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True Bigfoot Stories: REAL Reports Of Bigfoot Encounters: The Mysterious Myths Uncovered (True Horror Stories, Creepy Stories, Scary Short Stories, Conspiracy Theories, Unexplained Mysteries Book 2)

by Roger P. Mills

REAL Reports Of Bigfoot Encounters: The Mysterious Myths Uncoveredâ?¦

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Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is described as being an ape or hominid-like creature that lives in forested areas, particularly in the pacific northwest.

Indeed, there are hundreds of new bigfoot sightings reported each and every year, and not just in the pacific northwest. This bizarre, often terrifying, creature has been spotted in all corners of the United States, from Washington to the very tips of Florida and Maine.

There are many individuals throughout the years who have devised bigfoot hoaxes as a means of profiting off peoples’ desire to believe. But even while these popular cases are disproved, tales of encounters and photographs of footprints continue to come in.

Some of these eyewitness accounts have been gathered to share with the world. These reports do not come from celebrities and scheming hoaxers, they come from ordinary men and women who have seen bigfoot in the flesh…

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • True Bigfoot Stories: North Carolina
  • True Bigfoot Stories: California
  • True Bigfoot Stories: Washington
  • True Bigfoot Stories: Maine
  • True Bigfoot Stories: Oregon
  • True Bigfoot Stories: Virginia
  • Much, much more!

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Beekeeping: A Beginners Guide To Beekeeping

by Nancy Ross



Whether you want to make your own honey, boost your vegetable garden’s production, or for the sheer enjoyment of beekeeping this book can help you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How Many Hives Should I Have?
  • Where do I Find My Bees?
  • Picking the Right Supplies
  • Setting Up Your Beehive
  • How to Collect the Honey
  • Common Problems That You May Encounter with Beekeeping
  • Tips to Succeeding in Beekeeping
  • Much, Much, More!

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Calculus BLUE Multivariable Volume 2: Derivatives

by Robert Ghrist

Finally, a math book that looks GREAT on a phone/tablet screen!

This volume is the second in a 4-volume set of CALCULUS BLUE books on multivariable calculus and is part of a revolutionary series of graphical Mathematics texts optimized for reading on phone/tablet/kindle devices.

Calculus BLUE Multivariable Volume 2: Derivatives uses vector and matrix algebra to understand derivatives and their applications to multivariable calculus. Topics covered in this text include:
* multivariate functions with arbitrary numbers of inputs & outputs
* partial derivatives
* the derivative as a linear transformation on vectors of rates of change
* differentiation rules, including the chain rule as matrix multiplication
* the inverse and implicit function theorems, with applications
* gradients and directional derivatives
* linearization and Taylor expansion of multivariate functions
* optimization of multivariate functions
* applications to linear regression, game theory, & Nash equilibria
* constrained optimization and the Lagrange multiplier
* a hint of deeper applications in optimization theory, dynamical system, & more

Throughout, the text is filled with contemporary applications to robotics, data, mechanics, economics, probability, networks, and biology. Theory and application are brought to life in full eye-scorching color (though a lot of it is blue).

This volume consists of 19 chapters (plus a prologue, epilogue, and foreshadowing of volume 3), each containing exercises for practice, for over 415 pages of mathematics and color and joy and sweat.

NOTE! This is graphics intensive, and the file size is quite large. You may want to download it over a wireless connection rather than cellular. Also, although Amazon says this is a “print replica”, there is no printed text this is based on. This book was hand-crafted for electronic format. It looks phenomenal on a modern smart-phone. You can pinch-zoom, use bookmarks, search, highlight, build flashcards, and more. Enjoy!

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