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The Legend of Harriet T

by Keith Copes

In the 1800’s slavery was legal in many countries of the world, and it was also a very lucrative business venture. On occasion, when countries went to war against each other, many times, the people of the conquered were made to become slaves. Another way for depraved slave traders to make money was to target Negroes in Africa, capture them, torture them, and force them into slavery. Such was the case for the family of “Araminta” Ross, also known as Harriet T. Harriet was born into poverty, she was beaten and abused and had to watch her family members and a generation of Negroes suffer the same persecution that she suffered.
Until one day she got sick and tired, and mad as hell, and decided she wasn’t going to take it anymore.
This is a story about a woman who had the “heart” to defeat all of her “bullies” and the courage to transform a nation.

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