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Hacking University: Learn Python Computer Programming from Scratch & Precisely Learn How The Linux Operating Command Line Works 2 Manuscript Bundle: The … (Hacking Freedom and Data Driven Book 6)

by Isaac D. Cody

This is a 2 book bundle related to starting to MASTER Python Programming language and DOMINATING the Linux Operating System

Two manuscripts for the price of one!

What’s included in this 2 book bundle manuscript: 

Hacking University: Junior Edition. Learn Python Computer Programming from Scratch: Become a Python Zero to Hero. The Ultimate Beginners Guide in Mastering the Python Language

Hacking University: Senior Edition is a beginner’s guide to cover all the essential topics related to the Linux Operating System.  

In Hacking University Junior Edition you will learn: 

  • The history of Python Language
  • The benefits of learning Python and the job market outlook when learning Python 
  • Setting Up a Development Environment
  • Variables, Variable Types, Inputs, String Formatting, Decision Structures, Conditional Operators, Loops
  • Several Programming Examples to make sure you practice what you learn
  • String Formatting and Programming Concepts
  • Classes, Special Methods, and Inheritance
  • Key Modules, and Common Errors
  • And a WHOLE lot more!

In Hacking University: Senior Edition is a beginner’s guide to cover all the essential topics related to the Linux Operating System.  This is the 4th volume of the Hacking Freedom and Data Driven Book series. 

 The following topics you will learn are:

  • What is Linux
  • History and Benefits of Linux
  • Ubuntu Basics and Installing Linux
  • Managing Software and Hardware
  • The Command Line Terminal
  • Useful Applications
  • Security Protocols
  • Scripting, I/O Redirection, Managing Directories
  • And a WHOLE lot more!

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Passive Income: How to become a successful Online Entrepreneur (Platform Analysis Book 2)

by Sabi Shepherd

*******   Normally priced $18.99   *******Passive Income Stream Series – Platform Analysis! If you thinking about financial freedom or even just to make some extra profit Online, you are at the right place to begin.
You might already have purchased Volume 1: Passive Income: How to become a successful Online Entrepreneur: Money Mindset

I would suggest grasping all that knowledge first, however in case already having the right Money Mindset, then this book will take you to the next level!

Once all that settled, it would be advisable to move on and understand different platforms, how they work, understand rules, as well certain policies in order to leverage them on the right way.

This book will cover the main information on the largest platforms that required understanding in order to turn this knowledge to your advantage, and help you to become a successful Online Entrepreneur.

Not only how to become successful seller, but also approaching to platforms where you can private label, and create your own brand.

As a buyer perspective, by using a new method of digital arbitrage, and how to outsource 70-90% of the work, so you can spend time on what most important puzzle of your Business.

Chapters will cover as below: 

  • Chapter 1: Freelancing on Upwork 
  • Chapter 2: Freelancing on Fiverr 
  • Chapter 3: Freelancing on Guru 
  • Chapter 4: Video Content Platforms 
  • Chapter 5: Amazon 
  • Chapter 6: eBay 
  • Chapter 7: Etsy 
  • Chapter 8: Shopify 
  • Chapter 9: Alibaba 
  • Chapter 10: Aliexpress 
  • Chapter 11: DHGate 

Alexa: Funniest Things To Ask Alexa

by Jeff Thompson

Discover the 295 Unknnown Questions To Ask Alexa And Have Fun With It…

Get 66% Off For Limited Time

In this book you will get 295 crazy questions for Alexa that will give you a great time and a lot of laughs!

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by Kelvin Dorsey

Let’s talk about your online business for a second.

If you could improve any area of your online business, what would it be?

Did you just say improve your sales?

Then you’re gonna love this book.

While there’s a strong marketing/copywriting focus, this book has plenty more to offer.

But a word of caution:

If you’re a stickler for conventional ways, this book may not be your bag.

Maybe the following will help you decide.

Here’s a Little Taste of What’s Inside:

  • A little-known secret companies like Nike, Burger King and Fed Ex use to dominate their market. (This secret takes some thinking, but once established, you’ll start dominating your market too)
  • Not getting the sales you want? This little tale from Duke Ellington’s 1930’s hit song can boost your sales – for good.
  • 7 common copywriting screw-ups (and how to avoid making the same mistakes)
  • How to use the “Colonel Sanders Business Approach” to grow your business – fast!
  • A little-known strategy used by legendary copywriter Claude Hopkins that took Schlitz Beer from #5 to #1 in just a few months. (This one little strategy is so simple yet overlooked by almost every marketer online)
  • 2 things you should include in every single promotional-email. (Add these two things and your subscribers will love to read and buy from your emails)
  • A simple (but powerful) mindset tweak that will instantly make you a more persuasive person and marketer.
  • Never have enough time in the day? Here’s 3 easy ways to get all your time back and skyrocket your productivity.
  • The two-word-phrase Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper often used that can make your sales copy dramatically more powerful and persuasive.

