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ROMANCE: Holiday Romance: Maddie’s Christmas Miracle (Sweet Clean Holiday Romance) (Holiday Bride Book Book 1)

by Mercy Levy

Maddie is a widow who is struggling with the past. She lost her husband and her child both to scarlet fever around the holidays a few years ago, and she has never forgiven the world for what happened to her.

She has become a recluse, and only wants to be left alone, but the need for money drives her out into the world. When she loses the only job she could find in months, Maddie knows she has to think of something, and fast, or she’s going to end up on the streets in the middle of winter.

Out of desperation, she becomes a mail-order bride and heads to the plains of Wyoming. She marries a man who is kind and sweet, and reminds her of her husband. But, her new groom seems to hold a secret that she can’t uncover, and she begins to become suspicious of him.

Then, when they are given a life-changing surprise, Maddie must fight to hang on to everything she loves and holds dear. With Christmas just around the corner, Will Maddie recover and learn to love again, or is she doomed to a life full of misery?

Amish Romance: Love Endures All (Inspirational Sweet Clean Amish Christian Romance) (Historical Second Chance Love Short Stories Book 1)

by Hannah Miller

Ezekiel “Zeke” Miller, sharp blue eyes, black hair, full beard, doesn’t like war. The thoughtful Amish man hates it so much in fact that he’s willing to defect to Canada to escape the draft. When his number is called up, however, there’s no time to get away and he’s drafted into the Army. He has loved Rebekah for as long as he can remember. The summer of 1942 was to be their summer. Margaret and Benjamin Miller are his parents. Zeke is an only child.

Rebekah Beiler, honey colored eyes, mahogany colored hair, has wanted to marry Ezekiel Miller for as long as she can remember. The upcoming summer of 1942 was supposed to be their time. The war throws a wrench in their plans, however, and neither of them really knows where God wants them, let along what he expects of them. Can they trust God’s will in their lives, or will war tear apart more than two countries? Gabriel Beiler is her brother. Gideon and Adelaide Beiler are her parents. Mary Yoder is her annoying peer.

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ROMANCE: Holiday Romance: Sarah’s Hanukkah Miracle (Sweet Clean Holiday Romance) (Holiday Romance Book 1)

by Mercy Levy

Sarah Fleishman is a humble, beautiful, and faithful Jewish woman. After learning that her brother, Joel, was wanted for murder in Nevada, she leaves Boston before Hanukkah to find her brother.

While resting at a watering station, she meets a tough bounty hunter who is also seeking her brother. Sarah witnesses a goodness in the bounty hunter and decides to trust him when he offers to help her brother.

It isn’t long before Sarah’s delicate beauty captures the bounty hunter’s heart.

Finding a warmth and healing in Sarah that he needs, the bounty hunter comes to realize that he has fallen in love with a woman that only Heaven could have sent him.

But troubles soon follow. A drunk, a deadly bully, and a group of hired guns create problems that only kindness, courage and faith can overcome.

Will Sarah’s faith be tested to the limit or will she and the bounty hunter witness a Hanukkah miracle that heals broken hearts?

Blessings in Disguise (Four Christian Romance Novels)

by Susette Williams

Sometimes, people make choices that can complicate their lives, but with God, they can often become BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE.

COME TO ME ALIVE ~ Leah Atwood
Bryce Landry, country music’s hottest star, has it all, or so everyone on the outside thinks. They can’t see his struggle to discover himself, to find his place in unfamiliar territories, both as a dad and as a Christian. He takes a month off and escapes to the small town of Oden Bridge, Louisiana, where his daughter lives with his grandparents.

Sophie Thatcher has never been a risk taker but never thought her life lacked until her boyfriend of three years breaks off their relationship. Only then, does she begin to question what she’s missed by always playing it safe. Meeting Bryce is a call to action. She can let fear rule or trust in faith, which means taking the biggest risk of her life.

As the weeks and months pass, they discover finding each other was easy, but holding on will be a different story.

Only one man ever broke her heart. Now he wants her back. For his own good she must resistâ?¦but what’s a girl to do when she’s Caught in the Current?

When Marie Sinclair’s three-year-old daughter crashes – quite literally – into Reece Cahill in the aisle of the Thrift and Save, sending pickles and glass crashing to the floor, Marie wishes she could vanish. He’s the only man she ever really cared about, and it’s her own fault he broke things off. Sure, she’s changed. But her former easy-girl reputation still precedes her everywhere she goes. And the last thing Reece needs is to be burdened with that.

But when a momentary distraction results in a cut that requires stitches, and her Corolla refuses to start, what else can she do but allow the man to drive her to the emergency room?

The problem isâ?¦now that she’s been lured into the waters, she just might not have the strength to swim free.

Widow Bethany Sheer was born with a weak heart. Between her propensity for blacking out when emotions run high and her analytical side, she couldn’t handle marrying for love. Now widowed and in need of a nanny, the only person who shows up for an interview is the one man who ever made her heart race.

Gavin Parmiggiano isn’t proud of his past, but he’s not the man he used to be. With two kids to take care of, and a career in shambles, the nanny job with room and board is an answer to prayer.

But Gavin finds himself falling for his uptight new boss. Threats circumstances, as well as reticence from Bethany herself, could doom their relationship before it starts. Bethany doesn’t like the emotions Gavin stirs up in her. They’re messy and, with her history of blacking out, it’s too dangerous.

When Bethany realizes her heart has overruled her head, she can only hope Gavin will catch her, and her heart, when she’s done Falling for Mr. Write.

Have you ever wished you had a second chance with someone?

Brand Stanford married Monica because she claimed to be carrying his child. Their marriage was one of convenienceâ??for her. When they had finally become a happy family, Monica was killed in a skiing accident. Now, Brand is faced with having to raise their three-year-old daughter on his own.

Tessa Duggan’s family had been lifelong friends with the Stanfords; and even remained in contact with them after moving out of state. Tessa kept secrets to herself for nearly ten years. She’d loved Brand for as long as she could remember.

Having raised a son on her own, Tessa knows what it’s like to be a single parent. When Brand’s wife dies in a skiing accident, Tessa agrees to help Brand’s mother take care of his three-year-old daughter during the summer.

Is it a chance for them to start over again? Or will Brand break her heart the second time around?

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