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Auras: Beginner’s Guide and Tips & Tricks (Auras for Beginners, How to See Auras, What Color is Your Aura Book 2)

by Valerie W. Holt

â??â??â??Master the Art of Reading Aurasâ??â??â??

Valerie has bundled together her best-selling, two-book, Aura series. Learn everything you need to know to start seeing, feeling, and knowing Auras. When you purchase this book you’re getting Auras for Beginners, and Auras: Tips and Tricks.

â??The #1 Aura Guide to Seeing Feeling, and Knowing Aurasâ??

Discvoer the Realm of Auras

In this book, Valerie will discuss how you can start seeing, feeling, and knowing people, specifically their auras, at a moments notice!

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn from this book:

  • What Auras Tuly Are
  • The 7 Layers that Make Up Auras
  • How to See Auras
  • How to Feel Auras
  • How to Know Auras
  • Practicing Your Perceptions
  • And More…
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Auras.

    â??Discover How to Read and See Energy Fieldsâ??

    Have you been learning about the realm of Auras, but want to get a deeper understanding of each color’s meaning?

    In this book, Valerie goes over not only the meanings of the colors but also the effect fear and stress have on auras and ways to protect your aura from these harmful effects.

    Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn from this book:

  • Aura Color Meanings
  • The Effect Fear has on Auras
  • How to Protect Your Aura
  • Psychic Development and Aura Relation
  • And more…
  • Learn all the tips and tricks!

    Astrology: Relationship Compatibility Guide – Finding Incredible Relationships and Soulmates (Zodiac Signs, Astrology for Beginners, Book Book 2)

    by Valerie W. Holt

    Discover Who You Are Destined to be With

    Who are you most compatible with?

    In this book, you’ll find the answer to this question and much more. Each sign’s compatibility will be covered, specifically which zodiac signs you’re most compatible with. Each sign’s personality will be analyzed when it comes to relationships.

    Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn from this book:

  • Astrology and Love
  • The 12 Zodiac Signs
  • And More…
  • Learn the fundamentals of Astrology when it comes to relationships. Find your best match! Click the Buy Button Above to get Astrology: Relationship and Compatibility Guide –

    Finding Incredible Relationships and Soulmates

    Christian Romance: Prayerfully Yours (Clean & Wholesome Sweet Love Inspired Second Chance Romance) (Contemporary Women’s Fiction First Love Amish Short Stories Book 1)

    by Rachel J. Moore

    Macy Lark and her family have lived on their farm for as long as any of them can remember, patiently growing as one with the land and their animals. And Macy wouldn’t have it any other way. But there is one thing missing in their lives: the presence of a man. Having lost her father as a young child, Macy has always grown up without having a strong man to guide her, to serve as her father her on earth while her Heavenly Father looks down from above.

    And, ever faithful to his children, God provides. His provision came in the form of eighteen-year-old Adam Engels. When three of Macy’s sisters suddenly fall ill, Adam brings them all comfort in more ways than one, and, enchanted by the strong, Godly man, Macy finds herself drawn closer and closer to him.

    But they had not anticipated God throwing them another curveball, one that would leave the tiny, determined family in absolute shambles, scrabbling to find their footing in a world that was suddenly collapsing down on them.

    ++ FREE bonus stories inside! ++

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    Vikings: Viking Romance – Historical Romance, Viking Love Short Stories, History, Love, Romantic Short Story Collection of Viking History, Nordic Romance, Highlander, Sweden, HBO – Adult Anthology

    by Lady Aingealicia

    ‘..She looked like a Goddess to him. Her hair wet and water dripping from her body. He removed his shirt and sat to take off his boots. Leaving his sword and breeches behind him, he joined her in the water..’

    This is a romantic short story collection

    Tags: Viking, Viking Romance, Viking Historical Romance, Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Victorian Romance, Love

    Learn To Meditate Anywhere Anytime: Simple and Short Tantra Meditation For Peace

    by Nina Ram

    This is a simple and short guide to help you learn how to meditate quickly.
    In this book you will learn, one of the ancient Tantra meditations, and why it works. And how you can meditate anywhere anytime.

    Growing up as a kid in India, I thought meditation was only for monks. When I started reading spiritual books in my early twenties, in India, I found numerous books on spirituality and meditation. Most of them were esoteric with language that was hard to understand. They left me with the idea that meditation was hard and meant for only serious seekers who renounce everything in life.

