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THORN VOLUME 2: A Compilation of Victor Thorn Articles From From American Free Press 2010 (Thorn Trilogy)

by Victor Thorn

Help us honor Victor further by purchasing the entire THORN Trilogy.

10% of all proceeds will go toward the creation of a Victor Thorn journalism award, which we plan on presenting once a year at the end of the year in conjunction with AFP’s free speech partner, the FOUNDATION TODEFEND THE FIRST AMENDMENT.

THORN 2: Table of Contents

Israel Admits-and Then Denies-Harvesting Organs
Website Exposes Israel’s Role in Sept. 11 Attacks
Mossad Tied to ‘Underwear Bomber’
Italians Stand Up to Illegal Immigrants
Google, Feds to Dig Memory Hole Deeper
America For Sale
U.S. Lying About ‘Suicides’ of Gitmo Prisoners
Secret War Being Waged Between Obama, Neocons
9-11 Photos Raise New Questions, Confirm Suspicions
Minutemen Warning: Beware of Tea Party Infiltration
N.Y. Rep. Nude Confrontation With Rahm Emanuel
Israelis Celebrate State-Sponsored Contract Killings
Opium Trade Makes Afghanistan a Hot Property
Obama Presidency Called Hoax by Activist Phil Berg
Glenn Beck: The Faux-Patriot of Fox News
Secrets of the Afghan Drug Trade
Obama’s Enigmatic Past
Child Exploitation Investigator Found Killed in Hom
The Short, Hard Life of a Slave Laborer for China
Hi-Tech ‘Ring of Steel’ to Encircle New York City
Trusted Minion Sabotaging Obama?
Will Gulf Calamity Lead to Rothschild Financial Takeover?
Does BP Really Want to Cap the Gulf Oil Well?
President Reinforces Agenda in Afghanistan
Could Chinese Revolt Mean Trouble for U.S?
Media Ignores Truths In Speech by Fired USDA Official
Immigration Time Bomb Ticking
Author Says Evidence Proves Pro Sports Rigged
Israel Funneling Iraqi ‘Black Gold’ to Red China
Plus much more….

Speed Reading: For Beginners, Learn How To Comprehend And Double Your Reading Speed (prime reading,Productivity Book 2)

by Rosalyn Noel

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These fun and easy tips transform the dreaded chore of reading comprehension fun hobby. You’ll be proud to read every day new techniques and new strategies
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Herbal Remedies: Box Set- Herbal Remedies and Homemade Lotion


Herbal Remedies, What They Don’t want You to Know?

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Americans Spend Billions on Beauty Products

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MYSTERY: THE BIG THRILL – THE FINALE: (Serial Killer Mystery, Suspaense, Thriller, Suspense (True Crime Suspense Thriller Mystery, Crime, Love Book 7)




This book entitled The Big Thrill: Most Awaited Finale is the seventh and last book of the series The Big Thrill. It is about chasing the delinquent culprit, Luther, and how

Aidan Shaw miraculously survives the attack.
Aidan Shaw is a multi millionaire businessman who lives in New York. Aidan and his children had a vacation in Paris together with their Uncle Kevin. They had an amazing vacation, and Aidan even found a new love. Right in the middle of Paris, he found Phoebe.

Things were finally being surreal; things were at last patching it up.. Until Aidan was shot in his hotel room. Everybody thought he died.. But they were all wrong.

How did he survive? Now that they know it is Luther all along, will they be able to find him? Will Aidan have his happy ending? Is love ever enough? Find out as we unfold the final straw of the story.

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My Life from ‘A to Zed’: Memories of Marian Gimby Brannan

by Marian Brannan

Marian is the ultimate example of a woman born on the frontier of Canada who has taken her innate pioneering spirit into every aspect of her life. “My Life from A to ‘Zed’ is the story of a strong daring woman who started life when there were no indoor plumbing or telephones to the 21st century filled with computers and smartphones. She has mastered each step of the way with ease and grace.

Wife, Mother and Grandmother and lover of personality and history. Her curiosity and drive have also taken her into the exploration and study of handwriting analysis which culminated in the publication of her first book, Twenty Remarkable Women Seen Through Their Handwriting. The book blends the history of well-known women with keen insights into their personality revealed in their handwriting.

This beautifully written memoir is the story of a woman who has been able to pass her curiosity, courage and zest for life onto each and every one of her 7 children who have all been able to take life by the tail and run with it. Her love for her family, her community, and God, mixed with plenty of joy and laughter, has been her guiding principal and fills this beautifully written memoir.

The Life and Legacy of Pope John Paul II

by Wyatt North

On July 5, Pope Francis approved John Paul for sainthood, saying that Pope John XXIII and John Paul II will be canonized together. The date has not yet been established, although December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception has been suggested. Irrespective of the details, John Paul’s canonization appears imminent.

