Free poetry Kindle books for 02 Feb 17

The Love Remedy

by Joe Fettig

We are living in a Generation where love is not the same these days. My Poems talk about love in many different ways giving you my viewpoint on love itself. Have you ever fell in love before ? Do you want to give that one special person another chance ?. The Love Remedy is a book about love and many other things. The Poetry I write is to make you think about love and about life itself. When you are reading this book I want to let you know that I am speaking the truth about how I feel. I want to make you think. Should you make a change in your life. Do my words mean nothing to you ?. Are you sick and tired of being infected by all these poisonous hearts ?. may the Love Remedy heal your pain.

The Wild Youth

by Rex Emerson Jackson

What do you do when a life full of potential seems to fade to nothing in front of your eyes? The Wild Youth is a collection of poetry about a boy raised as a girl, and the journey he took to reclaim his identity, promise, and youth, before it was too late. This book is an anthem for any young person who has faced disability and chosen to keep shining, for anyone who has ever been told for an entire childhood that they were one thing, only to discover they were something completely different. This book is also for those who are facing the prospect of straddling the line between “young adult” and “adult”, and those who never grew up.

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