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Dialogue with a Nonbeliever: About Science and the Limits of Knowledge, the Big Bang and Evolution, Ancient Christianity & Modern Heterodoxy

by Bogdan-John Vasiliu

The book is the result of more than ten years of studying the arguments for and against the theories of the Big Bang and evolution, a study that also implied the search for the right religion and the true Church of Christ. The book addresses topics such as:

– What is the difference between knowing and believing? Do we actually know anything, or do we just believe things?

– Can science correctly answer any question?

– Are there any limits to what we can learn through experimentation?

– Is the earth billions of years old?

– How complex is a “simple” cell?

– Can the body develop and function without a soul? Can protein folding be explained purely by naturalistic means?

– Can life emerge by itself?

– Can living beings evolve?

– Are there any transitional fossils?

– Are there other ancient accounts that confirm the Biblical accounts about the flood and about Joshua’s long day?

– Which religion is the right one?

– What exactly is sin? Is it just a bad deed, or is there a deeper meaning?

– What is repentance, and why exactly is there no repentance after the death of the body?

– What are heaven and hell in the teaching of the Orthodox Church?

– Are there any aliens? Who are they?

The book is not a translation, the author wrote the original in both Romanian and English.

A few words about the author:

Bogdan-John Vasiliu is a software engineer who also studied, privately, physics and biology. He graduated from a technical state university in Romania in the early 2000s, and has worked as a computer programmer for various multinational companies in both the US and Romania.

Table of contents
(only the first two levels, the actual table of contents is on three levels):

1. The Fools and the Wise Ones
2. Is There a God? I Want to Know!
3. Limits of Knowledge
    3.1. Limits in Knowing the Present
    3.2. Limits in Knowing the Future
    3.3. Limits in Knowing the Past
4. Billions of Years?
    4.1. Some Basic Things
    4.2. Age of the Universe
    4.3. Age of the Earth
5. Can Living Beings Evolve?
    5.1. Complexity of Life
    5.2. Origin of Life
    5.3. Can Living Beings Evolve into Different Life Forms?
    5.4. Controlled Evolution?
6. Lack of Fossils
    6.1. The Fossil Record
    6.2. What Do the Evolutionists Say about the Fossils?
    6.3. Twenty Fossils
7. Other Arguments
    7.1. Vestigial Organs
    7.2. Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny?
    7.3. Is Evolution a Scientific Theory?
    7.4. Ethical Arguments
    7.5. Joshua’s Long Day
    7.6. Noah’s Flood
    7.7. Dinosaurs
8. The True Religion
    8.1. Some Basic Beliefs
    8.2. What Are Heaven and Hell?
    8.3. Hell in the Vision of the Orthodox Church
    8.4. Why Are There so Many Religions?
    8.5. Aliens
    8.6. The Eastern Orthodox Church
    8.7. Other Questions
9. Epilogue

Riding on a thought

by Matthew Lanoie

You’re alive…good for you. If you’re like me, you have no idea what that means. The only thing I can be certain of, is that someday my physical body will give out, and there is a good chance I will no longer exist. WARNING! This book may change the way you view yourself, and the universe you live in. Combining a little writing, some illustrations, and a few scientific facts/ideas to give a simple explanation as to what life is.

PRESENTE CONTINUO – Diario Aforístico (Español / Italiano): CHILE, dic 2013 – mar 2014 | Edición bilingüe / Edizione bilingue (español / italiano) (Spanish Edition)

by Luca Belcastro

[presentazione in italiano al finale…]

Primera parte del “Diario aforístico-poético” (bilingüe español/italiano) que reúne aforismos y poemas nacidos durante los viajes del autor por América Latina, desde diciembre de 2013 hasta abril de 2016. En esta edición encuentran los aforismos escritos en Chile, desde diciembre de 2013 a marzo de 2014.

Luca Belcastro (Como, Italia – 1964) ganó importantes concursos de composición y participó en renombrados festivales en Europa, Estados Unidos y Extremo Oriente. Desde el año 2007 viaja a América Latina donde dio forma al proyecto Germina.Cciones… – primaveras latinoamericanas.

La editorial italiana Moretti&Vitali publicó el CD monográfico Germinación y canto (2004) y las obras literarias Sacbeob – Escritos latinoamericanos (2010), Diario Sudamericano – Viaje entre ritos, música y naturaleza (2011) y la novela Abel Soledad (2013).

Otras publicaciones: Diario aforístico-poético 2013-2016 (2016) y Reflexiones latinoamericanas: El proceso creativo y Germina.Cciones… (2016).

