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The Amazon Echo Dot User Guide: Newbie to Expert in 1 Hour!: The Echo Dot User Manual That Should Have Come In The Box

by Tom Edwards

Here it is – The Amazon Echo Dot User Manual that should have come in the box!

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From the Number 1 Best Selling authors in Computers and Technology, this clear and concise guide will show you how to get the very best from your new Amazon Echo Dot. Step by step instructions will take you from newbie to expert in just one hour!

About the Authors:
Tom and Jenna Edwards are the Amazon Tech authors behind the Number 1 Best-selling e-books 250+ Best Kindle Fire & Fire HD Apps and All-New Fire 7 User Guide: Newbie to Expert in 2 Hours!

An Introduction to APIs

by Brian Cooksey

Have you ever wondered how Facebook is able to automatically display your Instagram photos? How about how Evernote syncs notes between your computer and smartphone? If so, then it’s time to get excited!

In this book, we walk you through what it takes for companies to link their systems together. We start off easy, defining some of the tech lingo you may have heard before, but didn’t fully understand. From there, each lesson introduces something new, slowly building up to the point where you are confident about what an API is and, for the brave, could actually take a stab at using one.

The Amazon Echo & Echo Dot User Guide: Your Complete Guide Book to Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot (2017 Edition)

by Charles Tulley

The definitive guide book for Amazon’s latest Echo & Echo Dot is here!

Written by the #1 best selling Amazon expert and author Charles Tulley (over 250,000 books sold!), this book is a MUST HAVE if you own an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot!

(Yes, this guide book really covers both devices!)

Inside this book you’ll find dozens of screenshots and step-by-step instructions that walk you through the basic and advanced operations of your new Echo or Echo Dot.

In as little as an hour, you can go from Echo newbie to Echo expert!

In addition to teaching you the basic functions of your Echo or Echo Dot, Charles digs deep into the device’s advanced functions, showing you how to do things like access secret commands, pair your device to your mobile device, how to use it as an alarm clock, fun Easter eggs to make you and your friends laugh and much more!

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn in this amazing guide book:

  • How to Use the Alexa App to Set Up Your Echo and Echo Dot
  • How to Communicate with Your Echo and Echo Dot
  • How to Play Music, Podcasts, News and Audiobooks
  • How to Pair and Un-Pair the Echo and Echo Dot from Bluetooth Devices (Including Speakers)
  • How to Connect the Echo Dot to Your Home Entertainment System
  • How to Reset your Echo or Echo Dot if it Stops Working
  • How to Set Recurring Timers on the Echo and Echo Dot
  • And Much more!

(Notice: This book was written for the USA Echo & Echo Dot and may not apply to other countries.)

C#: Learn C# in 21 Days: A Complete Schedule to Teach Yourself C# in 21 Days

by Griffin Gallant

Special Price until Feb 4th

If you think learning C# in just 21 days is impossible, you need to take a look at the book’s comprehensive table of content. The information has been carefully laid out in various chapters to create a complete course. Each chapter seeks to give you both an overview and in-depth knowledge of particular sections of the C# training course. The training has been divided in four sections â?? week 1, week 2 and week 3. You will know how much you are expected to learn each week just by looking at the index. The book starts with an introduction into C# and then moves on to exploring various aspects such as environment, program structure and basic syntax, data types, type conversion, variables, constants, operators and much more!

After reading this book, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of C#
  • Know how much time it will take for you to master the language
  • Be able to perform simple coding and programming tasks in the beginning and then move on to the more complex projects as you finish each week’s training
  • Gain superior confidence in your coding and programming abilities
  • Score higher than your fellow programmers

Written in simple yet fluid language, “Learn C# in 21 Days: A Complete Schedule to Teach Yourself C# in 21 Days” is a treasure trove of information that is useful for aspiring programmers and professional programmers alike. If you want to brush up on your C# skills or learn it from the scratch, buy your copy today!