From Poland, John Paul’s longtime private secretary, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, rejoiced at the news. “I thank God that I will live to see the elevation to sainthood the person who I served with love to the last beating of his heart,” he stated. Abraham Foxman, as director of the Jewish organization the Anti-Defamation League, received four audiences with Pope John Paul. He spoke for John Paul’s numerous supporters when he said, “For many of us Pope John Paul is already a saint, this just formalizes it.”

John Paul’s pontificate lasted nearly twenty-seven years, one of the longest in papal history. During that time he had an unprecedented amount of contact with the public, including Catholics, non-Catholics, and foreign leaders. He made 104 pastoral visits outside Italy, and 146 within. The Vatican estimates that more than 17.6 million pilgrims participated in his regular Wednesday general audiences alone. He made 38 official visits and met with government leaders on 984 different occasions.

The Best of Confucius: Confucius’ Lessons for Life Changing Success (Confucius, Confucianism, Confucius cat says, Ancient China Book 1)

by Larry Berg

Learn the Life Lesson of Confucius, the most famous Chinese philosopher

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Government morality, justice, sincerity, personal responsibility, these are just some of Confucius’ teachings in his Hundred Schools of Thought. Confucius’ wisdom was later developed into a system known as Confucianism. In this book, we will explore and pick out the best life lessons of Confucius. His many teachings, philosophies in life, thoughts and wisdom will be revealed in depth.

Come and learn what Confucius was all about and how his lessons can change our lives!

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* Confucius’ views on the meaning of life
* Where does beauty hide?
* Confucius’ past, history, and birth
* Ethical Theories
* the development of the Six Classic Arts
* What is Man’s True Nature?
* His views on peace and justice
* and much much more


Comments From Other Readers

“As a ancient Chinese historian, I know that Confucius is one of the greatest thinkers of his time. The author has done considerable research on this topic. The book was well written.” – Dr. Edward J. (New York, USA)

“Confucius’ writing is often complex and translated awkwardly. This book is probably one of the best Confucius books I’ve written. It’s easy to understand and gets right to the point.” – Emily S. (Boston, USA)

“I study Confucius in university. The info in this book is spot on. I really enjoyed reading this book” – Li X. (Los Angeles, USA)

Tags: Confucius cat says, Confucius, Ancient China, History, biography, Eastern history, Confucianism, confucius cat’s top 10 diet tips

Victim, Year One (American Victim Book 1)

by Samantha Winters

BASED ON A TRUE STORY! Ten percent of profits from this story will be donated to a charity organization devoted to ending domestic sex trafficking. TRIGGER WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT!

This is the story of how I became a victim of sex trafficking, right in my own home city.

It started with a seduction.

It happened at a party. There were dozens of other people there. And it was a friend of my family, a boy that my parents knew and liked, a boy who was a good friend of my brother.

But the darkest and most wicked things can happen in public, I found that out. And the worst evil can come wearing a smiling face.

And I had no idea of the consequences of some seemingly harmless and innocent fun.

This book contains Chapter 1 through 5 of the VICTIM sage by Samantha Winters. WARNING! This story contains disturbing content.

REMIXED Quotes About Trump: A Response To Trump’s Comments on John Lewis (Martin Luther King Book 1)

by Travis Rosenberg

For More Books and Discounts.

These REMIXED quotes are in part based on true statements and quotes of Dr. King, yet adjusted in light of the presidency of Donald Trump. It also includes a remixed version of the famous I Have a Dream Speech. We hope that both the quotes and the speech inspire you, make you think, but most importantly make you laugh. It is the opinion of the author, that humor will be one of the greatest medicines during this time.

The Promise I Kept: ” A powerfully and vividly written story”, Tony Tingle, editor; Memoirs Publishing U.K

by Adele Rickerby

You wake up one morning to the sound of fate knocking loudly, impatiently, persistently, at your door.
To answer it is to take a leap of faith into your future.

How Becoming A New Mom Almost Killed Me: HypoGal Shares How Doctor After Doctor Mistakenly Told Her, She Was Just Depressed. *BONUS The Best Government Resource List Over 50 Valuable Websites

by By David Gorlick His Wife’s Story

The HypoGal Story is a woman’s journey with a rare disease after the birth of her second daughter. Numerous medical specialists insisted she was fine; that Lisa’s ailments were all in her head.

Doctor after doctor told Lisa she was a new mother, so she was just overwhelmed, depressed.

Depressed, fatigued and barely able to move Lisa became to accept the doctor’s diagnosis. Too weak to care for her children, Lisa desperately needed the help of family.

As Lisa and her family watched her body deteriorate, she began to trust her instincts.

Lisa advocated for herself, and she shares with others what they must know when they are ill.

With open eyes, Lisa now understands that medicine can be subjective. A person can be deadly sick with normal lab results.

Lisa a.k.a. HypoGal medical journey shows how you need to trust yourself and your instincts.

Lisa’s Story may help you, someone in your family, or one of your friends.

HypoGal’s, My Story is a story of learning, acceptance, and perseverance.

Lisa’s Story may help you, someone in your family, or one of your friends.

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