Free historical fiction Kindle books for 28 Dec 16

Johanna’s Journey

by Susan Foy

Orphaned in her early teens, Johanna dreams of finding her older brother, her one surviving family member. Longing for a home with family of her own, she has crossed the ocean as an indentured servant to search for him in colonial America.
But life as an indentured servant presents unexpected hardship and grief for Johanna. She finds herself at the mercy of her sharp-tongued, critical mistress, Mary Hopkins, and even worse, Mary’s wayward, debauched son.
Only Mary’s brother Justin shows goodwill to Johanna and concern for her welfare. When Johanna faces her greatest tragedy of all, will his kindness be enough to save her?

Darcy and Elizabeth What If? Collection 1

by Jennifer Lang

This collection contains the first three novellas in the Darcy and Elizabeth What If? series. All the novellas in the series are separate, standalone stories. They can be read in any order.
#1 Elizabeth’s Mistake
What if Mr Wickham had been a wealthy man when he arrived in Meryton?

When Mr Darcy meets Mr Wickham in Meryton, he quickly finds himself growing jealous of Wickham’s attentions to Elizabeth, and he becomes suspicious of Wickham’s sudden wealth. When he discovers that Wickham’s fortune comes from a rich wife, he demands that Wickham tells Elizabeth the truth. But when Wickham refuses, and Mr Darcy tells her himself, Elizabeth does not believe him . . .

#2 Mr Darcy’s Rescue
What if Miss Elizabeth Bennet had been on holiday in Ramsgate at the same time as Miss Georgiana Darcy?
When Elizabeth Bennet sees Georgiana being abducted by George Wickham, she is forced to turn to Mr Darcy, who has made it clear that she is beneath him. When Georgiana has been rescued, Elizabeth is thankful she will never have to see Mr Darcy again. But fate has other plans . . .

#3 A Pair of Fine Eyes
What if Mr Darcy had proposed to Jane Bennet before meeting Elizabeth?

For years, Mr Darcy has been haunted by the fine eyes of a woman he glimpsed in a carriage. Unable to find her, he has at last proposed marriage to the sweet, gentle Jane Bennet so that his sister will have an affectionate friend and he himself will have a beautiful and biddable wife. But on finally meeting Jane’s sister, he is stunned to find she is the woman of his dreams. Unable to go back on his word, he is tormented by his feelings, the more so because he suspects that Elizabeth is falling in love with him. Their path to happiness lies through tangled circumstances and it is not until the unwitting intervention of Lydia that a solution can be seen.

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