Amazon Alexa: Amazon Alexa ultimate user guide for Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap!

by Ross Komak


Download This Awesome Book Today! Available To Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet!

Amazon Alexa is incredible technology produced by Amazon, that works through the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap devices.

Alexa is Amazon’s voice-based assistant, and she will do her best to answer your questions and perform the commands you instruct. People currently use Alexa for a wide variety of things, such as playing music, answering random questions, booking an Uber, ordering Pizza, and even controlling their homes lighting and temperature – though the many uses and capabilities of Alexa are rapidly expanding!

This book serves as a complete user guide to the Alexa system, regardless of whether you’re using an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap. It will take you step by step through the setup of your Alexa device, and describe in detail all of the different features it offers and how to use them.

It covers the basic functions and features of Alexa, as well as some more advanced capabilities such as how to use Alexa to power your smart home.

This guide even has an entire chapter dedicated to troubleshooting and FAQ, so you should never have an issue when using your Alexa enabled device.

As a bonus, this book also includes a number of funny â??Easter Egg’ questions that you can ask Alexa!
Learn more about how to use Alexa with this complete user guide and manual today!

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Includedâ?¦

  • What Is Alexa?
  • How To Set Up Your Alexa Enabled Device
  • Basic Commands
  • How To Add Skills To Alexa
  • Recommended Skills
  • How To Use Alexa To Power A Smart Home
  • Hidden Easter Eggs
  • The Future Of Alexa
  • Troubleshooting & FAQ
  • Much, Much More!

Get your copy today!

C Programming: Language: A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Learn C Programming in 7 Days

by Darrel L. Graham

Are You Ready To Learn C?

C Programming Language introduces you to the most commonly used programming language, one that has been the basis for many other versions over the years. It is a great book, not just for beginning programmers, but also for computer users who would want to have an idea what is happening behind the scenes as they work with various computer programs.
In this book, you are going to learn what the C programming language entails, how to write conditions, expressions, statements and even commands, for the language to perform its functions efficiently. You will learn too how to organize relevant expressions so that after compilation and execution, the computer returns useful results and not error messages. Additionally, this book details the data types that you need for the C language and how to present it as well.
Simply put, this is a book for programmers, learners taking other computer courses, and other computer users who would like to be versed with the workings of the most popular computer language, C.

In this book You’ll learn:

  • What Is The C Language?
  • Setting Up Your Local Environment
  • The C Structure and Data Type
  • C Constants and Literals
  • C Storage Classes
  • Making Decisions In C
  • The Role Of Loops In C Programming
  • Functions in C Programming
  • Structures and Union in C
  • Bit Fields and Typedef Within C.
  • C Header Files and Type Casting
  • Benefits Of Using The C Language
  • …and much more!!
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    Facebook Marketing: Top 20 Facebook Strategies For Advertising, Making Money And Building Passive Income

    by Jacob MORGAN

    Facebook Marketing

    Top 20 Facebook Strategies For Advertising, Making Money And Building Passive Income

    Are you addicted to Facebook? Are you?
    If you are, you’re not alone. Millions of people log on to Facebook every hour and thousands of brand new members are joining the site every minute.

    The world’s ever growing addiction to Facebook may be an office manager’s worst nightmare, but it’s also an online entrepreneur’s dream come true.
    That’s because Facebook is an online venue where money can be made quickly and without expensive overheads. It’s a platform where creativity and effort outperforms big budgets.

    And this book will teach you how to use it effectively

    Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

    • How to make use of Facebook’s incredible platform for affordable advertising.
    • How to design ads for the platform that are highly effective.
    • How to target your ads for an audience best suited to your product.
    • How to choose the right service or products to sell on Facebook.
    • How to use Facebook groups and pages to your advantage
    • How to encourage Facebook sharing and likes to get massive FREE exposure for your business.

