Free humour Kindle books for 27 Dec 16

555 Ways to Get Revenge: Evil Tips, Methods and Ideas Guaranteed to Make Them Rue the Day

by Beau Stevens

This is not a feel-good book filled with psycho-babble about turning the other cheek, or moving on or any other such nonsense.

This is the book for when you have been wronged.
And it hurts.
And you want REVENGE.

Plain and simple. No fluff, or how to plan or anything else. Just 555 Ways to do it. So pick 1. Or a 100. There’s plenty to go around. Best of all, this book comes with a 100% GUARANTEE! You will get your revenge or get your money back. Plain and simple. See for contact information.

But be warned…this is serious stuff. So much so, the author has a legal disclaimer in the book on the advice of attorneys. So be entertained, and amused, but nothing, we repeat, nothing else…

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