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Hygge Danish Life: The Art Of Living Joyful, Healthy, And Clutter-Free (Mindfulness, Happiness, and Family Book 1)

by Emily Holm

Unlock The Secret That Consistently Rankes Denmark As The Happiest Country In The World!


This book has actionable information on how to implement hygge and live a joyful, healthy and clutter free.

I am sure you’d agree with me that people are not being kind to themselves. Have you talked to a friend of late and noted that your conversation consists of, “I feel tired. I feel stressed out too” or even, “I have gained a lot of weight.” I mean, have you noticed the way negativity has been increasing?

There’s something that’s definitely lacking: there are so many small things in your day that have the potential to make you extremely happy, but at the moment, they are covered and clouded by stress and unnecessary anxiety. You need to take a break and indulge when these things actually offer themselves.  Take a good look at your beautiful home a bit longer. Spend some more time in it, light those big candles you have kept in the pantry, take a warm bath. Get some bright flowers; in other words, take some time to hygge.

Here Is A Taste Of What This Book Contains:

  • Hygge: What Is It?

  • The History Of The Word And The Danish Hygge Lifestyle

  • The Essence Of Hygge: Discover Why It Is Spreading Fast

  • The Mental Key To Feeling Hygge: The Moment And Not The Destination

  • Creating A Hygge Space: How To Bring It Into Your Home

  • Going The Hygge Way: How To Prepare Food In The Hygge Tradition

  • Going The Hygge Way: Lifestyle Changes and Enhancing Relationships The Hygge Way

  • Personal Stories Of Hygge Lovers

  • A Challenge To The World: The Positive Impacts Of Hygge


Take advantage of this limited time offer and make hygge a part of your life for only 0.99.


T: Mindfulness, Happiness, happy, Winter, meditation, health, simple, contentment, self-help, christmas, stress managment. 

Find the Love of Your Life in Thailand

by Scott Curtis

Author’s Note: In FIND THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE IN THAILAND, I share private thoughts and stories from 50 men who have sought love in Thailand and, for the most part, have found it. Then, they and I share our personal and very detailed advice for how you can find the love of your own life here. Plenty of guys travel to Thailand and dream of doing what we’ve done- and most fail. Find out what mistakes they make and how to avoid them.

Who am I? An ordinary guy who had a hard time finding love… until I visited Thailand. I have been married to an amazing and beautiful Thai woman for 10 years and have been living much of the year in Thailand for 11 years now.

This book is the second of two I’ve written especially for publication as an ebook. In the first, How I Moved to Thailand, Retired Early, Found Love, Built a Mansion, and Live Like a King on a Dime, I tell how I transformed my life by coming to Thailand. Much of the book tells how I met and courted my wife. Plus, I hope to guide you to a greater understanding of Thai women, Thai culture, and what it’s like to date a Thai girl and live here.

Scott Curtis is the pen name of a popular author whose books have sold millions of copies. He is a graduate of UCLA and the University of Oregon and was a teacher for many years. He is using a pen name because this book is true and highly personal, and he wishes to preserve his privacy.

Florence Today

by Martin Gani

This is the 4th in the series, City Profiles, giving an accurate description of Florence as it is today via a detailed introduction and some 100 photos with informative captions. Like the other books in the series devoted to, London, Venice and Lisbon, this too focuses on the city’s monuments, artistic heritage and lifestyle revealing a lot of tourist information too in the process. If you want to take a virtual tour of Italy’s prime Renaissance city, this book is for you.

The Farmers Market-El Mercado (Adventures with Teo-Aventuras con Teo Book 6)

by Yelapa Memo

Every Thursday is farmers market in Yelapa. People come from all over to participate.

Gringo in Brazil: Quick Guide for Enjoying Brazil on Your First Trip Plus a Little Portuguese the Easy Way (Travel Made Easy Book 1)

by JF Lewis

An easy to understand travel guide to make your first trip to Brazil safe and fun. Additionally many needed Portuguese words and phrases are taught in a creative and fun way that takes little time to master. You may still sound like a Gringo, but you will be able to communicate enough to order dinner, water, a coconut, a beer or adult beverage, ask for directions to the hotel or bathroom, shop and generally get around enough to have a great time. This guide includes many realities about Brazil that you will need to know to stay safe and have fun. It will help you prepare and let you know what to expect when you arrive. The practical and easy to remember information included will allow you to leave the resorts and explore the beaches and cities of Brazil. Don’t hesitate to explore this beautiful and wonderful country and meet its welcoming and friendly people. You can have your adventure of a lifetime in Brazil now.

Katteni Shinzentaisisiki Thai no samayoikata (Japanese Edition)

by Santa Masanori


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Get Your Head Out of Your Ass: and Learn to Use Your DSLR

by Jerry Nelson

Just 15 minutes ago I got back from a photo shoot at Casa Rosada. “The Pink House” as it’s called here in Argentina is the Argentine version of The White House in Washington D.C. Kind of. It’s the seat of the Executive Branch of the government, but the President and his family don’t live there.

You know it better as the stage for Madonna’s song, “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.”

I live about 20 minutes, by taxi, away from the Pink House, so I’m there often. Frequently daily. Sometimes several times a day.

When I’m not busy shooting I like to watch the tourists. Especially the American tourists. They’re the ones that use the neck strap for, well, a neck strap. They don’t realize that the best way to carry a DSLR is slung over one arm. Using the neck strap as a neck strap strains the back and shoulder muscles and makes it easy for thieves to slice the fabric, grab the camera as it falls and be gone into the crowd faster than you can say, “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.”

These are the people this book is meant for. The ones that think having a better camera will make them a better photographer. It’s also meant for those people who believe that owning a camera makes them a photographer.

Sadly, the very people who could benefit the most from this eBook are apt to be the very ones least likely to buy it.

BETONAMU HOIAN (Japanese Edition)

by kazuko takasu

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Black Women in Europe BlogTM Anniversary Book: 10 years in the making

by Adrianne George

The Black Women in Europeâ?¢ Blog was created to celebrate the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary black women living in Europe. This book is dedicated to them. You will meet 11 Sheros I have encountered over the past 10 years. Many of them have gifts for you contained within. They all have unique stories and talents to share.

The book also contains quotes from women we have met in our social network. You will meet all the women on our Black Women in Europeâ?¢: Power List – A List of Our Own© I started in 2010.
You will also meet two men who have supported this blog and brand from the beginning. Their support has been paramount to my success.

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