    As I continued my explorations deeper into different spiritual traditionsâ?? Ashtanga Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism to Tao and Zenâ?? I started finding the same core essence in all the paths. Gradually over the years, through my own meditation practice, I have understood that meditation is a huge paradox.
    It is very simple and easy, it is being ourselves. But it keeps uncovering layers after layers of our own complex existence as we keep meditating.

    The real reason I was motivated to write this book is that I still find numerous books on all sorts of meditations, from ancient spiritual traditions to new-age affirmation meditations, and they still seem overwhelming for a beginner, just like I was twenty years ago.
    They sometimes remind me of when I first came to United States from India and went to the supermarket for the first time. The aisles and aisles of things ~ bakery, household supplies, frozen food, boxed food and so on confused and overwhelmed me, I did not know where to begin and what to do; when all I needed was some vegetables to cook some simple healthy meals.

    It is the same in the case of spirituality. There are so many preachers and teachers, books, traditions, workshops and so on. Overwhelmed by the amount of information and misinformation two things happen usually to a beginner. Either one just assumes that this is all religious, non-scientific, nonsense and never begins. Or one dabbles in it for a few days and, not understanding the key basics, gives up as being too hard.

    But the truth is that meditation connects us to our spirit, our real self. Once we begin, we can learn to slowly connect with our soul, our real self. Connecting to our real self is the only true source of peace. In our modern everyday life, where people are increasingly connected to phones and internet all the time, there is an even greater need to reconnect with our self to find some moments of true peace.

    So the simple motivation to write this book came out of these questions?
    What can I share with my own busy 18 year old son, who is a sophomore at UC Berkeley, on how to find those precious moments of clarity and peace? What core ancient meditation would I share on how to start meditating? What will I tell him? Where to begin? How to sit and be still?How can I share in a simple to understand form with my own kids, my sisters, and my friends, that they can also meditate?

    How can I convey that sitting for simple meditation everyday matters more than lengthy discussions of philosophy.
    What I would share with them, I have written in this book.
    Meditation is not only for monksâ?? it is simple and easy.
    You just have to begin!
    All funds raised from the sale of this book will be donated to Yoga and Meditation programs for school aged children.
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    Adams Mourning: A Christian Historical Romance (The Adams Series Book 1)

    by Dawnya Sasse

    Kansas: 1888

    Sarah Kunz arrives in Adams, Kansas to fulfill her father’s dream but when both parents die in sudden succession can Sarah find the courage to make the dream her own?  Opposed by political forces, Sarah must learn to trust a God she cannot see, an Aunt she hardly knows and a handsome stranger out to win her heart.  

    In a town owned by one man, can a young woman stand against him and survive?

    Based on the true stories of men and women who fought to tame the western towns of the Great Plains.  Adams Mourning is the first novella in The Adams Series.  These books draw on the inspiring faith of the pioneers who believed, against all odds, God was on their side.

    This sweet Christian romance offers a fresh view of prairie life and frontier love in the 19th Century Great Plains.  Adam’s Mourning offers readers a clean and wholesome, western romance based on true stories of inspirational religious faith.  Love historical romance?  This book is for you.  

    Daughters of the Church

    by Love Obsession Books

    Get 2 books of Amish romance adventures in this exciting new collection along with several free bonus books. Some of the free books might be intended for mature readers.

    In this collection you will find:

    The Bishop’s Daughter’s Romance

    A schoolgirl crush couldn’t be more than that, right? Well, for Ruth it might be God’s plan.
    There’s a pull for each of them, whether they realize it or not there is something that is pushing them together. At first Ruth thought it was just her wanting to spend time with him, but Jacob feels it too. The only issue is that he has a secret and he’s not sure she will ever be able to accept it. If he tells her the truth he’s going to risk losing her, and being kicked out of the community.

    Is that a risk he’s willing to take if he truly believes it’s God’s plan?

    The Minister’s Daughter’s Secret Love

    No one is happy about the fact that an outsider is doing work on the church but when Anna needs his help she has to admit she’s glad Brad is there for her.

    Brad is just as surprised as everyone else when an Amish man asks him to come do some work at the church, but he’s not going to turn down the job offer. When he sees Anna he knows that she’s not going to be good for him- he just doesn’t expect her to end up pregnant!

    Anna has a choice to make, and she has no clue what the right choice is. She can leave her family to raise a child, she can marry a man she doesn’t love, or well- the other option doesn’t work.

    What she doesn’t realize is that Brad has his own plan.

    WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand alone romance with an HEA. This ebook or bonus books attached may contain mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

    The Bible Habit: 7 Strategies On How To Study The Bible

    by David Ramos

    It’s impossible to truly know God without knowing your Bible.

    From the bestselling author of Climbing with Abraham comes a powerfully concise and practical book on how to know your Bible better. In The Bible Habit readers will discover:

    *How to build a habit that sticks
    *What tools are the most useful
    *How the Bible can fuel a satisfying spiritual life
    *And much more!

    The seven strategies in this book are essential for anyone wanting to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and in their relationship with Christ. Don’t miss out, jump into The Bible Habit today!

    DAILY DEVOTIONAL The Complete Sayings Of Jesus: Hear and Understand, See and Pereceive


    In this book the four gospels are merged into one, with the emphasis being on JESUS’ WORDS IN CONTEXT followed by detailed MEDITATIONS OR DEVOTIONS, explaining in DETAIL what He was trying to teach or impart.

    The book is divided into 92 chapters, each dwelling on the various chronological events that mark His time on earth. For example:
    -Jesus at Thirty – Meditation or Devotion
    -Christ’s long fast in the wilderness – Meditation or Devotion
    – The Sermon on the Mount – Meditation or Devotion
    And so on.

    We pray and hope that the devotions will bring you a better understanding of the teachings of JESUS and thus a better understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

    We hope that you find it edifying.

    REIKI: The Fundamentals of Practice: Easy Tips and Tricks for Your Improvement

    by Rachel Rebecca Wisdom

    Have you ever heard of self-healing techniques? Ever wondered what the fuss is all about? The e-book is a guide to understanding all the possibilities of self-healing through therapeutic massage using a time honored treatment called Reiki.
    Reiki is universal life force found in all living things, it can be used for self-healing or to heal others anywhere in the world; there are no special requirements to learn Reiki, just an open mind and willingness to learn.

    With this book you will:

    • Learn how you can become trained in the practice of Reiki healing;
    • Learn about the source of healing life energy and how it is in all of us.
    • Find out how healing energy can be sent to anyone at any place in the world.

    After traversing the pages and upon researching you will discover the secrets to universal healing energy and a new peace of mind. You will be inspired to gain more knowledge. Your first action will be to find a Reiki Master and seek healing for yourself.
    Next you may want to learn how to become a Reiki healer. You will find yourself thirsty for as much knowledge as you can find and be eager to perform Reiki on yourself and others. Your eyes will be opened to a whole new world of possibilities. You will ask yourself why you haven’t learned this before and why you haven’t taken advantage of the powerful healing properties of Reiki in the past.
    In this book you can find:

    • An introduction to the fascinating world of Reiki
    • An explanation of Self Reiki and Distance Healing
    • Practical uses for Reiki
    • Successes, benefit and effectiveness of Reiki

    ¿QU� SOMOS? (VIDA Y MUERTE nº 8) (Spanish Edition)


    ¿QU� SOMOS?
    Somos una paradoja: somos a la vez sujeto y objeto de toda pregunta.
    Somos animales humanos destinados a barruntar fragmentos de verdades sobre el misterio de la existencia.
    Si estamos hechos con los mismos elementos del universo, somos un todo. Si no estamos fuera, somos el universo. Somos Eso. Siempre somos. Nunca hemos nacido ni nunca moriremos. Somos vida. Sabemos que estamos vivos y sin poder explicarlo sabemos que somos. Eso, lo que somos, está más allá de la vida y la muerte. Somos vida, somos realidad y Lo-Que-Es.
    No estamos separados del mundo, somos el mundo. Teniendo presente que las palabras no son la cosa, por eso no pretendamos sustituir Lo-Que-Es por las palabras.
    Somos polvo sideral o nada, pero somos. ¿No es acaso poético? El misterio de la vida y la muerte nos acompaña siempre. Aceptemos la realidad: somos enigma.
    Vivenciemos el enigma que somos en la cotidiana existencia.

    Sweet Longings

    by Vanilla Orchid Books

    Looking to add some sizzle to your Kindle library? You’ll find it here with over 32,000 words of panty-melting passion in this collection of fun and hot short stories

    Forever My Heart
    Falling Again
    Holiday of Love
    Honoring Her Heart
    Summer Splash
    The Cherished Bride
    Summer of Sweetness

    WARNING: These stories are super hot with explicit scenes of desire and passion that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!


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