Free historical fiction Kindle books for 29 Dec 16

Descendants of the Dragon

by Kelcey Hill

After the death of her grandfather, Zhou Da abandoned the traditions of her family and threw herself into the study of science and biology. Now a renowned paleontologist, Zee eats, sleeps and breathes dinosaurs.
Years later she finds herself comfortable with her life and career, until she receives an unexpected invitation from her godfather — a conservation scientist — to join a select team of professionals in researching a classified project near a small village in rural China. After fighting lifelong embarrassment and stereotypes associated with her heritage, she finds herself leaving her best friend — a fellow paleontologist — Beck and the familiarity of home for an adventure in the country of her parents birth.
While on assignment, Zee finds herself growing close to a handsome Italian colleague who challenges her feelings about China and the importance of her family’s culture in her life.
In Shanghai, a dangerous organized crime syndicate catches word of the new discovery, and will stop at nothing to take the treasure for themselves. When the elements of the organization shows up in the village, Zee is forced to confront the demons from her past while fighting the real world monsters who threaten to take everything her team has worked for.
Never in a million years could Zee have predicted how much this journey and the people she meets along the way would change her life. While uncovering the prehistoric find, Zee unveils something even bigger about the universe and within herself.

Into The Unknown (The first memoir of Anne Bailey, gifted healer and seer)

by S. J. Weiland

Set in the early 1900’s, nine-year-old Anne Bailey, brought up by an abusive alcoholic mother and frequently absent criminal father, nurtures in secret a gift of seeing ghosts and the future. After predicting her father’s death, her mother throws Anne out of the house on a freezing winter’s day. Forced out with nothing but the clothes on her back and her worn boots, Anne makes her way into the world. From small town Illinois to the streets of New York and a ride on an Orphan train, Anne learns to use her powers and her wits to survive.

Marrakesh Nights

by Graham Diamond

The night is closing inâ?¦

â??An excellent story â?¦ absorbing â?¦ keeps one reading on eagerly.’ Andre Norton

Assassins. The dreaded scourge of the Islamic world.

Drugged and crazed with heads shaven and eyes glazed, the members of the Messiah’s secret cult would openly slay the innocent until blood flowed through the streets of the Sultan’s Marrakesh.

Men who will stop at nothing to dispatch their foe. And they are on the hunt.

Samiah, a dustman’s daughter, may not know it yet, but she is the key to the fight to destroy the guild of the Assassins once and for all.

However, before she can learn her harrowing purpose, she must first gain the help of young Gideon, a dubious and secretive figure, but one she needs nonetheless.

Just how much she needs him, she does not yet know.

Intrigue and death are on their doorstop – love, perhaps, as well, if the Assassins do not end it all too soonâ?¦

Graham Diamond’s Marrakesh Nights is an enthralling fantasy, packed with adventure. An exotic novel, sure to delight fans of The Arabian Nights.

Praise for Graham Diamond:

â??An excellent story â?¦ absorbing â?¦ keeps one reading on eagerly.’ Andre Norton

â??Graham Diamond has written a novel that stands out and dares to be different.’ Rising Shadow

Graham Diamond began writing as a fantasy and science fiction author. He was born in Manchester, England, but was raised in New York City. He is best known for books such as The Haven, Lady of the Haven, The Thief of Kalimar, Slack Midnight, Chocolate Lenin and Forest Wars. He soon turned to other genres; including historical fiction, thrillers, and later a true story of a Holocaust survivor’s family during World War II, Maybe You Will Survive. Diamond was employed as an editorial artist by the New York Times for many years, and has also taught creative writing in both New York and California.

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