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Broken Tides.: A Tale of Two Brothers

by R.J Kenny

Broken Tides tells the story of two brothers separated by the sea. One, Carlnut has to find his place in Christian Wessex whilst his brother, Solvi is desperate to force his way to the top of his people.
784AD: Eight years before the famous raid of Lindisfarne that started the Viking Age, events begun that would change the history of the entire continent.
Carlnut, a warrior from Hordaland, is shipwrecked and must find a way to survive in the unknown kingdom of Wessex. Meanwhile his brother, Solvi, is forced into power and is tasked with a goal that would threaten the lives of himself and his entire crew.
As both brothers rise, they have to overcome the overwhelming threat of corruption, betrayal, self doubt and religion to keep themselves and those they love alive.
The story flicks from one brother’s struggle to another as they both gain friends and make disastrous enemies.
R.J Kenny gains his inspiration from best selling authors such as Giles Kristian and Conn Iggulden. The Tale of Two Brothers shows how one simple phenomenon can snowball into a chain of events that changes the lives of not just a family but a continent.

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