Más informaciones en

Prima parte del “Diario aforistico-poetico” (bilingue italiano/spagnolo) che riunisce aforismi e poesie nati durante i viaggi dell’autore in America Latina, dal dicembre 2013 ad aprile 2016. In questa edizione trovate gli aforismi scritti in Cile, da diciembre 2013 a marzo 2014.

Luca Belcastro (Como, Italia – 1964) ha vinto importanti concorsi di composizione e ha partecipato a festival rinomati in Europa, USA ed Estremo Oriente. Dal 2007 viaggia in America Latina, dove ha dato forma al progetto Germina.Cciones… – primaveras latinoamericanas.

La casa editrice italiana Moretti&Vitali ha pubblicato il CD monografico Germinación y canto (2004) e le opere letterarie Sacbeob – Scritti latinoamericani (2010), Diario Sudamericano – Viaggio tra riti, musica e natura (2011) e Abel Soledad (2013).

Altre pubblicazioni: Diario aforístico-poético 2013-2016 (2016) e Riflessioni latinoamericane: Il processo creativo e Germina.Cciones… (2016).

Christianity: The Sad and Shameful Truth

by James McQuitty

The author says: The religions of this world have been a chain around the throats of humanity. They have caused numerous conflicts and wars, tortured, controlled and manipulated to suit their desires, making themselves into mega-rich institutions along the way. What is even worse is that they have suppressed the spread of genuine spiritual knowledge. True liberty will come only when these chains are removed.
I have no wish to undermine faith and hope, because at times this may be all we have. My intention in this book is to present readers with factual information, to enable them to re-evaluate what they may have been taught in a new, brighter and honest light.
As for myself, I am not in any sense an â??academic’ or religious scholar – so you will find that what I present in this book is easy to read and understand.
Some of this revised and more simplified information I previously shared in my 1997 book, “Religion: Man’s Insult to God”. This book explains the origins of religion and more besides through to “The Way Forward” as the final chapter.
On Amazon you will find that all my paperback and kindle books are priced moderately. I hope this will enable most people to afford them. I endeavour to set prices fairly because my motivation is purely to share an understanding of truth, rather than a desire for financial rewards.
I encourage every reader to share my books and the knowledge contained within far and wide. (They make very reasonable gifts with which to enlighten family and friends; and I know from personal experience that this brings a most rewarding feeling to the soul). I believe that it is only through a spiritual awakening that this world will change for the better and become a more enlightened planet on which to live.
As it does so (and this has already began) we will see a shift away from a society driven by greed and material desires to one where kindness, consideration, compassion and love will take their rightful place in the hearts and minds of all people.
It may seem a dream. Yet dreams can come true.
Whilst I am on earth, before I return to my home world dimension, feedback and questions from readers is always welcomed, and where appropriate I will always try to reply.


by William Blacksmith

The human condition is ever changing. As we modify our surroundings, so our surroundings modify us. Enclosed is an attempt to understand where we have come from and possibly where we are headed as earthly entities. I think humans are always searching to “improve” their world-that doesn’t always have the desired effects. Our world view is shaped certainly by our up-bringing but also how we as individuals see ourselves in it. We are an inquisitive lot and I hope that reading this book will make you ask some.

Happiness Is Just A Breath Away 101 Ways To Find Happiness, Be Happy And Live Happily Ever After

by JMB Tee

Happiness Is Just A Breath Away 101 Ways To Find Happiness, Be Happy And Live Happily Ever After is available on Kindle or you can download it to your computer with Amazon’s FREE Kindle application for PC.

What is happiness? Why do we sing happy birthday happy birthday to our loved ones and friends when they have a birthday? What does the word happiness mean to you? In this book, Happiness Is Just A Breath Away 101 Ways To Find Happiness, Be Happy And Live Happily Ever After, we are going to take an in depth look at happiness, being happy, how to be happy, finding happiness, finding happiness within, quotes on happiness, the psychology of happiness, what happiness is and how you can live happily ever after.

You are going to find out what the great Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, who spent many long hours studying happiness, finally decided in his study of happiness. In this book, Happiness Is Just A Breath Away 101 Ways To Find Happiness, Be Happy And Live Happily Ever After you will discover 101 tried and proven ways to find happiness.

The author of this book presents to you, the reader, the answers to the following questions:
Do Riches Bring Happiness?
Does Love Bring Happiness?
What is Happiness?
How Can We Fill Our Lives With Happiness?
Can You Always Be Happy?
Can You Find Happiness Within?
Is Finding Happiness A Life Long Search?
What Is The Psychology Of Happiness
How Did Aristotle’s Study On Happiness Compare With What The Bible Quotes On Happiness Tell Us?
And Much More

Get your copy of Happiness Is Just A Breath Away 101 Ways To Find Happiness, Be Happy And Live Happily Ever After today and discover if you can live Happily Ever After!

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