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To Be a Pilgrim: A Modern Christian Allegory Inspired by John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress

by Jon J. Cardwell


The rag man is doomed aboard the U.S.S. Destruction, a cruiser in the United States Navy turning circles in the middle of the ocean.

Christian Newman, a First Class Boatswain’s Mate and deep sea diver is the rag man. Burdened with the guilt and shame of his sin as revealed in the book in his hand, he must escape the nuclear holocaust appointed for his ship and its crew in the final judgment; a condemnation which will sink the cruiser below Davey Jones’ Locker.

When Evan Gelist Herald, a preacher and evangelist, points the rag man toward a small hatch on the beach, the sailor jumps ship and his adventure begins. With a course set for the hatch and the cross of Christ on the narrow way, his pilgrimage will take Newman through many dangers, toils and snares in his journey to the Celestial City. He will meet with angels, actors, lions, liars, giants, dragons, zombies, angry mobs, Satanâ??s Spout, and a multitude of circumstances to test his faith in Christ and his love for Christ.


John Bunyan’s famous allegory, The Pilgrim’s Progress, is one of the most read books in the English language, second only to the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

Today, however, there are Christians who have never read The Pilgrim’s Progress. There are others who have attempted to read it, however, 17th century puritanical English has been a bit difficult for some modern readers. With others still, who may have read a more updated version of Mr. Bunyan’s allegory, for them, the modern edition still needed more explanation or commentary.

Because the book is in novel form, the telling of John Bunyan’s great allegory can be conveyed while maintaining the power, impact and poetic beauty of the original. To Be a Pilgrim goes beyond a mere modern translation of Cromwellian English and takes the imagery of puritan history and connects its themes with many of the issues the church faces today.


To Be a Pilgrim is unique because, although it follows the basic story line of The Pilgrim’s Progress, new characters and circumstances have been introduced in order to connect the 17th century past with the 21st century present. Therefore, those familiar with John Bunyan’s classic tome will find a fresh story within these pages… and those who have never read The Pilgrim’s Progress will enjoy the accessibility of the timeless truths the Bedford preacher illustrated so many years ago.

AND… Oh yeah…

You’ll be glad to know… no expense was spared to include zombies in this story in order to bring to life and illuminate some important spiritual truths.


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Prayer Will Change Your Life: Step by Step Actions on Why You Need to Use The Power of Prayer

by Toby Peterson

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You will not achieve fulfillment and happiness until you allow God to be the architect of your reality. Imagine that with a few moments each day, you could begin the powerful transformation toward complete control of your own life and well being through prayer.

You will be able to release all fear and doubt simply because you know that God gives you the strength. You can utilize this simple, proven technique to regain the lost comforts of joy, love, and fulfillment in your life.

God’s gift of life is too short to be exhausted on thousands of everyday anxieties and fears. Sadly, the average person will get to the end of their life and realize that more than half of it was spent struggling with these kinds of problems. Because they didn’t know what to do, many of these people never found any satisfaction in life. You can and will become bigger than those struggles by enhancing the positive energy that God already has flowing within you.

You are exactly who you think you are, and it’s up to you to create those thoughts and manifest them as God’s creation. No more lack of faith, motivation, and feelings of doubt in your life. No person can find happiness in an environment beyond his or her control. But you can get up, get out, and take control with God.

Prayer starts by creating a cycle of continuous prayers. You must believe and repeat these declarations and prayers each day. If the thoughts and ideas that we affirm are not true in reality, a dynamic tension is created between your perceived reality and your psyche. This presence of dynamic tension causes imbalance between your psyche and perceived reality. Your consciousness will work to get back in tune with the God’s vision of the universe to resolve the tension. There are two simple ways to ease this tension. You must work with God’s creation in order to make your declarations become true, or you must stop the prayer. As you choose to continue praying, your mind and body will seek to balance this inequality with the universe by transforming your environment to match your declarations of truth. Sooner than later, you will find yourself taking positive and decisive action that you never imagined possible as your perceptions naturally align with your true reality.

By utilizing prayer you are training your consciousness to work in tandem with the God’s natural flow of creative energy. This is how we are naturally designed to function as happy, healthy beings. Unfortunately, the complexity man’s modern world has made it more difficult to find the natural creative harmony that God placed inside of each of us. Negative thinking goes against God’s intended order of the universe and will unravel along with those who produce it. We are all meant to be bottomless vessels full of God’s refreshing life and energy. Through prayer you will learn to be constantly over-filled with energy from God that soaks into the world and the people around you.

If you want to see positive change now, you’ll find the quickest path to fulfillment with prayer through God’s love. There is no time to spend on loss, negativity, and defeat when you can be achieving tangible, historically proven results with minimum time and effort invested.

There is no limit to changes that God can make in your life through the power of creating truth with prayerâ?¦

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