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Bariatric Surgery: The Complete Gastric Sleeve Guide

by David Harris

Are You or a Loved One Considering Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

This book is a collaboration between the author and a bariatric surgery patient’s first-hand, and very personal account of the experience. It is comprehensive: From researching gastric sleeve surgery, to guiding you through the entire process as experienced by a former patient whose detailed accounting paints a reliable picture of pre- and post-op expectations.

The benefits of bariatric surgery are immense. So many mid- to late-life health problems stem from medical complications due to excess weight. From diabetes and heart disease, to increased risks of cancer, the truth is clear: Being overweight is simply not a healthy lifestyle. In addition to physical ailments, there is the significant mental toll to consider. Depression and anxiety are highly correlated with obesity and these psychological issues often go untreated through either patient ignorance or denial.

Contemporary gastric sleeve surgery serves the primary function of aiding a patient to lose weight by reducing the total size of their stomach. The degree of reduction varies, but in extreme cases it can be up to eighty five percent. The end result is that the patient is physically unable to ingest as much food, but there is a far more important change that takes place. The procedure also reduces the production of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger. Ghrelin reduction yields a suppressed craving for food to further promote weight loss.

This book serves as a comprehensive guide for those considering bariatric gastric sleeve surgery for themselves, or for those who have already been approved for the procedure. If you are not undertaking bariatric surgery yourself, then the book serves as a research tool and aid to the decision-making process for a loved one who might be considering the procedure.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • A Real Patient’s Personal Success Story
  • Background & History of the Procedure
  • Obesity Risk Factors
  • How the Procedure is Performed
  • Patient Qualifications for Surgery
  • Advantages and Effectiveness of the Surgery
  • Insurance and Cost Considerations
  • How to Prepare for Surgery
  • Diet Requirements Before and After Surgery
  • What to Expect on the Day of the Surgery
  • The Recovery Process Post-Surgery
  • Overview of the Medical Professionals Involved in the Treatment
  • Mental Health Factors
  • Personal Tips, Advice, and Suggestions From a Former Patient Who Already Went Through the Entire Process
  • And Much More

Information is the First Step Towards Treatment, and You Can Start Right Now With This Book

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Ninja Blender Cookbook: Top 50 Whole Food Recipes to Cleanse, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body

by Emma Watson

Ninja Blender Cookbook: Top 50 Whole Food Recipes to Cleanse, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body

Home Brewing Wheat Beer: Everything You Need To Know About Home Brewing Wheat Beer

by Tyler Matchett

Home Brewing Wheat Beerâ??everything you need to know to brew wheat beer at home from start to finish. Includes tips and techniques to reproduce your favorite types of wheat beers.

Everything to get started is here: the basics of building a home brewery, easy-to-follow brewing instructions, and the latest insights in the art and science of brewing.

This edition includes:

  • Ingredient information for each wheat beer styles
  • A list of popular wheat beer styles describing hop aroma, bitterness, flavor, color, and sweetness
  • Beer kit tips
  • A step by step guide that makes your first home brew easy and fun.
  • A brewing  quick reference
  • An exploration into each style of wheat beer, their flavors and how to craft them
  • A list of everything you need to get started
  • An outline to more advanced brewing techniques

This book will prepare you to make the ultimate wheat beer, whether you are a seasoned beer making veteran or a complete home brewing upstart.

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