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Real Estate Sales: Tips and Tricks for Realtors to have Successful Real Estate Sales ( Generating Leads, Listings, Real Estate Sales, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate) ( Volume-2)

by Alex Johnson

Discover how to find new avenues of income that will benefit your wallet and expand your lifestyle capabilities now and far into the future. Download the e-book Real Estate Sales: Tips and Tricks for Realtors to have Successful Real Estate Sales now to start learning about the nuances of an ever-growing industry. While other types of products often become outdated or replaced by faster and cooler versions a similar good or service, the real estate industry seems to be always ripe with people who are eager to purchase new property. As cities continue to grow, you should be thinking about how you can profit from the real estate expansion that is taking place on a national level. Through the tricks and tips that are presented in this book, you’ll be able to do exactly that.

If you’ve ever wondered how some people are able to make big bucks in the real estate profession, look no further! This book will take you beyond the information that was presented in the e-book that I wrote as a beginner’s guide on this topic. Now that you know how to become a real estate agent, you’ll be given the tools that you need to grow your business into something real and exciting. It’s often stated that if a business can thrive for between six months to a year, then it will most likely be successful for a long period of time. This book will give you the secrets that you need in order to keep your real estate business up and running now and far into the future. The tactics presented in this book will provide you with the potential to take your business from something small to something that is impactful and profitable. After reading this book and implementing the strategies that are presented within its pages, you’ll be able to start planning for a comfortable retirement and future. What more could you ask for?

If you read this book, you are guaranteed to learn:
-Ways that you can take your current real estate business from good to great
-Tips on how to host an open house that will have buyers begging you to sell them the home
-Ways to publicize your business in exciting ways that will help to generate a buzz around you and your services
-How to connect with other realtors in important and significant ways
-How to save your money so that you can retire comfortably and early

What are you waiting for? Real estate investing is a fabulous way to earn money, and you have no time to lose! Download the e-book Real Estate Sales: Tips and Tricks for Realtors to have Successful Real Estate Sales right now!

Finding One: Finding one’s self amidst societal norms, digital life, and pursuing goals

by Vaughn Dabney

“Finding One” is a book about the discovery of one’s self while navigating the challenges of societal norms, digital life, and pursuing goals. Vaughn Dabney challenges the norm and forces readers to question everything, acknowledge fears, and find truth.

In this book you will find mantras, philosophies, and ways of thinking that deal with:

  • Ego & Self
  • Goals & Achievement
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Energy
  • Dealing with Societal Norms
  • The Happiness Factor

There are “Action & Reflection” sections in some of the chapters to allow for critical thinking and actionable items.

Market to Millions: The Ultimate Directory to FREE eBook Promotion

by David A. Ogren

Market your eBook to websites averaging 66.5 Million visitors per month! This comprehensive directory provides a database empowering you to market your eBook to over 150 unique sites absolutely FREE.

Stop wasting time with obsolete lists, old domain names, and places that now charge for advertising. Begin marketing your eBook to the masses now!

After completing my first book, I soon realized that the real work involved securing book exposure that drove traffic to my title and, ultimately, sales. Like most of you, my marketing fund might buy the Grande Meal at Taco Bell, but it was not going to turn many heads. When I started searching for cheap alternatives, I stumbled upon multiple websites claiming to have lists of places that will market my eBook for free by listing it with their website, blog, twitter followers, newsletter, or daily email. However, when I attempted to follow the links, many took me to obsolete pages, old domain names, or places that now charged for advertising.

Frustrated with that process, I began building my own list of vetted sites that were live, currently accepting book submissions, and providing a chance for my book to get some downloads. This directory does not purport to provide a master class in eBook marketing techniques (there are plenty of those types of books), but simply provides an advertising database giving you over 150 places to market your eBook for $0 (few to none of those!). That’s a great start to your marketing campaign. Some of the sites are quite small and focused, while others are massive behemoths of potential. Whatever your topic, you will find some tremendous options for marketing your eBook.

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Working at Home Part-Time: Create a Part-Time Ecommerce Business via Affiliate Marketing & Tshirt Selling

by Jeffrey Wiseman

2 Internet Marketing Business Ideas You Can Implement for One Hour a Day

Learn a step by step method of making money online via your own online business.


