Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 31 Dec 16

Tableau Desktop: A Practical Guide for Business Users

by Jane A Crofts

Tableau Desktop: A Practical Guide for Business Users has been designed to take beginner and intermediate Tableau Desktop users and Tableau professionals through the key functions and features they are most likely to need, and therefore use, when working with Tableau Desktop in their business.

This book provides a step-by-step process for quickly connecting to a range of Tableau data sources, building useful calculations, creating charts, tables and other visualizations, and finally sharing these findings with others by way of Tableau dashboards published via Tableau Server, Tableau Public and Tableau Online.

Presented in a business context and working step-by-step through a range of case studies, this book goes beyond simply teaching the functions of Tableau Desktop. This book uses real-world business problems to give you the skills you need to put Tableau Desktop straight to work in your business.

This book is suitable for Tableau Beginner and Tableau Advanced users, as well as those looking for Tableau certification or just looking to brush up on the Tableau fundamentals.

Whilst this book is not a replacement for the Tableau Manual, or Tableau User Guide, this book will provide you with valuable Tableau training material to ensure you get the most out of your Tableau software.

Foreword by Matt Francis, Tableau Zen Master.

This Tableau kindle edition has been specifically designed to provide a fast and accessible format for Tableau Software users worldwide.

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