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Speed Reading: Read Faster Now: A Step By Step Guide To Help You Increase Your Reading Speed

by Alexander Lucas

Do you enjoy reading but wish you could read faster?

Many of us wish we could read faster which is exactly why this book was written.

Reading is one of those activities in life that one does for leisure, to gain information, for catching up and to satisfy one’s need to learn. Reading is an activity that has been dying a slow death because of information shrinking and technology making it easier for us to scan items for information instead of thoroughly reading. Reading has been pushed down on our priority lists. However, this book is not about how reading is an art that needs to be revived. This book is about how to read in a way that does not interfere with the time limits and energy that have been allowed to your life for this task.

Written with the aim of walking you through the art of speed reading, this book contains tricks and tips that will help you grasp the concept of balancing reading and your personal time in order to improve your life and scholarly successes.

We all need to give ourselves more credit when it comes to our lives. There are many things that no matter how much time, effort and practice we put in, we cannot succeed as much as we wish. But, speed reading, luckily for you, does not fall into that category. Learning the techniques it takes to speed read can be done at any point in your life, you just have to be willing to make the leap to change something we use to function in everyday society and in each day of our lives. Why not make something we already do every day a bit more convenient and practical?

Overall, this book is the perfect guide to help you hone your skill of balancing. Not only will you be taught how to speed read, but you’ll also be instructed in the skills required to adapt to the art as quickly as possible.

Within the pages of this book, you will learn

  • what speed reading is and why it’s important
  • stages of speed reading
  • how to make it a habit
  • tips to improve your speed reading comprehension
  • how to be a smart speed reader

… and much, much more

Download your copy today and read faster tomorrow!

Vietnam War: A History From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War remains one of the most iconic events of the twentieth century. In the United States, it polarized public opinion and changed foreign policy. It destroyed the presidency of Lyndon Johnson and was the catalyst for a massively impactful protest movement. More importantly, in Vietnam, as well as surrounding areas, it caused untold destruction, death, and suffering.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Vietnam’s Past
â?? Exit the French
â?? The United States and Ngo Dinh Diem
â?? The Resistance War Against America Begins
â?? “Americanization”
â?? The American Home Front
â?? Vietnamization and President Nixon
â?? The End of the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath

Millions of Vietnamese and Cambodian people were killed, and manyâ??including Americansâ??remain missing. Its origins lie in Europe’s colonial conquests, and its legacies endure to this day. Read this comprehensive, concise history of the Vietnam War.

Real Herbs Guide: Treat UTI with Cranberry

by Racheal Louise

Think of this book as a definitive guide into understanding the fundamentals of herbalism. Also, majority of the chapters underscore the relative importance of a group of evergreen shrubs that botanists would like to refer to as cranberries. Apparently, cranberries have made invaluable contributions to the field of health care but not many have been made aware of this. This is exactly the reason why this book was birthed, to give this special herb its due reverence.
The aim of this book is quite simple and that is to provide its readers with up-to-date knowledge on herbalism and cranberries. All these will be discussed in more detail in the succeeding chapters of this informative resource. This book is originally aimed at students who would like to gain a deeper and a much profound level of understanding of the world of herbalism as well as get to know the rudimentary facts and uncover evidence-based research on cranberries. However, the author believes that both professionals and amateurs can benefit from the botanical scholarship proffered by this book.
The first chapter is a brief introduction into herbalism. The author exhaustively discusses the relevance of herbalism in modern day society along with a recollection of its origin and discovery. How herbalism as a traditional way of practice transformed into a booming business will also be mentioned here.
The second chapter contains more intricate pieces of information on cranberries. This chapter is concerned with the specificities of cranberries highlighting on its origin, characteristics, climate as well as its availability. This is the part wherein readers will get to know more about the herb and understand where it comes from.
The third and fourth chapters are all about the health benefits that cranberries have to offer. These chapters serve as the core and the backbone of this entire textbook. Just like any other herb that claims to be beneficial health-wise, cranberries are the same except that there are scientific studies and clinical and laboratory evidences to back up and validate assumptions. These chapters will radically change your perspectives especially if you started out doubting the credibility of this herb.
The fifth chapter consists of tips on how to choose the best herbal supplement. Taking herbs is not just considered an olden tradition since billions of people today have chosen it to be a part of their lifestyle. More than half the population relies on herbal supplements for primary health care. This reality has driven the author to create a list of tips and pieces of sound advice on how to be a wise buyer when you are faced with an enormous selection of herbal brands. The author wants to stress out that not all companies claiming to be the best are indeed the best. This chapter will help make decision making fairly easier for you.
The last but definitely not the least chapter is an overview of the company Real Herbs. Real Herbs is successfully marketing herbal supplements across the globe and as part of their marketing strategy they would like to encourage readers to get to know the company first before they introduce their products. Real Herbs is a stable company with great experience when it comes to manufacturing herbal supplements. All their products disseminated in the market have undergone meticulous scrutiny to make sure that every package is bottled and sealed following a standard protocol.