What you’ll get in this bundle:

– The “Magic 5” criteria to use every time you’re choosing a product to promote
– Where to find the products to sell
– The price point to choose from and how to know what price point you’ll target first
– How to create a wordpress site from complete scratch
– How to choose the proper domain name
– The exact plugins to install for maximum SEO power
– How to write a product review step by step
– Why being honest pays off
– What bonuses to give to your customers
– How to rank your website on Google for as cheap as $15
– How to choose the right keywords to rank for

– The entire blueprint to making money via Teespring
– 3 Ways to find winning markets… so you only sell products to those who already want to buy it!
– Why you should target pop culture references as your design market
– Two of the best ways to find cheap but quality designers
– What to look for on a shirt design and how to communicate this to your designer
– This “secret blackhat” technique that will allow you to get $399 designs for as low as $5! This is legal but still a little bit taboo!
– How to create your Teespring listing from start to finish
– How to advertise on Facebook from A-Z
– How to analyze your results after 3-5 days and what to do in every scenario that may play out

You have two choices right now.

1 – You can learn all of these by yourself, make a lot of mistakes and eventually succeed (or not).


2 – You can get this short bundle, read and then apply it today. And then achieve success faster and avoid hundreds of hours of mistakes.

It’s totally up to you.

If you choose #2…

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Facebook Shopify (Beginner Ecommerce Training): Make Money Online Selling Gifts, Toys & Accessories via Cheap Facebook Ads… That You Can Start for Only $5

by Bradley Grant

Learn FACEBOOK SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING in less than an hour!

Here’s an excerpt from the book.

There are only 3 steps that you need to do in order to make your income goal. It can all be breakdown into product selection, shopify store creation and then facebook ad promotion.

Remember this and you will never be hungry!



The first thing that we need to do is find products that will SURELY SELL. I’ll teach you some techniques to know if a product is more likely to sell or not.


The next step is store creation. A lot of people get stuck in this part because they thought that it’s going to be super techie stuff.

Well I have good news for you. Just follow my instructions and you will have a fully set up store in 45 minutes or less.


Once you got your product and your store, it’s time to sell them via FACEBOOK ADS.I will teach you an idiot proof way of creating facebook ads! No need to be a genius to do it. It’s actually pretty simple once you tried it a few times.

If you like to learn how to create a SHOPIFY BUSINESS in less than an hour, then what are you waiting for?


Day Trading: Successful Rules to Day Trading

by Mark Jones

If you have already cut your teeth in the stock market or in the forex market, then
making a go of day trading is the next logical step if you want to increase your
profit margin substantially. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily a step that is easy
to make as the skill ceiling is high and the difference between success and failure
is razor thin. If you are hoping to make the transition as easy as possible, then
Day Trading: Day Trading: Successful Rules to Financial Freedom is the book that
you have been waiting for.
The act of day trading is one that is hotly debated these days, simply because, like
many ways of making large amounts of money in short periods of time, it is easy
for the uniformed to jump in blindly and lose their shirts before they have even
properly gotten started. The truth of the matter is that day trading is like any
other type of investment, never without risk but certainly far from random. As
such, inside you will learn the various ways that you can minimize your risk as
much as possible by creating the right type of trading plan and being prepared for
the unique perils that day trading brings to the table.
Unlike traditional investing, day trading is much more of an active full time job
rather than a relatively passive way to make extra money on the side. If you hope
to succeed in the long term when it comes to day trading, then you need to be
willing to put in the time and effort to be successful day in and day out. With so
much on the line in such a short period of time it is important to have a clear idea
of the various types of difficulties you may face when it comes to getting your feet
wet in the world of day trading. So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your
financial future today and learn how to make the most of your investments via
day trading.
Inside you will find
Rules for how to act in order to ensure that your habits and daily routines
work together to maximize your day trading success
Rules to ensure you can be successful when it comes to using fundamental
analysis regardless of which market you work in
Rules that breakdown the more complicated parts of technical analysis as
simply as possible
Rules for getting started day trading in stocks to prepare you for the
similarities and differences to traditional stock market investing
Rules for day trading in the forex market to maximize your profits even if
you don’t have a trading account that is flush with cash
Rules for trading in the futures market that will show you why it is the
derivative market to watch
And moreâ?¦

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