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Small Space Gardening Guide

by David Davenport

A short guide to creating a small space or container garden in a variety of conditions.

SHTF Prepping: Best Techniques And Strategies for Survival in Any Disaster (survival, SHTF, prepping, emergency, disaster, stockpile) (Tough Series Book 1)

by Jaime Baier

Are you ready to face any disaster?!

Disasters come and go each year. It is through developing a self-reliant mindset, having essential survival strategies, handful of critical skills and techniques that you and your closest ones will be able to prevail in a life threatening crisis.

Some people are content living a typical life. Making sure the rent is paid, and that there is food on the table tonight is the main concern. Little thought is put into preparing for the future. Others still have a heightened awareness that should anything happen, the things they have prepared ahead of time will be crucial to their happiness, and likely, their survival.

You will learn everything about:

  • Survival mindset
  • Key Preparedness Principals
  • Water, Food Gathering
  • Gardening
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Raising Animals
  • Food Preservation
  • Shelter Setup
  • Specific Scenarios
  • Physical and Mental Ability

Every chapter is written in a way that teaches how to take action in any situation. The information and how-to’s have actionable tips that you can take away from the book.

Survive any crisis. Download your copy today!

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Crocheting: Expert Crochet. Broomstick Lace, Tunisian Crochet , and Freeform Crochet

by Susan Wilters

Expert Crochet

Discover the Benefits of Natural Herbs for Beauty to Look Pretty without Make Up and Have Glowing Skin

In her third and final volume, Expert Crochet, Susan Wilters brings your crochet skills to the expert level. With lots of clear instructions and helpful illustrations Susan teaches you how to read and work graphs and charts. These are used for advanced patterns and you will be an expert at them in no time with her clear instructions and illustrations. She also teaches you the ins and outs of Entrelac, Tunisian, and shares some fun freeform crochet techniques. She also includes some creative and lovely expert patterns to practice your new skills. If you are an intermediate to advanced crocheter ready to take the next step in your craft, Expert Crochet is the book for you!

This will teach you all you need to know on becoming an Expert Crocheter!

Download this Bestseller Now!!

Tags: Crochet, Crocheter, Knitting, Knit, Patterns, Afghans, Stitches

Colours of Spain: a relaxing adult colouring book journey through Spain (Relaxartion Adult Colouring Books 15)

by Sean Buckley

Colouring books for adults are a relatively new phenomenon and many people are still unaware of the benefits that can be achieved by a little time spent doing something as simple as colouring. Different terms are often used to describe adult colouring, with mindfulness and art-therapy being the most popular at this moment in time. Personally I believe relaxartation better describes the precious moments spent relaxing and colouring. My Relax-art-ation Series of books covers a range of popular themes that many people will find calming and inspiring rather than simple patterns and shapes. The first “Colours ofâ?¦” books are dedicated to travel and popular culture. This breathtakingly beautiful country is visited by millions of tourists each. Steeped in history, Basques, Celts, Romans and Moors have all helped shape the country and its people. So whether it`s the tempestuous skies of the Bay of Biscay seen from Bilbao or the warm blue waters lapping the golden sands around the glamour of Puerto Banús there is something here for you! These are a few images of Spain that I hope you find just as interesting, engaging and relaxing to colour as I have. Why not indulge yourself a little more and set the mood by having a glass of Rioja!

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SHTF Prepping: A Field Guide on SHTF Prepping and Surviving Catastrophic Disasters

by Daniel Wolf

Discover the secret strategies and techniques for SHTF Prepping

Would you survive if a catastrophe were to strike?

Would you be fully prepared to face the dangers that lie ahead?

Every year, natural disasters hit the country, leaving people homeless, injured, and in the worst case scenario, dead. When you prepare for situations such as this, you can live with confidence, knowing that you will survive no matter what.

Well, I’m here to give you that confidence with a step-by-step roadmap to surviving some of the worst disasters we’re likely to face.

SHTF Prepping will show you how to prepare for and survive the coming disasters of the 21st Century. You’ll be prepared and certain that you and your family will have the skills needed to survive in a desolate world, full of danger and uncertainty.

When you download this book you’ll discover:

  • Why” and “How” to prepare for an SHTF?
  • How to disaster proof your home
  • Easy and quick meals you can make while SHTF
  • How to pack your survival bag
  • Essentials and tools you need to have
  • The information should you know in case of a medical emergency
  • how to minimalize items and pack lightly
  • The things you need for sanitation and health purposes in case of a disaster
  • Easy ways to defend yourself and your family in an SHTF disaster
  • MUCH, much more

The information in this book will tell you all you need to know about supporting yourself and your family in the absolute worst case scenario. Although we have all come to expect society to keep functioning perfectly, something could go wrong at any minute, and those of us who are prepared will be the ones who are left.

So download this book NOW and prepare for the worst this world may face

Shipping Container Homes: How to Move Into a Shipping Container Home (a Step By Step Guide)

by Matt Brown

Turn Your Dream of Living in a Shipping Container Home Into Reality

Did you know that there are over 50 million surplus containers in the U.S? Yes, that is correct, and what that means for you is that there are more than enough containers available for you to build a home. Not only that, you will be able to build a home for a lower price than if you were to go with a traditional home.

Let me guess, are you interested in moving into a shipping container because of the low cost of building this type of home? If so, great; because that is a significant benefit of building with shipping containers. Perhaps you were attracted to shipping container homes because they are Eco-friendly? As you probably already know, they are magnificent homes for the environment. Or maybe you were drawn to the looks of shipping container homes? Many people think that they are the coolest building type out there.

People may also decide to move into a shipping container because of the speed of which you can build the home, compared to a brick and mortar home. Off the grid living is also something that attracts people to shipping container homes.

Whatever your motivation is, I am here to help you to move into your shipping container home. I have produced this book in a step by step way so you can get clarity about all the processes.

Within this book, you will find the answers to these questions and more. Just some of the questions and topics covered include

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving Into a Shipping Container Home
  • 6 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Into a Shipping Container Home
  • Should You Hire or Build it Yourself?
  • Ideas for Your Design
  • Getting Permits
  • Buying Your Container
  • Choosing Your Foundation Type
  • Delivering Day
  • Should you Put A Roof on It?
  • Installing Windows and Doors
  • Electric Layout and Water Layout
  • Insulating
  • Inspection and Interior Design
  • 37 Designs to Research Further
  • Plan Checklist
  • Interesting Facts about Shipping Container Homes
  • And more!

Download the Book Now and Learn More About Shipping Container Homes

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