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Escapade (Enterprising Ladies)

by Kasey Michaels

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From New York Times bestselling romance author Kasey Michaels: The Enterprising Ladies series

Caledonia Johnston lies in wait inside the dark town coach of one Noel Kinsey, rotter, eager to exact justice in the name of her absent brother. It may not be the best plan, but it seems workable, at least until she realizes she has hidden herself inside entirely the wrong coach.

Worse, the man now being held at pistol-point is maddening, unflappable, condescending, and quite unimpressed that his would-be assailant holds his life in her hands. In fact, he seems to find her amusing.

Callie escapes the encounter, but not the man, as it falls out that Simon Roxbury also has a bone to pick with Noel Kinsey, and it would seem Miss Johnston and her bloodthirsty plans could serve him very well.

An unholy alliance is struck, the two conspirators battle each other, a matchmaking mama, two interested and not above interfering friends, and a poor soul (who doesn’t look his best in pink), in this delicious tale of revenge gone wrong and romance definitely gone right!

“Using wit and romance with a master’s skill, Kasey Michaels aims for the heart and never misses.” — #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Nora Roberts

Kasey Michaels’ Enterprising Ladies Series:

A Masquerade in the Moonlight:

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Regency Romance
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Regency Comedy
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Untamed Hearts (A Beachwood Bay Love Story Book 3)

by Melody Grace

Millions of readers around the world have fallen in love with Melody Grace’s USA Today bestselling contemporary romances. Discover the passion and romance waiting in Beachwood Bayâ?¦

It’s the last night of summer in Beachwood Bay, but for Brit and Hunter, it’s only the beginning…

She is: rebellious, wounded, free.
He is: handsome, searching, enchanted.
One night. Two restless hearts. But what happens when morning comes?
*A Beachwood Bay novella*

Author’s note: Welcome to Beachwood Bay! Each book in the series is a stand-alone love story following a new couple, but you’ll enjoy reading the other titles and seeing familiar faces return.

1: UNTOUCHED (Emerson & Juliet’s story begins – novella)
2: UNBROKEN (Emerson & Juliet)
3: UNTAMED HEARTS (Brit & Hunter’s story begins – novella)
4: UNAFRAID (Brit & Hunter)
5: UNWRAPPED (Lacey & Daniel’s holiday novella)
6: UNCONDITIONAL (Garret & Carina)


7: UNREQUITED (Dex & Alicia begin – novella)
8: UNINHIBITED (Dex & Alicia)
9: UNSTOPPABLE (Ryland & Tegan)
10: UNEXPECTEDLY YOURS (holiday stand-alone)
11: UNWRITTEN (Zoey & Blake)
12: UNMASKED (Ash & Noelle begin – novella)
13: UNFORGETTABLE (Ash & Noelle)


“Melody Grace created fascinating characters that are simply I-R-R-E-S-I-S-T-I-B-L-E ! Her stories leave you with a big smile on your face and a heart bursting with love.” – A Bookish Escape Blog

“Sizzling hot and super emotional – the perfect combo!” – NYT and USA Today bestselling Lauren Blakely

“A roller coaster ride of pure emotion… beautifully written.” Blame it on the Rain Reviews

“Sexy, sweet, and swoon-worthy.” – NYT Bestselling Emily Snow, author of the Devoured series.

Blazing Love: A Love Under Fire Novel

by Chantel Rhondeau

An emotionally injured veterinarian assistant tries to resist the heat of a blazing hot firefighter, but she can’t avoid the flames of his passion.

Veterinarian assistant Laura Lyons loves animals, loves her job, and is trying to love her life. But after her fiancé was killed in an accident seven years earlier, she shut everyone out, determined not to become attached. Laughing and pretending she has no problems without letting anyone know the real her is the easiest route.

Thayne Bloodgood is the most eligible bachelor on the Sayle Fire Department’s roster. Handsome, strong, and loyal, the single ladies fawn over himâ??all except the one he wants. Thayne is determined to break down Laura’s defenses. The desire in her eyes when they flirt isn’t his imagination. Winning her heart is a challenge he’s ready to meet.

Will this relationship blaze too hot, burning them both in the process, or can Thayne become the kind of man Laura needs and prove to her it’s never too late to love?

CONTENT WARNING: Sizzling love scenes – 18+ suggested readers

Healing Hands (Angel Romance Series) (The Celestia Divisa Collection Book 4)

by Kellie McAllen

Sometimes, healing the body has to start with the heart.