Raspberry Pi 3: Projects Master

by Timothy Short

Packed with in-depth projects to spark your creativity so you never get bored of the Raspberry Pi 3!

Are you at a dead-end with the Raspberry Pi? Are you just looking for a super cool project to pass the time and give you some new knowledge and insight into what exactly you can do with this little gadget? Then this is the book for you.

There are a ton of Raspberry Pi project books out there, don’t get me wrong. But this one excels at what it sets out to do: present to you some relatively cool ideas for things which would be pleasant in your life, be they smart mirrors, portable game consoles, or homebrewed wireless routers, and teaches you step by step how to implement these ideas while also using some really awesome technologies along the way.

If you’re a beginner, this book may not be suitable for you. However, if you’ve got some experience tinkering with hardware, computers, or Raspberry Pi specifically, and you want some project tinkering ideas that you can use in order to make your life at home and on the go a little bit better, then this book is just what you need.

Through the course of this book, we’ll be going through several neat Raspberry Pi ideas which are sure to blow the minds of visitors and housemates alike. It’s likely they’ll even blow your mind at first.

Take action now and download this book to start your journey towards Raspberry Pi 3 projects mastery today!

And why wait? You don’t need a Kindle to read this book! With free delivery right to your device, you can open it on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone with the free Kindle app.

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SEO: Step By Step Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization For Web Traffic Growth

by Arnold De Vries

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Very Effective – Even in 2017!

Optimizing your website for the search engines might seem complicated at first, but there is a world of opportunities to attract targeted web traffic with SEO, now more than ever before! You thought that SEO was dead since Google got more strict? Tink again, because this book will give you a complete guide on all the steps you need to get web traffic from SEO, without much prior knowledge required.

SEO Step By Step

This book will introduce you to what SEO is, how it can help you, but will also show you step by step what the best practices are. And everything is optimized for Google’s current algorithm. The information you will learn in this SEO book will give you all the tools needed to get the competitive edge in the search rankings with your website!

What you will learn in this book:

  • Exactly What SEO Is & How It Can Improve Your Website Success
  • All Relevant Methods of ‘Doing SEO’
  • Best Practices In On-Page & Off-Page Website Optimization
  • How To Do QUALITY Link Building For Your Website
  • How To Rank High In Local Google Rankings (Perfect For Local / Small Businesses)
  • Understanding What NOT To Do In SEO
  • A Precise Explanation of Anchor Text (And Why You Need To Use It)
  • Step By Step Best Practices For Effective Keyword Research
  • Tips & Tricks For A Succesful SEO Performance In 2017
  • Does SEO still work in 2017?

    Even in the present day and age, you can certainly create a blog or website from scratch and generate tons of traffic with just SEO. Using the strategies explained in this book, you can improve your website traffic in a matter of weeks. However, this will only work if you actually implement what is taught to you in this book.

    Having your own website is certainly a long-term project that requires work, but with good SEO, success is just around the corner. The strategies in this book are the perfect way to leverage the Google Search Engine & pull large amounts of targeted traffic to your website. No, that’s not a claim, it’s a proven fact by many SEO experts. Good SEO is a business in itself: one that requires investment in both time and money. It will not come easy.

    So best of luck learning the importance of search engine optimization & learning exactly how to do SEO.

    Please remember to click the BUY button at the top of this page to get started with learning about SEO immediately!