    …And much, much more in this easy-to-follow primer for making money and building passive income streams with Facebook.

    Download your copy of “Top 20 Facebook Strategies For Advertising, Making Money And Building Passive Income” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

    C++: Design Patterns: The Easy Way;Standard Solutions for Everyday Programming Problems; Great for: Game Programming, System Analysis, App Programming, Automation & Database Systems

    by CodeWiz RDZ


    Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited NOW

    Are you READY to take your programming to the Next Level?

    Within these pages are special programming solutions
    that help you with plenty of common programming problems you’ll encounter.

    What took YEARS of development,
    with collective programming experience
    from dozens of skilled programmers,
    is now available to you in a single download.

    This book is also outfitted in C++ –
    Perhaps one of the most difficult yet rewarding programming languages out there today.
    C++ programmers are highly paid and sought-after
    – don’t miss this opportunity!

    And best of all,
    you haven’t spend HUNDREDS of dollars for learning this information.
    For less than a cup of coffee,
    Download your copy today

    Within this book’s pages, you’ll find the answers to these questions and more.
    Questions and topics include:

    – How to auto-update your data – so you don’t have to
    – How to apply these patterns in another language
    – How to create Custom-Built Data Objects
    – Important things to know BEFORE implementing certain patterns…
    – A Special way to apply what you’ve learned here
    and Much, much more!
    World-Class Training
    This book breaks your training down into easy-to-understand modules.
    You’ll learn each essential Design Pattern – one by one.
    You’ll learn how to apply them in your own code.
    You’ll have chances to improve your code in any way you like.
    so you can write great code – even as a beginner!

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    You’ll be happy you did!


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    Get updated NOW!

    Available on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Absolute Beginner (Part 1) Selenium WebDriver for Functional Automation Testing: Your Beginners Guide (Practical How To Selenium Tutorials Book 3)

    by Rex Allen Jones II

    Learn How To Perform Test Automation Using Selenium WebDriver

    A FREE Powerful Guide That Will Help You Automate Any Application

    Note: Book available on your tablet, phone, PDF, PC, Mac, and paperback (Black/White & Color). The Kindle and PDF formats are FREE . You will find details of downloading the PDF document inside the book.

    A New Automation Engineer Should Not Pass Up This Book !

    If you were interested in a book, what would you look for in that book?

    • Would you look for a book that offers valuable information?
    • How about a book that provides multiple ways to carry out a task?
    • What about a book that is easy to understand?

    You Will Like Part 1 – Selenium WebDriver for Functional Automation Testing Because The Concepts Are Explained In A Step-By-Step Manner

    Target Audience

    Absolute Beginner

    Don’t Miss Out! You Need To Read This Book So You Can Learn:

      â?? Java / Object – Oriented Programming (OOP)

      â?? Why JUnit Is NOT Preferred Over TestNG Unit Test Framework

      â?? How To Implement WebDriver Object and Its Methods

      â?? How To Find WebElements via HTML

      â?? How To Perform Actions On The WebElements

      â?? Last But Not Least , View Practical Automation Test Scripts Executed On Several Popular Web Sites

    Scroll Up and Download Your Copy

    Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (AWS VPC): Getting started with AWS VPC