Half-angel Rafael DiAngelo is a doctor with a supernatural gift of healing, and he can’t resist trying to help CeCe, a strong, beautiful woman who is inexplicably blind. When they’re drawn together by a little girl in need, the chemistry between them is undeniable.

The only problem is, CeCe doesn’t see her blindness as a disability, and she resents doctors who think they know best.

Rafe would do anything to win over CeCe, even compromise his own integrity by weaving a tangle of lies, but when his secrets are revealed, can their relationship survive?

Healing Hands is the fourth book in The Celestia Divisa Collection, a series of clean, paranormal angel romance novels that can be read in order or as stand-alones.

If you like sweet, heartwarming, romance novels with charming characters and a touch of the supernatural, you’ll fall for Healing Hands!


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Paranormal Romance Series
Science Fiction
Contemporary Romance
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Dating Relationships

Troubled Nate Thomas: Hot Steamy Sport Romance NFL HEA TNT (T.N.T. Series Book 1)

by Lexy Timms

Bestselling romance author, Lexy Timms, brings you a new sport romance series that’ll blow your mindâ??it’s dynamite!

“TNT” – Troubled Nate Thomasâ?¦

Dubbed so by the media because Nate’s always getting into trouble. Talented, handsome, and halfway out the door, Nate Thomas is on his last chance with the Denver Broncos. No one will deny he’s got skillsâ??on the field and in the bedroom. However, his taste for the party lifestyle, his drinking, and his anger issues are putting his career in jeopardy.

Coach Johnson wants his starting quarterback to actually play the way his big-money contract states he can. He needs to find a way to get Nate’s head back in the game. Threats, fines, and tickets don’t seem to even slow Nate down.

With no choice but to try and risk the impossible, Coach Johnson hires a babysitter to look after Nate.

Amanda Jones is desperate for a job to help pay for her final year of her Master’s. She’s got a thesis to write and thinks being an au pair is the easiest way to get her work done, while making good money. She’s stunned when she finds out she’ll be taking care the infamous troublemaker, Nate Thomas, aka TNT.

The money’s too good to say no to, but can she somehow convince this train-wreck of an athlete to get his crap together before they both destroy the one thing they’re good at?

Mating Wars: A Rock Hard Sci-Fi Alien Romance Bundle

by Aya Morningstar

The Marauders are coming. And they’re coming hard.

Aura never thought she’d be the first human in history to mate with a big, purple alien with a big, teal d*ck. She also never thought her hybrid children would go on to form a lasting dynasty within the solar system. But Cygnus’s arrival changes everything. He’s as tall as Olympus Mons, and his shoulders are as wide as Valles Marineris–and his ego may be too big for the solar system.

Cygnus and Aura’s story kicks off a six-book epic. Follow the first generation of Marauder and human romances, and then see what happens when their Seraphim children–human and Marauder hybrids–grow up and fall in love themselves. These fierce and protective aliens will stop at nothing to be with their human mates, even if they have to betray their own kind.

Each full-length story is full of love, action, laughter, and steamy sex. Each book has a happy ending with no cliffhanger–and absolutely no cheating.

Waffles & Weddings (Cupid’s Cafe Where love is on the menu Book 1)

by Ashley Lauren

In downtown Berkeley, California there’s a small diner where big things are happening. The locals gossip that at Cupid’s Café love is on the menuâ?¦ and they would be right!
Katy Cupid has put more than just her heart and soul into her 50’s style diner; she’s also added a bit of her magical touch into spicing up the love lives of her patrons. Katy’s always had a â??gift’ for knowing who would be perfect together, and she just can’t help doing a little matchmaking. From obvious introductions to sly schemes, Katy is always looking to put two hearts together so that they find a sweet romance that blossoms into true love.

In Waffles and Weddings, Sophie Rivera was supposed to be married and on her honeymoon but her fiancé had other plans, ones that didn’t include her. The jilted bride finds herself in Cupid’s Café eating a waffle and explaining her plight to Katy Cupid.
Katy has the perfect plan to get Sophie back on her feet. First is to find Sophie a place to stay and Katy knows just who to call, the handsome Chase Peters. Chase owns several furnished apartments, and after he takes one look at Sophie, he’s determined to have her in his life, but Sophie is a bit wary of men. Can Chase change her mind with a sweet courtship?

Each novella in the Cupid’s Café series is a complete story and can be read in any order. This is a clean and wholesome romance.

Giving You All I’ve Got: Love Me Forever

by A’zayler

I love you. I’m here no matter what. Whatever it is that you need, you look to me to provide it. The past is over, the future is now. Let me save you. Let me have you. Allow me to be the person to make it all better. Give me your body. Give me your mind. Give me your heartâ?¦ just let me have it all. If nothing else, I’ll be happy with you just giving me all you’ve got.

