Free science fiction Kindle books for 27 Dec 16

Exodus in Black (The Fall Book 5)

by Joshua Guess

Five years have passed since the collapse of civilization. The dead still walk the land, but humanity has proved itself strong and resilient. Large settlements have begun to trade, manufacture, and rebuild what was lost.

Kell McDonald and his friends continue to work in isolation. On the verge of a breakthrough in their research for a cure, secrecy has never been more vital. Their small community, composed of people who have lost more than most, exists for the sole purpose of providing a safe space for the creation the cure to end the zombie plague forever.

When soldiers in black appear, those carefully laid plans are burned to ash.

Forced to fight, to run, Kell and his companions are in a desperate race for the security and resources they need to finally bring salvation to a world at the mercy of the hungry dead.

The World of Lights (The Beginning Book 1)

by E.N. Nasimi

“It was noon but the entire world was covered in darkness â?¦”

So begins a compelling tale of the near future, where two young people find themselves embroiled in an epic struggle for survival.

Adam is a gifted scientist who progresses from humble beginnings to a prestigious institute where he studies the Sun. Though he doesn’t know it yet, the object of his interest is inhabited by an advanced race equally fascinated by the Earth. Their home faces extinction unless they can unite with humanity against a coming apocalypse and a shadowy group of rebels. The agent they send to make contact is the free-spirited and capable Inanna. When she encounters Adam, the two embark on a revelatory and perilous journey of discovery.
A tale of science-fiction and romance, The World of Lights also incorporates social, political and religious themes and will appeal to readers young and old.

The Truth about Sharks and Pigeons (Bill Posters Book 1)

by Matt Phillips

The Truth about Sharks and Pigeons has been compared to the work of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Tom Holt, with just a dash of Dr Dolittle…

It’s not paranoia, if they really are out to get you… Bill Posters is an ordinary kind of guy. He’s put a great deal of effort into it. So why does he think he’s being stalked by pigeons? That’s not normal, is it? As if being harassed by winged vermin isn’t bad enough, Bill’s day is just about to get a whole lot worse. He’s got twenty four hours to save the world. Armed with a secret weapon more suited to the bathroom than the battlefield, Bill is joined by Fern, chunky knitwear aficionado, and Gregor, Chile’s second most dangerous assassin. Bill isn’t the Chosen One, but for now he will just have to do.

Prepare to learn the Truth about Sharks and Pigeons.

Pairidaeza: and the rebirth of the universe

by Mark Phillip Castillo

Captain Yashua is poised at the brink of an exciting new chapter in his millennia of military service for the Pizom Kingdom. Newly appointed to command of a harvester ship, he must lead his crew on a mission to a distant planet called Earth. Like all of his fellow harvester captains, it is his mandate to ferry troubled, environmentally unstable planets back to his home of Pairidaeza, so these world can be rehabilitated and repaired, ensuring the survival of their species.

Yashua’s people, the Salvians, are descended from an ancient race of spirits. According to their lore, they are responsible for spreading life throughout the universe and as such they bear responsibility for all of that life. But their policy of intervening on behalf of troubled and threatened worlds has caused conflict among Pairidaeza’s seven kingdoms, which are still recovering from the aftermath of a brutal Civil War.

Just as Yashua is about to leave on this pivotal first mission, he finds himself in the eye of hurricane of danger and controversy. Pizom’s old enemy, the dictatorial leader of Gihum Kingdom, never accepted his fall from power after his ally King Anoma disappeared at the end of the War. Evidence mounts that he is plotting to somehow reignite this simmering conflict, threatening the success of the upcoming harvest mission. Then, Pairidaeza is struck by the aftermath of a fierce radiation storm whose origins are unknown, but which seems to be tied to a series of strange dreams Yashua has been having about his long-lost love Sarah. Sister to the evil King Anoma, her relationship with Yashua could have been punishable by death if discovered, but Sarah mysteriously disappeared before that could happen.

Forced to lead an entire fleet of Pizom ships on a harvest mission in a faraway galaxy without the guidance of his mentor Admiral Aron, every aspect of Yashua’s professional experience and personal fortitude is put to the test. He must contend with rebellious alien races; the suspicious activities of his longtime rival Captain Phares; the escalating threat that the fleet could be wiped out by another radiation storm; a mysterious clairvoyant man from Earth who develops an unexpected personal connection to Yashua; and his own obsessive determination to find Sarah, who he’s more convinced than ever is still alive and out there somewhere.

And just when it seems like he might finally be home free, Yashua learns an incredible secret about his own past – one that instantly throws into question everything he knows about Sarah’s disappearance and forces him to reconsider where his loyalties lie, and why. But this deeply personal revelation is so politically explosive that it pushes him, and those closest to him, into the center of a reignited Civil War – just as a devastating radiation storm comes barreling towards Pairidaeza, threatening to wipe out the Salvian race entirely. Suddenly the fate of not just one ship, or one planet, or one woman, lies on Yashua’s shoulders, but the fate of his entire civilization.

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