    by Nicholas Brown

    This book is an exploration of the AWS VPC (Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud). This allows you to create a section in the AWS from which you will be able to launch AWS resources into a defined virtual network. The first part of the book is a guide for you on how to establish a connection to the database. This will be accomplished by creating an instance of Amazon RDS and then using an SSH tunnel so as to establish a connection. The book also guides you on how to do IP routing in AWS VPC. You will set up all the parameters which are necessary for this to take place and then test whether it works as you expect. You are also guided on how you can connect your VPC connection to the EC2 instances. You are guided from creation of the custom gateway, creation or establishment of an SSL connection to the configuration of the server software.
    You will also learn how to test this so as to be sure that the connection is running is expected. You are also guided on how to use a squid proxy in the Amazon VPC. In private subnets, you can exit without having to show your private IP addresses to the public. You will learn how to achieve this. You are also guided on how to connect a single router to multiple instances of the VPC. The book discusses how to achieve this by use of the Virtual Routing and Forwarding Technology (VRF), thus, you will learn how to employ the use of this technology. The book also guides you on how to establish a site to site VPN and AWS VPC connection. Lastly, the book guides you on how automate the process of mastering the network in the Amazon VPC.
    The following topics are discussed in this book:
    -Establishing a Connection to the Database
    – IP Routing in AWS VPC
    – VPC Connection to EC2 Instances
    – Squid Proxy in Amazon VPC
    – Connecting a Single Router to Multiple VPCs
    – Site to Site VPN and AWS VPC
    – Automation of Network Mastering in Amazon VPC


    by Amos Obi

    The great opportunities in the computer and information ere is still very far from many a people. Especially, how the youths of this age could tape in and be empowered for self employment and sustenance, is the core subject of this book. Here then ,is the vast opportunities waiting for all to benefit for a peaceful, progressive and prosperous world.


    A Complete Guide To Setting Up And Running
    A Web Design And Web Video Business.

    This book includes everything you need to know such as:
    What can you achieve
    Let’s get started
    Are you going to be a Freelancer or a Business Owner
    Business Owner
    Your decision
    Market research
    Build your own website
    Your web design portfolio
    Social media
    Reaching out to people you know
    Local business meet-ups
    Cold calling
    Advertise your business
    Banner ads on local websites
    Facebook advertising
    YouTube advertising
    Web video
    Hosting and site maintenance
    Social media services
    Advertising campaign services
    Reputation management services
    Web video creation
    Some tips
    Scaling up your business
    Selling your business
    As well as all this I am also including some ready-made web videos with Private Label Rights, which means that you can edit them any way you like and use them to promote any products, business or service. These can easily be uploaded to a website or social media site generating thousands of visitors to where ever you direct them.
    Web videos are rapidly becoming the number one way to provide content on the internet and generate traffic to any website FAST!

    How to Build a Gaming PC: With No Prior Knowledge

    by William Kendrick

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    Do you want to buy a gaming computer and leave consoles and 30fps behind, but find they are just too expensive? Everywhere you look just tells you to build one yourself but you don’t have any background with computers or their parts, and learning seems overwhelming and no one will extend a hand to help. This book is that hand. Even if you have no prior information about computers, or computer specs this book will teach you what you will need to build a PC and go into a detailed description of what each component does in easy to read and understand language. Learn the difference between an i3-6100 and a i7-6600K, and the difference between a MSI GTX 960 and a ASUS GTX 1080. This information is invaluable for novice builders, and when explained clearly isn’t difficult to understand in the slightest. $3.99 here will save you hundreds of dollars in parts in the long run. Don’t go into your first build blind and waste money. Take a step back and learn how to balance your build so you end up with the computer capable of what you want. Oruse the builds of some of the examples laid out within this book, they’re all fully built and tested. Ultimately, learn how to put it all together in this clear and concise guide to building a computer. Building a computer is as easy as following instructions; this book are those instructions.
    Skip out on the PS4 pro/Xbox One S and put that money toward this book and get started on building a machine even more powerful!

    Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) Developer Guide

    by Amazon Web Services

    This is official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) . This documentation is offered for free here as a Kindle book, or you can read it online or in PDF format at Amazon ES is a managed service that makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale Elasticsearch, a popular open-source search and analytics engine. Amazon ES also offers security options, high availability, data durability, and direct access to the Elasticsearch API. This guide describes how to get started with Amazon ES, explains key concepts, and provides step-by-step instructions that show you how to use the features.

    What’s New in SAS 9.4

    Gives you a quick, convenient overview of new functionality, enhanced features, and new products that you might use in SAS 9.4.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.