Cold Cases True Crime: Will They Ever Be Solved? The Bewildering Stories Of The Unfinished Cases (Missing Persons, Serial Killers, Bizarre True Stories, … Police Stories, True Crime Stories Book 1)

by Joseph Exton

Will They Ever Be Solved? The Bewildering Stories Of The Unfinished Cases…

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Unknown persons, murderers, rapes and other crimes happen every single day. These are not cases that stand out in some unique sort of way, simply cases that have gone down in the books as horrifying.

Discarded bodies, missing women, stolen identification. It would seem as if we are talking about this week’s news stories but in fact, we are talking about some of the most notorious cases that police have ever faced.

Some of these cases were solved, some of them gone cold and some of them seem oddly familiar to what we see going on today.

Sometimes it may make you wonder if a notorious serial killer is lurking in the shadows in your neighborhood…

From America’s first serial killer to America’s Unknown Child, each case is chilling and completely true. The stories might just make you thankful for the life that you are living and make you watch out for those that live in your neighborhood…

Here’s A Preview Of What’s In This Book…

  • Cold Cases True Crime: The Son of Sam
  • Cold Cases True Crime: The Boy in the Box
  • Cold Cases True Crime: Herman Webster Mudgett
  • Cold Cases True Crime: The Freeway Phantom
  • Cold Cases True Crime: Leonard Lake and Charles Ng
  • Cold Cases True Crime: The Happy Faced Killer
  • Much, much more!

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e-Business Blueprint: Your Passport To Financial Freedom: (A No-BS Step-By-Step Guide To Create Online Businesses, Passive Incomes and Personal Wealth)

by Kelvin Wang DX

Want to earn some extra cash on the side?

Think the internet’s just the place for it?

Worried that you don’t have what it takes to make it?

You are not alone. Many have dabbled with becoming an entrepreneur on the internet, but surrender because of challenges unique to the arena.

Those who prosper spin tales of wealth and reward, but are tight-lipped about how they got there.

With a little grit and knowhow, you can make the web your gateway to financial security.

In fact, surviving is as simple as reading this book and keeping it that way.

In his unpretentious and approachable style, author Kelvin Wang DX arms you with all the information needed for e-commerce success.
– Covers the pros and cons of an online business.
– Helps you find the perfect product based on your passions.
– Introduces you to the tools of the trade: your business plan, your website, your brand.
– Walks you through the process of advertising via social media.
– Teaches you how to turn an audience into a money-making market.

Now’s the time to turn your big dreams into big business.

Take that first step by reading e-Business Blueprint: Your Pass to Financial Freedom today.

Network Marketing:The Secret to Building a Successful Team While Creating Passive Income (Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Passive Income, Make Money Online Book 1)

by Anthony Smith

This book is dedicated to teaching you all of the information you need to know to develop a successful network marketing business that will earn major money for you while you sleep. Ideally, you will be able to use the skills you learn within’ this book to help you build the best network marketing business you could possibly build. You will learn how to pick the perfect business for you, how to promote your products successfully both online and offline, and how to build an amazing team that will put you on top – while you put them on top, too! Not only will you learn how to start and expand your company, but you will also learn how to effectively manage your company so that it can truly transform into a successful source of passive income for you.

If you take the information you learn here and apply it to your own network marketing opportunity, you will definitely be able to create a business that will thrive while you are able to pursue whatever else you desire in life. Whether you are looking to make extra money to pay the bills, are hoping to save up for a long awaited trip, or want to live solely off of the income you generate through your network marketing company, you will be able to make that happen with the skills you will learn in this book. “Network Marketing: The Secret to Building a Successful Team While Creating a Passive Income” is a book that takes you from the very first steps of starting your network marketing business and walks you all the way through to managing your wealthy passive income source. You will learn everything you need to know to become a part of the top 3% of earners in network marketing.

Paleo: Paleo for Beginners: The Essentials on How to Begin Your Paleo Diet Lifestyle

by Dexter Jackson

Begin Your Paleo Diet Lifestyle Today!

Hold on to that time portal! In the purchase of this book, you have chosen to take the opportunity to take yourself back into the time of our cave men and women ancestors in a desperate attempt to live in the healthiest way you can possible.

