Free religious fiction Kindle books for 30 Dec 16

Can Love Be Born Again?: Clean Christian Romance

by Liberty Gaines

Short, sweet, thrilling Christian Romance…

Not long after they are married, Rhonda Marshall’s husband, a major in the US Army, is killed in action in Afghanistan. David sends her a message from beyond the grave when Private First Class Gabriel Parker, who was his right-hand man, returns with his body. David wants the two of them to take care of each other.

Gabby is younger than Rhonda and she finds herself attracted to him but is afraid to open her heart because she thinks he is staying with her out of an obligation to David. Gabby is also afraid that Rhonda might make comparisons between him and David, and he will fall short. He knows how deep the love the two shared was and he wonders if he can make Rhonda as happy as David had.

Can Love Be Born Again is a story of terrible loss leading to fearless love that will bless your heart.

Bitter Root

by Y. Deonna

A sister is supposed to be your first best friend, not your number one enemy.

Semira Richards is a saved, smart and beautiful young woman, born and raised in North Carolina country, surrounded by mountains, blue skies, and friendly faces; or at least that is the persona that she shows the world. The truth is that deep down at her core, she is bitter to her root. That bitterness comes from her sister Sophina’s treachery. Sophina chose drugs over her sister and child, leaving her teenage sister to take care of a premature baby. However, bitterness seems to be a family trait because Sophina had it too. She was jealous of her sister’s accomplishments and constantly sought new ways to be a thorn in her side.

Now, all grown up, Semira wants to move on with her life and feels it’s time to adopt her niece, Nalani, and give her the life that Semira never had due to an abusive father and passive, overbearing mother. Somehow, Semira overcomes the odds that are stacked against her and turns her adversity into a successful career that continues to thrive, but because of her sister’s perfidy, she has a hard time connecting with men. Love is the one challenge that seems to beat Semira every time. However, at the urging of her best friend, Mariah, she goes out to a club and meets NBA star, Carmine Pontiero, whom she likes. But just as things are coming together, they fall apart.

The father that terrorized her and her family so long ago has returned and it’s a life or death situation. If that is not enough, a hidden family secret is revealed, and Semira’s ready to throw in the towel as bitterness, brokenness, and betrayal reign over her life. However, the Bible says in Ephesians 4:31, “Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.”

Will Semira follow the Word or the world?

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