknesses (and perhaps some of your own as well.) You will come to understand what kept Herod and the religious leaders from honoring God that first Christmas, and you will learn from the wise-men what God really wanted that Christmas…and every day since.

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Buddhism Box Set: The Top Secret Buddhism Guides to Practice Buddhist Teachings and Live a Balanced Life (reiki, buddhism for beginners, buddhism guide)

by Judi Price

Buddhism Box Set: The Top Secret Buddhism Guides to Practice Buddhist Teachings and Live a Balanced Life

Find out the best spiritual guides!

BOOK 1. Reiki: 30 Amazing Lessons to Practice Reiki and Increase Your Energy by Judi Price

BOOK 2. Buddhism for Beginners: The Top Secret Buddhism Guide for Living a Balanced Life by Camilla Cole

BOOK 3. Buddhism: A Basic Buddhism Guide on How to Practice Buddhist Teachings by Bill Tucker

BOOK 4. Mindfulness for Beginners: 29 Effective Mindfulness Exercises to Help You Live a Mindful Life by Monika Hunt

BOOK 5. Meditation For Beginners: 25 Simple Meditation Techniques for Beginners by Brad Berry

BOOK 6. Chakras: 12 Simple and Easy Ways to Practice Chakra Meditation by Emilie Hart

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Spirituality: The Top 25 Best Techniques For Becoming Enlightened And At Peace (The Best Spiritual Techniques & Training From Around The World To Help … Spiritual Growth Happiness & Enlightenment)

by Ace McCloud

Do you wish you had inner peace and happiness? Would you love to feel the power of the universe coursing through you?

Whether you want to (1) feel at peace and happy with your life, (2) grow spiritually, or (3) learn the world’s best ways to nourish your mind, body and spirit, then this is the book for you!

Do you long to connect with your own spirituality?

Spirituality doesn’t have to be a mystery. In this exciting spiritual journey you will discover how to achieve inner peace and live a harmonious and happy life. Imagine how much better life will be when you are kinder, more likable, more loving, and more inspirational. Learn to how to become self-aware and self-accepting. Discover how to respond to difficulties the right way without losing your cool. Enjoy life as you grow spiritually and are more divinely connected with all that is around you.

Enhance your self-awareness.

We live in a culture that does not encourage spirituality; self-awareness is easily squelched in favor of production and performance. In such an environment, it requires initiative and conscious development for our self-awareness to flourish and extend the strength of our spirituality. That is why I have included valuable and practical exercises designed to boost your self-awareness, cleanse the body, mind and soul and help you reach your true full potential.

Learn to live from your heart.

Spiritual awareness involves self-acceptance and living in the present. It requires living from the heart more than living from your head. This is largely counter-intuitive to Western thinking, so to facilitate heart-based living, I have provided a variety of tips and activities, including prayer, meditation, and much more, so you can receive healing of past inner wounds and learn to live from your heart.

Learn to respect your past.

Two extremes – obsessing on the past or ignoring it – do not offer any true solution. The spiritual solution may surprise you; it involves bringing gratefulness to bear on your past experiences. Gratefulness nurtures your spirit and lays the groundwork for forgiveness, even as it enables you to open yourself to your future with joy, trust, and confidence. Learn how you can navigate these with easy to use exercises and mental activities that can advance you along further towards your path of enlightenment.

What Will You Learn About Spirituality?

  • The driving forces that will propel you to spiritual success.
  • Easy ways to incorporate spirituality into your life.
  • The importance of living in the now and being fully present in the moment.
  • How to harness the healing powers of forgiveness and gratitude.
  • Mental strategies for enhancing your spirituality and freeing your creative mind.

You Will Also Discover:

  • How to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs.
  • How to be more compassionate and loving, to others and to yourself.
  • How to strengthen your spirit so you can face whatever life brings.
  • How to become fully self-aware and spiritually powerful.

Discover what it is like to truly live!

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Angel Lessons: Twelve Ways to Inspire Your Life

by Star Saint Claire

Angels are always and everywhere present in our lives. If we look for them, we will find them, and our lives will become more magical and meaningful.

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