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by Gabriel Lanyi

Learning without teaching – a journey to the land of native fluency

The human brain is a magnificent self-learning machine, competent at rule-building and pattern-recognition. What we generally refer to as ΓΆ??teaching’ – an instructor conveying knowledge to a student and then testing the amount of information absorbed – is in fact an illusion. We are fooled into thinking that schools can ΓΆ??teach’ us anything, because in the midst of all the wasted instruction, they also provide some necessary exposure, which the brain utilizes for learning. But all learning is in fact internal, beginning and ending inside the brain, and can be achieved more effectively without any teaching whatsoever.

Beyond the illusion of teaching

We all acquire our native languages without fail and without any proper teaching – by exposure, observation and imitation. Understanding this process provides valuable insight into the brain’s method of learning, and reveals how we can achieve effective learning without teaching.

A first-hand account of the legendary Uscolian studios

Uscolia tells of an extraordinary journey to the island of Uscolia, where there are no schools, and generations of creative youths acquire fluency in languages and other areas of interest such as music, without teaching, in free-flowing facilities called studios. The author also describes his hands-on experience in applying Uscolian principles within the context of an ordinary family.

Discover the capacity for native fluency and learning without teaching in Uscolia.

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by The Relationship Dude

Your girl left you?

Man up! You will get her back, I will guide you through this book, and you will get a second chance with her!
A few years ago I was exactly in the same situation as you. I read all the info I could get, put together the pieces of the puzzle and broke the process down into 7 EASY STEPS.

I got my EX back, and for you to do the same you have to follow EXACTLY the guidelines.
No more playing the guessing game, read her like a book!

Don’t fall for the romantic farytales, it never works. Ever wondered why the asshole pulls any girl?

This book will help you to:

– change your mindset
– become the cocky man she can’t resist
– hack the relationship code
– get a second chance with your ex
– become more social

Do not waste any more time, you still can turn this around!

The Relationship Dude

Autism Talks and Talks: Book 4 of the School Daze Series

by Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell

Karen is a grade 6 student who has Asperger’s Syndrome. She is bright, vivacious and highly verbal. Too verbal. She finds certain topics fascinating, and is all too willing to share her knowledge with others. She goes on and on and on, not realizing that she is alienating the other kids with her endless monologues.
Karen remains on the fringe, looking at other adolescents having fun together and wondering if she could ever be a part of the group. Her protective mom tries to shield her from the world, limiting her contact with peers in case she might be bullied.
Is this all there is for Karen? Come join us and see.

From Picky to Powerful: The Mindset, Strategies and Know-How You Need to Empower Your Picky Eater

by Maryann Jacobsen

Are you tired of fighting your picky eater? Have you tried all the typical advice to no avail?

Renowned family nutrition expert Maryann Jacobsen’s transformative approach will set you free. Instead of delivering empty promises that leave you feeling guilty, From Picky to Powerful will change your outlook on picky eating forever. By explaining the scientific reasons why most children become picky in the first place – and the importance of individual differences – you will come to understand your child’s eating behaviors.

After reading this book, you’ll learn:

-The difference between normal and problematic picky eating, so you can seek professional help if needed.
-How most cases of picky eating are a normal part of the way children develop, with real benefits.
-That real progress comes from changing your approach, not trying to control your child.
-Surprisingly simple research-based strategies to help expand your child’s palate and bring peace to your family’s table.
-How confidence, peace, and freedom come from taking control of what you can, while letting go of the rest.

My So Called Mum

by Peter Coombes

Writing this memoir has to be one of the hardest things I have ever achieved. For the main purpose of leaving behind my story for my family or anyone who has suffered similar abuse. I bring my story of a defiance to live instead of just surviving. Enchanted by the beauty of life but exposed to great evils’, my story takes you on a journey through my eyes as a child to an adult. Alcoholic parents, systematic abuse and living on a rough estate was just the start of it. Sweat, blood and tears have only brought me so far during my first 18 years included in this book. I’m proud to represent my spectacular story. Only courage can help others tell their untold story that is similar to mine. This book contains: sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, neglect, starvation, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, suicide, death, crime, murder, cancer, love and romance. This book also contains the beauty of life beyond evil that most people see beyond.

A Few Pages From: BshubhamB

Shakespeare said that the world is a stage and we its actors.
I believe that our lives are a book and our moments simply pages.
These are a few pages from life because it’s simply complicated.

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