Free parenting and families Kindle books for 03 Feb 17

Caring for Aging Parents: A Manual of Treatment for the In-Home Eldercare of Family Members Suffering Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other Chronic Diseases

by Carol A. Rogers

Most of us are caught off-guard when we suddenly realize that our parents can no longer take care of themselves. We are so used to being taken care of by them that the transition to the role of caregiver might seem all but impossible. â??Too often, this is a role that the modern world has decided to outsource to senior centers, retirement homes, and then nursing homes. But what if that’s not an option, or what if your aging parent is still independent, but just needs some looking in on?

â??Caring for Aging Parents â??is a manual for the treatment and care of for your aging loved ones. In it, we discuss what to expect as your parents get older including topics such as mental health, family matters, housing options, common medical issues, and more.

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