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On Artists: Piercing the Madness of Creators (A Tapestry of Ends Book 11)

by d. hues

On Artists: Piercing the Madness of Creators

With excerpts from Aphorisms: Volume One

In which is explored the idea that Artists thrive in every arena of productive life.

“The Artist, whether a novice or a genius, suffers and exalts in ways unknown to the uncreative. The intricacies of the Craft necessitate the Artist consider and assess every decision and every actionâ??for when care is left to whim, Beauty is left to chance. The Artist who starts with a vision or produces along the way a vision of the final product rarely achieves the realization of that vision, forcing him or her to settle with a less desirable finished product. The burden of the Craft (to capture the most desired option in every detail) and the certainty of failure (to realize the Artist’s vision), compels the Artist to delay the practice or to destroy the product of his or her craft. Stress, disappointment, and fear are the constant quiet brethren of the striving, struggling, suffering Artist.”


d.hues is the pseudonym of a former artist who succumbed to the madness ignited and fanned by his cruel muse. This essay was rescued from the flames that consumed his body of work.

If I were a Angel

by Sidr Sidrov

Arguments about the existence

Contes pertinents et impertinents (French Edition)

by Henri Dénes

Chaque époque mérite ses contes pour adultes. Il faut, évidemment, que ces contes soient pertinents et/ou impertinents. Cyniques! J’aurais pu écrire des contes moralisateurs, bienveillants, humanistes, bienpensants, pleins de bons conseils et de compassion, mais je ne veux pas taire le fond de ma démarche: errer est le sort inévitable de ceux/celles qui liront ces textes. Donc: Bonne co-errance, amis lecteurs; bonne cohérence, amies lectrices! Et vice versa… J’ose revendiquer le droit à la voie discordante!


The path of life
My father did not leave me wealth nor did he hand me down a title but plenty of good intentions he had for me. He was a wise man who lived by his word and died by his word. I never realized my father could create such poetry, paint such sober feeling, draw words and transform ideas and I was humbled to read his thoughts and opinions.
From an early age, my father tried to direct me on the right road of life and often he would hand me an article he wrote for me to read, but I never appreciated them until he died.

If I were a worm

by Sidr Sidrov

Arguments about the existence.


by Polina Talina

About woman’s fate

Woman on

by Polina Talina

Book about wooman’s fate/

The Free-Love Manifesto

by Dante Carlisle

The idea of Free Love has been around for eons, but only in recent years has it resurfaced with a vengeance. But, why has it come back so strong? This essay explores the ideas behind Free Love and what love is when removed from societal norms.

Packaged in a short, easy to understand way, this is great quick read for anyone curious about why their love life never quite gives them what they desire.

ekisenreishuu: daiisshuu (ekigakunomon) (Japanese Edition)

æ?¥æ?¬æ??å­¦æ?¯è??å?ä¼?/大岳æ??の仲é??のä¼?/é??æ?ä¼?ä¼?å ±ã??å²³æ??é??æ?ã?ã«ç?ºè¡¨ã?ã??ã?å?¨æ??の占ä¾?ã??å?ã?ã¦å?¨æ??ã?æ??占ã??学ぶæ?¹ã¸ã?ã?ã?ã?ã®æ??占ä¾?é??でã?ã??ï¼?å??にï¼?話å?é?²ã?てã?まã?ã??

An Uncommon Vocabulary (Fourth Edition, Revised)

by Jimmie Boyd

There are two activities in life that are essential to one’s happiness. The first is to have one’s day (to explore, engage and enjoy life), and the second is to say one’s say (to say the words to oneself and to others that one needs to say).

“An “Uncommon Vocabulary” is an exercise in saying one’s say.

Simply put, it is an A to Z book of common and uncommon words and phrases that are defined in ways better suited to them in the opinion of the author.

The Church of the Phoenix: How I Fell and How I Survived

by J.K. King

My story, in my own words, of how abusive Christian parents pushed me to multiple suicide attempts. What I saw on my journey, how I survived, and what I would like to see the modern church do so this never happens again.

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