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10 Ways to Turn Your Blog into a Bank

by Dr. Marcella Wilson

So you wanna make cash blogging, huh? Wanna learn how to turn your side-hustle into a full-time gig? Do you want to stop doing things for FREE and start earning a FEE? Or maybe you want to follow your passion and work from home? You are trying to launch or jump-start this dream of yours but you don’t know where to start, are overwhelmed by the technology involved, don’t have a lot of time and don’t want to put in a lot of your money just to make money. If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, than this eBook is perfect for YOU!

The main way that this eBook is different from other books about blogging and making money online is I will teach you what I call this “Tech Know”. This is crucial. Because of my technical education and experience, I will let you take a peek behind the scenes of the Internet and give you information that will allow you to harness its power. In turn, you can take that insider information, implement it into your blog and reap the results of more traffic, customers and cash. If you know how the Internet works – really works – then you’ll have a leg up on the competition and be one step closer to making a sale. And that’s the goal, right?

There’s a lot of people out there teaching about blogging and how to make money online – and I’m not knocking their hustle. But I challenge you to find someone who has more education (B.S. in Journalism, M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science) and shout outs (appeared in Redbook Magazine, Fox Business and more) than me.

So get this short eBook and start learning today how to turn your blog into a bank.

Guide To Becoming A Rich College Student: The Power of Scholarships and Passive Income

by Jermaine Marshall

Maximize Your College Earning Potential!

Get a free gift at the end of this book that shows you how to get $10 FREE by investing and how to turn $5,500 into $100,000!

Inside Guide to Becoming A Rich College Student: The Power of Scholarships and Passive Income , you’ll discover:

  • How the Author Won Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Scholarships
  • Passive and Side Income Ideas
  • Where to Find the Best Scholarship Opportunities
  • Tips for Landing Great-Paying Internships

and much more!

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Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – Get your copy of Guide to Becoming A Rich College Student today and start earning big-money awards TODAY!

Team Building inside n°0: exercices brise-glace: Créez et vivez l’esprit d’équipe! (French Edition)

by Olivier Rebière

Briser la glace de façon ludique… Sérieusement?

  • Vous pensez qu’on ne peut pas créer et faire performer une équipe tout en s’amusant?
  • Erreur, c’est parfaitement possible et VOUS pouvez le faire pour votre propre équipe!
  • Notre collection de guides pratiques “Team Building inside” va vous le prouver!
  • Découvrez des activités énergisantes et ludiques qui vont vous aider à créer et vivre l’esprit d’équipe 🙂

Nous avons plus d’une décennie d’expérience dans l’organisation et la facilitation de dizaines d’événements de team building impliquant des centaines de participants pour des groupes allant de 7 à 500 personnes, adultes et jeunes.

Nous souhaitons partager avec vous nos connaissances utiles et nos astuces de pros pour vous aider à faire progresser votre équipe à moindre coût.

Vous allez découvrir des activités qui vont stimuler les participants et les inciter à révéler leurs qualités et le plaisir de travailler ensemble.

N°0 - Exercices “brise-glace”

Ce numéro “zéro” de la collection vous propose des activités qui permettront à vos participants, soit de faire connaissance de façon originale et de faire preuve d’empathie, soit de créer des équipes qui seront utiles pour la tenue de votre événement de team building.

Qu’allez vous trouver dans ce “Team Building inside”?

  • 4 activités énergisantes et “sérieusement ludiques”
  • + de 70 pages de contenu
  • des icônes avec les compétences développées par activité
  • + de 20 photos illustrant les activités
  • la description, le matériel nécessaire et toutes les étapes dans l’organisation et le debriefing de l’exercice
  • nos astuces de pros

Alors, êtes vous prêt(e) à créer et vivre l’esprit d’équipe?! Oui?
Alors on y va!


Cristina & Olivier Rebiere

Flashcards: NATO Phonetic Alphabet

by Samantha Omartian

The Phonetic Alphabet (also called the NATO Phonetic Alphabet) is designed to avoid miscommunication or confusion when speaking over the phone or radio. The phonetic alphabet makes letters or the spelling of words clearly understood. It can be used by absolutely anyone including pilots, sailors, the police, armed forces or emergency workers.

This book of electronic flashcards will help you study the Phonetic Alphabet anywhere and everywhere. Whether you are commuting, having a work break, tanning at the beach, reading at the library or studying at home, having these electronic flashcards means you don’t have to lug a whole pack of paper flashcards around with you.

InstaFlash’s mission is to help you make your study time more effective by producing simple and useful sets of electronic flashcards.

Happy studying!

Samantha Omartian

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