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Charlemagne, Genghis Khan, and Scipio Africanus: History’s Ultimate Trilogy (3 books in 1)

by Michael Klein

Charlemagne, Genghis Khan, and Scipio Africanus: History’s Ultimate Trilogy (3 books in 1)
Why do we remember some rulers although they lived centuries ago, while others are just footnotes in history?
Charlemagne, while subjugating the people he conquered, modernized education, currency, art, music, and leadership to bring stability back to Europe, setting it on the path to thrive for years to come. Europe had been in upheaval, with threats from every direction, when Charlemagne came to power in the eighth century. The barbarian king worked to unite Germanic people into one kingdom and to spread Catholicism.
We remember Genghis Khan for the brutality and bloodshed left in his path as he unified Mongolia and widened the Mongolian Empire. This biography explores his life as both a benevolent unifier and leader and a horrifically violent warlord, beginning with his humble beginnings during a time of political instability. Hill willpower changed the world in sweepingly dramatic ways.
The last book in this trilogy focuses on the Roman military genius Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus the Elder. He learned from Hannibal that a win by trickery is still a win and that honor on the field of battle often results in death. Reviewer Mark Nell says, “I recommend it highly for those like myself who know little or nothing about Scipio Africanus and would like to learn more about the man who, in the opinion of some, was greater than Julius Caesar.”

The Rise and Fall of The Roman and British Empire Plus The Crusades (3 in 1 Box Set )

by Michael Klein

The Rise and Fall of The Roman and British Empire Plus The Crusades (3 books in 1) Triple The Action!

How did we get here, to this time and place in history? Are we repeating history’s mistakes because we did not learn about the pivotal events that shaped the modern world?

At fewer than 400 pages, this easy-to-read, three-book history course helps you quickly understand the nuances and the impact of three crucial periods portrayed in countless films: the Crusades and of the rise and fall of two great empires, the Roman and British.

The culture, technology, law, and military organization of the Roman Empire shaped western civilization. Determined to spread their rule, the Romans succeeded magnificently until human nature and other factors led to the empire’s collapse. One reviewer noted, “The book is written in accessible and interesting language that will allow both novice and an experienced person in the field of history to understand â?¦”

Were current relationships between Christians and Muslims determined when the Knights of the Crusaders rode off on their grand quest? “I was looking for a book which would have a good historical overview of the Crusades and have an objective approach to the underlining story of power struggle. The book by Michael Klein gives exactly that,” says Amazon reviewer Raven Heinrich.

By the beginning of the 20th century, the British Empire and its superior navy claimed territory larger than that of any other empire in history, but its overreach foretold its downfall. This insightful and critically acclaimed history of the British Empire spans from the 17th century to contemporary time and combines comprehensive scholarship with readable popular history.

Trump: The Art of Dealing

by Michael Smith

$2.99 (Regularly priced: $4.99)

President Elect Donald Trump certainly knows how to make a deal. From buying casinos, to making reality shows and even running for President, Mr. Trump’s special skillset has allowed him to achieve great things. With Trump: The Art of Dealing, we’re going to take a look at the different ways that he has achieved unparalleled success in his life by looking at his negotiation tactics, his habits and even how he become so victorious in his presidential run. If you’ve always looked at successful people like Mr. Trump and wished that you could be just as successful as he is, then this is the book for you! With the Art of Dealing you’ll learn how to spot value, how to negotiate, what makes for a successful person and how to press on, even when you stand alone!

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The History of Rome in Twenty Minutes

by Kevin Newton


Few other civilizations invoke such imperial majesty as what many regard as the greatest of the ancient empires.

But how much do you really know about the Romans? Sure, we’ve all heard of Julius Caesar, and many of us may be familiar with the stories of Romulus and Remus or Marcus Aurelius. That doesn’t mean that we really get the whole history, however.

In the span of about 20 minutes, you’ll follow the rise, triumph, and fall of Rome. Along the way, you’ll see how Rome’s rivalry with Carthage was considered part of its founding myth, read some of the stories that Roman children learned about their country’s greatness, and even see how bad gas ruined one Emperor’s last words.

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