Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 19 Jan 17

Stained Glass Tissue Box Cover: How to make your own stained glass tissue box covers

by TG Forge

How to dress up a tissue box.
We all have them. They are useful but plain and despite the artistic print on
the box, they are plain and boring. Slip a stained glass cover over them and they become a conversation piece.
Stained glass is not difficult to learn. The basic process involves marking
patterns on colored glass, cutting them out with a glass cutter, grinding the
edges smooth on a diamond grinder then applying a copper foil around the edges
and soldering these parts together into a one piece design.
A challenge for the beginner is getting consistent, accurate results. For this
project we will address this problem by making four jigs. Most things that are manufactured in factories are assembled in jigs. Jigs hold everything in place for repeatable accuracy. Once you have a jig, you can make as many panels as you want with consistent, predictable results. We will also talk about direct tracing of patterns on a light box and adjusting the fit by careful grinding of mating parts.
This book will guide you through the process of building four jigs, then using
these jigs and step by step instructions to make three different tissue box

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