In this book you will unlock the answers to your curiosities about this new-fangled diet craze. But guess what? It isn’t just a fad. It genuinely WORKSâ?¦When done right, that is. But no need to fret! You are about to know all you need to as a beginner stepping into the world of the Paleolithic Diet!

Within you will find:

  • A sneak peak at how The Paleo Diet became to be and why it is so widely popular
  • The benefits of becoming one with your Paleolithic ancestors (menu wise, that is)
  • Steps, tips and tricks to get you started on the right foot
  • How to stick to the diet while not underestimate or giving up on yourself
  • A free, 7-Day Beginner Guide to get you started the RIGHT way
  • Delicious recipes to keep you equipped on your journey into prehistoric times!
  • With all the information out there via the internet, you can be assured that within this book the vast amount of information you will be soaking in is among the most up-to-date and informative in all the main areas that you need to know to get started eating like a pro! Be prepared to welcome a new version of yourself to family and friends, as well as to those jerks that made fun of you and all that chub of yours back during those long days in high school. You are bound to be the finest looking specimen as you being your trek into a healthier world with this version of The Paleo Diet.

    Being equipped with the RIGHT tips and tricks to have in your arsenal, you will be unstoppable! People close to you will be wondering how you are becoming so good looking in such a short period of time! Guess what? If you want to keep the secret to yourself, just tell them “no pills required!” But information this powerful is hard to keep to yourself! Share the knowledge you acquired, and you, as well as your loved ones will be the ones that everyone will be dishing our compliments to!

    This book is also for those that might be a wee bit skeptical about the whole eating “like a caveman” theory that has stormed the internet over the past few years. So, take a look inside and be swept away by the knowledge necessary to be a newbie in the ever increasing line behind the large stage of the Paleo Diet!

    Healthy Meals: American Cookbook – Winter Cooking Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss Recipes, Cookbook from Seafood Recipes to Slow Cooking (Fish, Meat, Chicken, Salads, Soups & Stews, Easy Cook Book)

    by Adrianne Love

    Endulge in a tasty collection of healthy dishes, from seafood and slow cooking to desserts…

    Is It Time To Create Your Own TRUTH?: Turn Your Intentions Into Accomplishments

    by Benjamin Bonettti

    Whether you are interested in improving your communication, taking your career to the next level or building a solid foundation in your relationship, our TRUTH SYSTEM has something for you.

    Accelerate what you’re out to accomplish. Address what matters most to you in your life. With the unique skill of your mentor Benjamin Bonetti and using our proven one-to-one coaching methodology, you’ll experience a direct and immediate difference in realizing your goals.

    “You see, we create a vision of the world based on several different worlds. We create a world, a desire to have or live in a space that has become so confused over what we want, that very rarely any of those worlds, truths, or anythings and everythings are produced. The mind is confused, and the eyes don’t know what to see or what to seek.”

    “Why would you set off in pursuit of anything less than one-hundred percent supportive to the person you want to be? Why would you settle for anything less than being the perfect version of self; the version of self that’s excited to get up in the morning and the version of self that can provide a legacy worth shouting about?”

    “Judgement: this is an aspect we’re going to cover later in the book, but pause for a moment and consider what you have accepted as being true so far in your life and would like to change. Why haven’t you changed it?”


    In an age when most professional athletes are employing or have access to sports psychologists this excellent book gives us mere mortals a chance to understand what it’s all about. Well worth a read, has definitely given my training an edge. (AMAZON REVIEW)

    I received this book from Ben earlier this week, I haven’t read all of it yet due to work commitments but from what I have read this is a great read, top guy too. If you can get your hands on a copy do so (AMAZON REVIEW)

    Good concise and well written. Enjoyed reading (AMAZON REVIEW)

    Real Estate Agent: Simple and Effective Strategies and Principles for a Successful Career as a Real Estate Agent (Generating Leads, Real Estate Agent Exam, Staging an Open House,) (Volume-3)

    by Alex Johnson

    Are you hoping to up your game in the real estate market? Perhaps, you just obtained your license and you need to get started the best way possible? You have come to the right book for how to learn some beginner’s strategies to get started in the real estate market.

