Free history Kindle books for 30 Dec 16

World War 1 – An Unkept Promise

by Frederick Coxen

Some historians stated the story was fascinating!

The London Imperial War Museum said the journal entries of the wartime accounts to be full of interest, and his descriptions of serving with the Royal Field Artillery contain many excellent details which researchers will undoubtedly find of historical value.

The story is a non-fictional account of four friends who served in the Royal Field Artillery. Together they make a promise before their first battle, the Battle of Mons.
The first one is killed in the Battle on the Aisne, and his death is documented in Captain Fred G. Coxen’s war journal.
After four years of war only Fred Coxen survived and he failed to fulfill his commitment, until his grandson, the author, begins a journey to locate a relative of each fallen soldier to fulfill his grandfather’s century old promise.

The compelling journal entries will transport you into the realism of war seldom experienced in other novels.

Uffizi Gallery: Inside and Outside: Exhibits, halls, cases (History of arts Book 1)

by Dr. Bryan Ravetsky

The book narrates about works and the countries presented in the museum, and also internal and external architectural furniture of the building. Is suitable for historians of fashion, teachers, students and simply fans of arts. In the book there are a lot of the illustrations, helping to remember an image and each detail, also it is written in a simple language.

The Last Days of Jesus Christ: Countdown To The Crucifixion

by A.S Goodman

“Within a matter of hours Jesus Christ will be dead.”

“My friends, I am going to be betrayed.”, And with these words, Jesus foretells what is soon to come.

Step back in time as Simon Peter tells us the story of the crucifixion through his eyes, from the disciples’ last supper with Jesus to his final minutes on the cross, and then his miraculous resurrection.

Walk with the crowd that followed Jesus to his fate, and imagine yourself in the place of the characters that made such an impact on the lives of millions, and changed the path of history.

Peter, forced to watch as his Master is taken from him, and forced to admit to his own guilt in the process. Did fear blind him to his Jesus’ needs?

Judas, torn between his desire to follow his faith, and his desire to for power. What would lead him to betray his master, Jesus?

Pilate, Governor of Rome and Jesus’ final judge and jury. Why does he give up an innocent man for death?

And Jesus, who gave his life so that others may be reborn.

A new retelling of the greatest story ever told â?¦

HOTEL MOTEL: A Play in Two Acts

by Milton Bagby

‘Hotel Motel” is a full length theatrical stage play set in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963 during the Civil Rights struggle in the American South. A white lawyer whose life and career are imploding finds himself hired to work as a political fixer and bagman for the notorious Eugene “Bull” Conner, former police commissioner best known for using police dogs and firehoses against civil rights protesters.

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