Free science fiction Kindle books for 20 Dec 16

Frostbite (Deserted with the Dead Book 1)

by Aline Riva

What begins as a trip to the Arctic for David and Tara and their group of photography students soon becomes a blood soaked nightmare as the world is taken over by a virus caused by the flawed Flu Vaccination M0-RBD – which infects, kills and then the dead come back to feast on the flesh of the living. Within a short time the world is over run with living dead, as those stranded in the Arctic wastelands are forgotten, and must fight for their survival as the body count piles up and the dead outnumber the living and with chances of escape getting slimmer by the hour, in a world now taken over by the living dead, it seems survival is near impossible – and even if they do make it out of the Arctic, what will the survivors find on returning to a Great Britain ravaged by a zombie plague? This is the first in a series of living dead horror books by Aline Riva (AU197, The Body in the Wall) and Nathan Ward (The Foliage Series), in this their first fusion of dark, entertaining and exciting plotting and collaboration within the genre of Horror.

Ghost in the Machine

by David Smith

Private Investigator Darryl Hughes has had a painful epiphany: He was just a side-kick for his recently deceased boss, Ben Falconer.
It’s only when he opens up Ben’s case-notes that he finds a deeper mystery: Ben may have only been the most recent victim of an ongoing conflict over top-secret software.
He’s going to have to dig deep to find the killer, and the only people who can help him are his less-than-sympathetic co-worker, and his three best friends: Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker.

Angels of Chaos: Episode Four: Look About You (American Storyteller Season One)

by Chris Gerboth

Rollie begins to feel like a professional soldier as his unit is called in to fight the Battle of the Bulge. Hoffman is brought in to follow the trail of Bahram. A camp insurrection causes Angie to make a decision about Klough.

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