  • How a famous NBA player lost his fortune and why most online marketers are in danger of it happening to them.
  • How to write irresistible bullets that create white-hot desire in your readers to buy your products (PLUS – my swipe-file of world-class bullets and â??Bullet Writing Cheat Sheet’ as a bonus)

And a TON more I don’t have room here to tell you.

But Know This:

The marketing and sales insights you’ll gain from this book will stay with you the rest of your life.

Invest in yourself – read this book, apply it, and watch the sales come flooding in.

Happy days.


Growth Hacker: Digital Marketing and Advertisement for Startup (growth seo,craigslist marketing,growth hacking strategies,growth hacking techniques,growth hacking instagram,growth hacking facebook)

by James Jackson

What is a growth hacker? 

growth hackerone whose energy and center is pushing a metric through utilization of a testable and versatile system. 

Growth hacker” is another word for most however a long held practice among the best web advertisers and product managers in Silicon Valley. With broad communications blurring ceaselessly and the surge of mass customization and niching on the web, showcasing as we known it for as long as 100 years has kicked the bucket. Individuals are inundated with hills of information and showcasing weariness is at an unsurpassed high. Clients are suffocating and won’t focus on the following best gadget, paying little heed to how great it is. Dispersion is currently the main issue that faces each item and each startup. 

Growth hacking showed up as the present day route in the time of Web 2.0 to achieve a market and appropriate a thought. Rather than great promoting which ordinarily intrudes on your day, a growth hacker utilizes “pull”; he or she comprehends client conduct gives esteem quickly to influence. A growth hacker wraps informing into the texture of the lives and considerations of clients. A growth hacker will influence crosswise over orders, pulling in bits of knowledge from behavioral financial aspects and gamification, to locate the correct message to pull in clients. 

A growth hacker finds a technique inside the parameters of an adaptable and repeatable strategy for growth, driven by item and enlivened by information. Growth hacking’s objective are situated in advertising however determined by item senses. A growth hacker lives at the crossing point of information, item, and promoting. A growth hacker lives inside the item group and has a specialized vocabulary to actualize what he or she needs. 

The fundamental characteristic for a growth hacker is innovativeness. His or her brain is the best device in their war mid-section. A growth hacker looks past adwords or SEO for conveyance. Customary promoting channels regularly implies high cost per obtaining and low life-time esteem because of high immersion. During a time of social clients, the correct growth system with the correct item showcase fit will prompt to monstrous scale through viral circles. 

The ultimate objective of each growth hacker is to construct a self-propagating advertising machine that achieves millions by it’s self; notwithstanding, growth hacking is a procedure, not a mystery book of thoughts. Growth procedures can’t be effectively duplicated and stuck from item to item. Growth is never prompt. It is never overnight. It is an attitude at which you approach issues.

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Amazon Echo: 7 Ways Amazon Echo will Save you Time, Money & Double your Productivity (User Guide, Amazon Echo, Beginner Guide, Manual Book 1)

by Jamie Blu

A quick yet informative book about how Amazon Echo will Save you Time, Money & Double your Productivity!

Are you a busy individual who struggles to find enough time to perform certain basic tasks, whether it is around the house or office? If so, then you need to learn how to use the Amazon Echo to lighten your load.

In this book, Amazon Echo: 7 Ways Amazon Echo will Save you Time, Money and Double your Productivity you will learn just how effective it is to use this device to make your life so much easier. You may be aware of what the Amazon Echo is and how it works, but most people haven’t really discovered the simple ways that it can save them time, money, and increase their productivity.

The Amazon Echo provides you with a myriad of benefits. It is more than just a music player to enjoy some soothing sounds with. It is more than just a way of storing your To-Do lists. There are many different ways that someone who lives a busy lifestyle can make maximum use of the Echo.

The truth is that people are always looking out for new ways to save their time. Let’s face it; today’s world is moving at the speed of light and you need to find a way to squeeze in all the important stuff you have to do within the same 24 hours as everybody else. Time is a precious resource and you need to protect it. Once it is gone, it is gone for good. There are some really good ways to maximize your time by using the Amazon Echo.

Life is not getting any cheaper either. We are all on the hunt for ways to keep costs down, and if there is technology out there that can minimize your spending, then you need to have it. People are paid to be productive, and if you want to stay that way, then you need to make efficiency the cornerstone of your life. The technology that Amazon Echo runs on is designed to do everything that you want it to, from booking appointments to keeping up with social contacts.

Amazon Echo can be all you want it to be and more. That is why you need to read this book. You will learn how to make the best and most efficient use of this evolving technology so that you can stay as effective and productive as possible. No matter how busy you think your life has become, the Amazon Echo can help you make things run smoother than ever before. Let’s get started!

Here’s a Sneak Peek of what you will Learn…

  • Saving Time with Amazon Echo
  • Keeping you on track for your appointments
  • Saving money on power bills
  • Saving money on food expenses
  • Saving time and money on transportation expenses
  • Saving money on Car Repair expenses
  • Saving money on Home Security
  • Improving productivity while cooking
  • and more!

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