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The Arrival of the Aliens from Planet Nibitushu

by Lovina Chidi

In the winter of 2008, a very large group of Aliens from a planet in the Andromeda galaxy travelled through Space to arrive on Planet Earth.

World leaders eventually agreed to give the Aliens known as the Nibitians, an Island in the artic as their own Country. Jack Alvin, one of the most powerful men in the World, as the head of the Federal Service Investigative Bureau (FSIB), was at the centre of this secret successful alien-human negotiation.

The World is then at peace until October 2016, when the Nibitians make an unusual demand to occupy the entire Rocky Mountain Range in Canada in less than a fortnight threatening to take it by force.

Tania Kaymonth, a former member of the FSIB and Dante, an International journalist get wind of the secret crisis and both decide to embark on an adventure to the artic, to find out who these Nibitians are and why they are making such a mandate.

Canadian Governor Devon, a former Worldly recognised scientist is also interested in finding a quick resolution to this Alien problem. Jack Alvin needs to act fast to save the World from immediate global pandemonium. Why do the Nibitians all of a sudden want the Rocky Mountains?

Who is Sharazabon and why is she a precious gem to the Aliens? Why has no one seen these Aliens in the Artic? Will Jack succeed once again in saving the World or will he succumb to defeat?

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