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Tales from the parenting trenches. A clinical psychologist vs motherhood

by Nadene van der Linden

Parenting is tough, but it must be easy when you are a clinical psychologist right? Wrong! Find out what happens when you specialise in maternal adjustment and you become a parent yourself. What happens when your head is full of attachment theory and behavioural psychology?
Nadene van der Linden explores the challenges of parenting from her perspective as a clinical psychologist. Prior to entering private practice, Nadene was employed at a tertiary obstetric hospital and it was during those years she also became a parent.
Through her tales, Nadene provides personal and professional insights in the warm, honest and at times humoruos style that she is known for.

Killer Niece : The True Story of Vernice Ballenger

by Mary Easton

In 1983, Vernice Ballenger, with the help of her estranged husband Mac Ballenger and two other men, arranged the robbery and subsequent murder of her elderly aunt Myrtle Ellis. Her motive was simpleâ??money.
It all began earlier that year, when Myrtle Ellis was involved in a car accident. She was taken to the hospital, where a rather unusual discovery was made. Ellis had $60,000 in cash on her person. This large sum of cash made headlines. Local newspapers ran stories on the odd occurrence. These stories caught the eye of Ellis’s niece, Vernice Ballenger.
Believing that the elderly Ellis likely still had the cash, Ballenger devised a plan to rob her aunt and get the money. She enlisted the help of her estranged husband Mac Ballenger, who hired two acquaintances to rob Ellis in her home. However, they were unable to get the money and instead resorted to violence, murdering Ellis and setting fire to her home.
The crime went unsolved for years, until the wife of one of the men involved went to the police.
This is the story she told…

Worst Thanksgiving Ever Trilogy

by Michael Mangold

What would you do if your spouse used the police and courts to harm you? What would you do if your child was abducted in a foreign country? How would you survive being homeless, abandoned, and broke in a foreign country?

The Worst Thanksgiving Ever Trilogy combines Dr. Mangold’s three accounts of his trials before, during, and after the abduction of his son Benjamin in Nicaragua one tragic Thanksgiving weekend. This boxed set contains Mythomania: A Psychodrama, My Worst Thanksgiving Ever: A PanAmerican Tragedy, and Desperately Seeking Cereal: A Travelogue.

In Mythomania, Dr. Mangold asks we can lead sane lives in a world gone mad. How do we create a sane world when we are sick ourselves? Mangold interweaves politics, medicine, and psychology in a real-life account of how he was broken by forces fueled by fear and lies. This heart-felt and transparent account takes us on a personal journey into a world that is flying upside and on the verge of crashing soon.

This true story recounts the struggles Dr. Mangold faced not only from an uncaring and unforgiving government but also from a wife whose own psycho-pathologies prevented her from performing the two tasks he needed so desperately during those struggles: love and support. It is more than an account of persecution and victimization. It is a story of drowning and discovering that the rescue rope had been severed by those entrusted to throw it in the first place.

Book two, My Worst Thanksgiving Ever: A PanAmerican Tragedy This recounts the doctor’s tragic Thanksgiving in Managua, Nicaragua searching for his son Ben who was abducted by the U.S. embassy there. Dr. Mangold endured multiple muggings during his search and was eventually imprisoned in an Immigration detention center while the embassy flew in his ex-wife to pick up Ben.

Michael Mangold M.D. and Ben were pawns in a cosmic chess game between U.S. government officials and Mike’s Nemesis. All he had was a handful of Córdobas and the truth against an unlimited amount of money and power.

It is the “Story of Job” without an overcompensating God, and “The Odyssey” without the love and support of an awaiting Penelope. It is a true tale of good and evil and how the evil that people do has consequences for eternity.

Alone, broke, and abandoned by family and friends, book three of the trilogy, Desperately Seeking Cereal: A Travelogue relates how the good doctor survived being homeless in Nicaragua by using his wits and at times doing the “unthinkable.” With help from unexpected sources like a Roman Catholic priest in Estelí and Mormon missionaries in León, this book also describes how those who are entrusted to serve the needy and desperate often do so at a cost. If at all.

The book is a sequel to My Worst Thanksgiving Ever and the fourth in Dr. Mangold’s “Bridges” series. It is a tale of ugliness and beauty, of evil and good, and how all are to be found in the least expected sources.

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