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Tristan: Paranormal Romance

by Jason P. Williams

Tristan Moore had lived several lifetimes. Being immortal for over a thousand years had its perks, and its detractors. Currently he was living in Paris, playing the part of cover model and playboy extraordinaire. He enjoyed a vast fortune and an endless supply of women willing to satisfy him at a moment’s notice.

Morgan Kincaid is a witch, and an agent of the Council, the governing body that oversees paranormal law. She is sent to investigate the brutal attacks on other creatures and immortals. The trail seems to lead her right to Tristan.
While maintaining his innocence, Tristan begins to see things in Morgan that remind him of someone from his past; someone with whom he shared a great love. Morgan, herself, feels inexplicably drawn to him as well. There is only one problem, she has to arrest him for murder.

Can Tristan and Morgan work together to clear his name, or will the Council exact its justice before they have the evidence they need?

Trial by Ambush (A Robin Starling Courtroom Mystery)

by Michael Monhollon

Out of the law office and on the move…
I slowed as a man in a security uniform came out, but he only stretched his back and swung his arms and watched me as I rolled past.
   I was in, and the most disturbing thing so far was that the song “Secret Agent Man” kept playing in my head. This just wasn’t the kind of thing lawyers did, not any of the ones I knew. For one thing, it was hard to see how I was going to bill anyone 300 dollars an hour for it.

Unfortunately, things were about to get a lot more disturbingâ??disturbing and dangerous.

This financial thriller is the first in the Robin Starling legal thriller series
The athletic Robin Starling is a 30-year-old female lawyer in a male-dominated courtroom, though at 5-11 she stands eye-to-eye with most of the men. When her first murder case comes along, she does what she thinks is rightâ??for herself, her client, and her murdered friendâ??and she relies on constant motion to keep out of trouble, legal and otherwise. Trouble, unfortunately, has a way of catching upâ??legal and, especially, otherwise.

Trial by Ambush is a clean, PG-13-style mystery and Robin Starling’s first foray onto the criminal docket. The other lawyer novels in the series are, in order, Juggling Evidence, Dog Law, and Laughing Heirs.

If you like lawyer mysteries, don’t miss this topnotch legal thriller.

Trial by Ambush, Book 1 in the Robin Starling legal thriller series

Dig Deeper: A Hallie James Mystery (The Hallie James Mysteries Book 1)

by DK Herman

Dig Deeper is a fun, sexy mystery, set in Central Pennsylvania. Hallie James is a savvy, seasoned Private Investigator. When her husband takes off with everything, she’s forced to move back to her family home. Settling in for a quiet life in her hometown, a series of murders gets Hallie back into investigative mode.
With the help of her grandmother’s zany, new boyfriend, and the hot, young brother of a victim, Hallie gets too close to a monster who enjoys torture and murder.
Things are complicated by a budding relationship with her high school sweetheart and her new social life with her fun and crazy friends.
Suddenly, the killer raises the stakes, and Hallie knows that time running out to solve the case.

The Sister: A gripping crime, mystery and suspense thriller

by Max China

CORNWALL, ENGLAND. In the summer of love, 1967, two children witness a murder. One, a seven-year-old boy, views it from fifty yards – the other, a young Irish girl, from miles away.

LONDON, 2006. With retirement looming, DCI John Kennedy reopens the only case he never solved: the disappearance of a young nurse, Kathy, twenty-three years earlier. A Crimewatch cold-case reconstruction follows, tracing Kathy’s last known movements. A new witness emerges, and Kennedy – finding himself on the trail of a serial killer – unwittingly sparks a sequence of events that lead him into ever-increasing danger.

As the investigation unfolds, it becomes apparent that the murderer is no ordinary adversary. Resourceful and cunning, it seems only the original witnesses from 1967 can stop him.
But they have yet to meet.

The Sister: more than a crime thriller.

What people are saying about The Sister:

â??A riveting novel by a master storyteller, China balances a cast of characters and crimes that all tie together neatly into a satisfying finish.’ Source: Successors to the Greats: The Top 50 Best Crime Writers To Watch in 2014 (

â??Fabulously detailed character description and development of a number of interesting people. The heroes were all flawed to some extent, and the most vile criminal exhibited a strangely moral aspect to his personality. I find that far more interesting than clear-cut good guys vs. bad guys. Intriguing and captivating.’ Source USA Reviews.

â??A soulless serial killer threads his way through the lives of the characters relentlessly.’ Source USA reviews

â??Just read it with no expectations of ever having read another novel like it.’ Source: USA Reviews.

A must for readers who love mystery and crime, or non-linear thrillers with a paranormal flavour which keep you guessing until the end!

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