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Newsboy: ——–

Newsboy takes readers through a lifetime in printing and journalism. One can experience the sudden transition to today’s computer assisted printing process after more than 500 years of printing from moveable wooden and metal typefaces in the Western world. Good luck helped the author touch skies over three continents. He found stepping stones across the swirling rivers of newsboy, printer and journalist. Now, as editor emeritus of a suburban Ottawa community newspaper he has put it all together in his fifth book.
If editor emeritus sounds highfalutin then consider that he also writes and photographs for his Riverview Park Review newspaper, delivers it to doorsteps as he did his Scottish hometown newspapers 73 years ago and he serves on the board of directors. His book takes readers through increased civil rights, his infantry soldier years, more equality still being contested, national independence, musical genius, love lost and won and the more relevant media transformation.
He personally experienced objective news judgment when he was aged 15 and he tries to judge news objectively today at age 81 on the Review. From his full-time experience on 15 daily and weekly newspapers radio and a magazine in Britain, Africa and Canada, he tells what happened around newshounds of the old school pounding Underwood typewriter keys and himself writing interviews in Pitman shorthand.
He summarizes his career: “All I did was what Sir Ernest Shackleton advised: ‘Man must shape himself a new mark directly the old one goes to ground’.”
Read how Bill did so!

Bill Fairbairn
1563 Balena Ave.
Ottawa, ON. K1G 0X1
Canada Oct.18, 2016

Bones One Zero: Racing the Reaper in Iraq

by Reuben ‘Doc’ Ryan

BONES ONE ZERO Racing the Reaper in Iraq is the adventures of a Dustoff Company in Iraq, told from a US Army Flight Medic’s perspective. Get a rare look into the life of a Dustoff unit and experience the highs, lows, and shenanigans that take place with high energy crews. Strap in, hook up and ride along in a MEDEVAC Blackhawk as they answer the call and go after America’s Warriors when they need it the most.

The Life and Prayers of Saint Patrick

by Wyatt North

One part biography, one part prayer book, The Life and Prayers of Saint Patrick is an essential for any Christian.

The Saint Patrick of his own writings and the early records of his life are not known to many. While Saint Patrick also represents shamrocks, Irish pride, and even the occasional green beer there is much of his life that is often forgotten. For instance, the original color associated with Saint Patrick’s Day was blue, and although Saint Patrick dedicated his life to spreading Christianity in Ireland, he might not have celebrated the nation, as we do on his feast day today, in his own lifetime. Ireland, for Patrick, was in many ways bittersweet.

On the other hand, it was also the nation of his spiritual awakening, which is probably a large part of why Patrick decided to make the conversion of Ireland his calling. In the English-speaking world, few saints are as well known, yet so misunderstood, as Saint Patrick. The saint himself, as he was in life, sometimes gets lost in his holiday. The seekers who want to know the real Patrick have to dig much deeper, but they will also find Patrick a more complex and rewarding acquaintance.

All books in The Life and Prayers series come complete with a Touch-or-Click Table of Contents, divided by each section.


One Man’s Journey

by L Abbott

What constitutes a “Christian life?” L. R. Abbott offers his own up as an example. Not that all lives lived following Christ are the same as his, but the truths which govern all Christian life do not differ. When the author has a major spiritual fall near the end of an otherwise “successful” Christian life in which he served as a father, pastor, missionary and church deacon, his soul goes into spiritual turmoil and he must find his way back to the experience of God’s peace. The author’s journey is reminiscent of the one made by Pilgrim, the main character in John Bunyan’s immortal classic, Pilgrim’s progress. Like Pilgrim, the author meets people along his way to the Celestial City… a little boy up in a tree who believes Jesus is dead… people who mourn the loss of a loved one… a father who finds faith… Jewish landlords who ponder the mystery of God’s ways… young people who live their lives on city streets… a religious man who finds a relationship with God three months before his own unexpected death… people of a foreign culture who hear God’s good news for the first time… a boy who cries because he cannot see his mother, and men in prison – men like the author and his cellmate, Rusty, who like so many men have reached rock bottom.
One Man’s Journey does not share every detail about the author’s life which the reader might desire, but all that it does share is true. It is the author’s intention that his narrative lead readers into a healthy introspection as to where their own journey will or won’t ultimately take them.
Among other things, the book comes with an appendix that responds to the question, “Why do Christians fall?” It also has an end of book section entitled, “Share Your Journey,” which has chapter by chapter questions for individual use and/or group discussion.

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