Free horror Kindle books for 26 Dec 16

Eyes on the Bayou

by Daniel Moore

Paranoia, fear, anxiety, crushing memories, uncontrollable rageâ?¦ Dahlia suffers from them all.

Once an elite soldier, confident, beautiful and at the top of her profession as a Black Ops assassin, she now suffers the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder alone in her own mind, afraid to trust anyone after her commander betrays her and she spends 4 years in a secret prison becoming someone else.

When Marines find her wandering in the Iraqi desert carrying the eyes she carved from her guards during her escape, military doctors lock her up for two more years in a sadistic psychiatric ward at a dirty Army hospital.

Now she’s finally free and headed deep into the Louisiana swamp to regain her sanity. But it’s not as easy as she imagined it would be, especially with the disgusting LaFont boys out of jail now and her nemesis, the voodoo practitioner Grave Digger constantly watching her and trying to drive her away.

Winterland: A Dark Fairy Tale

by Mike Duran

Summoned into her dying mother’s coma, recovering addict Eunice Ames must traverse a surreal, apocalyptic dreamscape in search of three generational spirits who have imprisoned her mother’s soul.

Together with Joseph, a crippled drifter who serves as her guide, Eunice treks an abandoned highway strewn with debris from her mother’s “emotional” wars. Along the way, she encounters Mister Mordant, a perpetually whiny grub, Reverend Ash a fragile, supremely self-righteous minister, and Sybil, a beautiful sylph with a knack for deception. Eunice and Joseph endeavor to lead this peculiar brigade into the hell of her mother’s making, through the swamp of Mlaise and the volcanic plains of Cinder, to the Dark Throne where they were forged. Along the way, Eunice experiences, in awful living color, the forces that have shaped her mother’s descent into madness and disease.

Yet a more malevolent power conspires against Eunice. For not only is she forced to relive the psychological terrain of her own upbringing, she must now confront the darkness it has spawned… the one inside her. It seems Eunice has harbored horrors of her own; years of abuse, rejection, and generational sin have taken root. And no amount of psycho-babble and positive thinking can withstand the literal monster that is waiting at the end of this highway. Can Eunice destroy the spirits that have cursed her family and rescue her mother, or will the sun set on their hell forever?

The Wizard of Oz meets Dante’s Inferno in this novella (27,000 words), a dark adult fairy tale about finding faith, redemption, and confronting the monsters of our psyche.

Dragonfly (Meadowlark Book 2)

by Julie Dawn

A dragonfly spends most of its life beneath the water.

Seventeen year old Anna Page has lived her whole life at the bottom of a trailer park. The dreamcatcher in her bedroom was supposed to prevent bad dreams, but it doesn’t help when your whole life’s a nightmare. Instead of attending high school, she’s working at the local café to pay rent when an Ahwahnee Chief walks in.

He leaves a napkin on the table inscribed with one word, and the symbol of a dragonfly. A symbol Anna should’ve left alone. Instead, her new tattoo marks her as a target.

She awakes from a colonoscopy to find the doctor cowering on the floor and someone banging to get in. While she was asleep, a plague flooded the medical center and now spills out, washing away everything she has ever lovedâ??leaving her with powers she cannot control.

A mysterious organization called Meadowlark will stop at nothing to capture her. With the help of a stranger, she can finally spread her wings and rise to become the Dragonfly. If his secret doesn’t get her killed first.

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