    There are always going to be different scenarios. Each client you have will have different needs. You do need to be a salesperson who can read people, but beyond that skill there are certain strategy concepts you can utilize to improve your sales.

    What you will learn:
    -How to get started
    -Residential sales strategy
    -Property management firm strategy
    -How to launch a successful open house
    -Networking strategies
    -Listing strategies
    -Advertising strategies

    This book aims to provide you with an overview of various strategies and suggestions that will help you better serve your clients. The strategies mentioned will need to be adapted for the situations you find yourself in.

    Do not think that these strategies are step by step. They are meant to help you think, to look for ways to serve your client outside the box of normal, and to be a critical thinker. Sometimes the suggestions are going to work just as described, and other times you will make more work for yourself than necessary.

    Until you become an expert in the market, with numerous sales under your belt, you will be in a learning process. In fact, all real estate agents are in a learning process. Each agent continues to learn how to adapt to the market, as the market changes.

    Once you have read this book, you will have a better understanding of certain strategies you can employ and adapt to fit your local market. Good luck and enjoy your success.

    Service Consulting : How to Sell Online Services & Social Media Consultations Even Without Being an Expert

    by Sean Levis

    Start a Service or Consulting Business Even Without Being an Expert

    Inside this business bundle you’ll learn 2 ways to start an online business.

    Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

    – The step by step process on how to make money from absolute scratch
    – How to find services to flip on Fiverr
    – The exact service you should sell right now!
    – How to properly set up your account
    – How to write and create a product gig listing
    – How to run a $5 customer into a $200 one!
    – The secret sauce for making more money on Fiverr… Clue: it has something to do with video!
    – How to approach customers that you want to upsell

    – How to sell social media services without having the expertise requirement
    – How to outsource the service to my secret website
    – How to properly set up your sales funnel
    – How to find clients… fast!
    – How to get long term clients via LinkedIn Marketing
    – The best way to contact your potential customers
    – How to upsell customers to more high end services without being salesy
    – What are some other services to sell to your current customers


    Get your copy right now and start implementing the business lessons today!

    Recipe Hacks for Canned Tuna Fish (Cooking on a Budget Book 2)

    by Laura Sommers

    Recipes for Canned Tuna Fish

    In these tough economic times, it is important to find ways to save money, especially when feeding your family. Maybe you are a college student looking to save money by taking a break from fast food or paying at the cafeteria. Canned tuna is an inexpensive staple ingredient that many people have in their cupboard but rarely think about the possibilities beyond a tuna fish sandwich. This versatile ingredient is not only cheap but it is healthy as well.

    This recipe book contains tons of tasty and creative hacks that go beyond the traditional with delicious options such as salads, pizzas, wraps and much, much more. Canned Tuna may be cheap but it doesn’t have to be boring if you know how to Hack it!

    Recipes Include:

    • Tuna Cakes
    • Orecchiette and Tuna
    • Tuna Melt Mini Muffins
    • Italian Tuna & Farro Salad
    • Tuna And Quinoa Sliders With Creamy Avocado Sauce
    • Tuna Rice Puff
    • Spicy Tuna Fish Cakes
    • Tuna Zucchini Elbow Pasta
    • Tuna Burgers
    • Tuna Noodle Casserole
    • Tuna, White Bean and Kale Soup
    • Creamy Shells with Tuna and Spin
    • Avocado Tuna Salad
    • Ceviche Tostadas
    • Cheesy Tuna Pasta
    • Paleo Tuna Veggie Bowls
    • Tuna Curry
    • Greek Tuna Pasta Salad
    • Tuna Salad Stuffed Shells
    • Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus Tuna Salad Over Arugula
    • Tuna Stuffed Cabbage Rolls With Bacon
    • Tuna Zoodle Casserole
    • Curried Pumpkin and Tuna Stew
    • Tuna Pot Pie
    • Tuna Stuffed Eggplant
    • Tuna Tacos
    • Cinnamon Curry Tuna Salad
    • Tuna Fruit Salad
    • BBQ Tuna Fritters
    • Asian Tuna Patties
    • Tuna Dumplings
    • Tuna Mushroom Casserole
    • Tuna Stuffed Deviled Eggs
    • Tuna Melt

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