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THE ATONEMENT: A Celebration of Women


Why we need atonement in life?

Is it because we did wrong to our loved ones?

What is atonement?

Is it for our own soul or for others?

How atonement can be achieved?

Atonement is necessary for the healing of both sides.

This book tries to answer that simple but intriguing question.

“An unforgettable rendition of love, devotion and celebration of women told in a

very simple but poignant language that everyone can understand and relate to it as

it was their very own story.”

Part 1 – How he wasted his youth away by simply refusing to grow up, ignored the

parents, and shamelessly shirked away from his responsibility.

Part 2 – How he ignored his lawful wife, treated her as invisible and gave her nothing but

pain, indignity and insult.

Part 3 – When the beautiful but remote village was found out by outsiders, it was not only

the peace and serenity but also the livelihood of the village itself were in danger and that

created tension amongst them.

Part 4 – When his father suddenly passed away and his brother-in-law challenged him for

the new village chief post, he snapped, did something he would regret later on and fled.

Part 5 – Where did he find his lost conscience and solace and eventually brought him

back to the village again turned out to be the watershed of his life.

Part 6 – What he did for his love, obligation to the village people and the atonement

might surprise you. Bring along a cup of tea/coffee, have a nice and comfortable seat and

enjoy the book.

Author’s Note: I am a writer of 8 novels based in Hong Kong, I write on serious global

and social issues and I only write for my charity.

How to Debate the Left on Islam (Free Speech, Western Values, Europe, Political Correctness, Islamization)

by Paul Nielsen

How to Debate the Left on Islam (First Edition)


Please read the following popular statements

  • “Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam”
  • “99.9% of Muslims are peaceful”
  • “Criticizing Islam makes you a racist”
  • “Killing cartoonists has nothing to do with Islam”
  • “The Christians also did bad things”
  • “It is all the fault of the West”

Do these statements sound familiar to you? Probably.

Western values

During the last couple of decades, the West has forgotten its origin. It has forgotten about the Western values that it is originally built upon. These values include freethinking, reasoning, free speech and freedom of conscience.

Political correctness

Political correctness has made Westerners unable to think clearly on important issues. We live in a society in which we can have an open and honest discussion about almost anything. Anything, except what may be the most important issue of the 21st century: Islam.

The fear of being called a “racist”, causes many people to engage in self-censorship and avoid the discussion. Many people feel that things are going in the wrong direction, but then find themselves being called an “Islamophobe” or a bigot whenever they try to speak openly about it. Perhaps you have even been called an “Islamophobe” or a “racist” yourself.

How to Debate the Left on Islam

How to Debate the Left on Islam is a book for real Westerners who realize that the Western values upon which our societies are built are too important to throw away. It is a book for those who are tired of being labelled as “racists” and “bigots”.

This book will allow you to destroy leftists by using the power of reasoning and freethinking, bombarding them with facts and confronting them with their own intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

Learn how to use the powers of free speech, freethinking and reasoning to cut through the politically correct nonsense. Stop engaging in self-censorship and learn How to Debate the Left on Islam.

Developing A Biblical Worldview: Understanding Our World Through the Lens of Scripture

by Chuck LaMattina

Everyone has a worldview. The atheist, the secularist, the one who trusts in scientism and the dude who says he just wants to be happy all have a philosophy of life that guides his or her life choices.It is only when we understand a biblical worldview that we can best understand life on this earth. For it is a biblical worldview that answers the questions, where did we come from? Why are we here? What is our problem? What is the solution? And where are we going?

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