Uzoma Youngblood, the Cameroonian powerhouse has fallen and fallen hard. He’s loved before, but it cost him his heart. He’s given before, and it’s cost him his soul. Even with both of those things being of the utmost importance to who he is as a man, he’s not ready to give up yet.

He’s ready to love and to be loved. To be the man and the protector that Joc needs. Jocelynn, Joc, Waters, is the self-conscious and emotionally damaged woman who has caught Uzoma’s attention. Beautiful with a fun loving personality, she’s all that a man would want, the sad part is, she doesn’t know it.

So what are two people with troubled pasts going to do for each other? Love seems far away, and so does happiness, but with a passion and desire that’s determined to prosper, they win. They find love, they make it work, and they start a relationship that’s built to last, or at least built to last as long as their pasts stay a secret.

Zino has lived through one trial after the next. Being disappointed and let down time and time again. So when he meets Lonnie, his expectations are no different. Though he likes her and enjoys the time they spend together, he’s more than positive she’ll be like the rest.

With a wall around his heart, Zino not only rejects Lonnie, but he rejects the love and friendship she tries to give. With a heart of gold and a personality to match, Lonnie has become Zino’s favorite past time. However, that’s only during the time he actually allows her in.

She’s happy and ready to make his life better just by being herself, but that’s proving to be more than a struggle. Having dealt with her own share of grief and pain, shying away from Zino’s is not an option. With both of them having different interpretations of their relationship it’s nearly impossible to give it all they’ve got. ,

Parched (The Parched Series, #1): A Vampire Romance

by Z.L Arkadie

“Baron Ford,” he says and pauses to pick apart my expression, attempting to read how familiar I am with that name. I nod stiffly to give no indication I know exactly, who that is. I’m shocked to hear it in this setting, at this stage of my life, the one far away from Cambridge, Massachusetts over five years later.”

Advertising Executive, Clarity Parker thought she would never see Baron Ford again. Five years ago, they shared a magical first date and then poof–he literally vanished into thin air. That’s why she’s stunned to hear his name again. After all, five years have passed since that night, and now, to add intrigue to insult, he’s requested that she be exclusively assigned to his multi-million dollar account.

Clarity makes every effort to avoid Baron Ford but when he finally catches up to her he issues a warning; she’s not safe, especially in the strange fog, which has settled over Manhattan.

Before the foggy day is over Clarity’s entire world will come crashing down. Everything about her life she thought was true is a lie! And there’s no time to question her soap opera star mother or business mogul father about it because Baron was right, her life is in danger, and so is his!

One thing’s for sure, from this point on, the world as Clarity Parker knows it will never be the same.


Parched (Parched, book 1)
The Seventh Sister
Quenched (Parched, book 2)
The Fifth Sister
Ignite (Parched, book 3)
Light Speed
Vanquish (Parched, book 4)
Steal With A Kiss
Forget Me Never Pt.1 (The Search For A Vampire)
Forget Me Never Pt. 2 (The Search For Time)

Sold To The Shifter: Wolf Shifter Romance

by Ava Frost

This Mail Order Bride is in for One WILD Ride!

Lilah is so desperate to escape her life, and the suffocating grip of her controlling mother, that she will do just about anything. Including joining a mail-order bride site and becoming the wife of a complete stranger.

Little does she know, her whole world is about to be turned upside down in ways she could never imagine.

Keith is rich, handsome, loaded with muscle and packing a very big… secret.

Finally ready to settle down with his true mate, he looks to take a bride by any means necessary.

But will this innocent young woman allow him to claim her the way he is dreaming of? Or will their chance for a happy future be ruined by a huge secret?

Extra steamy bonus stories included!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers.

Surrender in Paradise (Billionaire Bay Book 1)

by Havana Scott

Sexy as f***.Billionaire.
Single–sort of.

Caribbean resort owner, Tristan Giovanetti, has bedded the most beautiful women in the French Indies, but he’s never met one who didn’t want him for his money…or island.

Until he meets Paris Jones, the penniless writer and winner of his essay contest who knows what it’s like to be at rock bottom. But even hot nights on his boats and endless mojitos can’t erase her sadness, and the more she withdraws, the more Tristan wants her. Add a wealthy ex trying to get her claws back into Tristan, and he finds himself caught between two worlds. Will money or love seal the deal?

A steamy, super-hot read about finding passion again after loss, Surrender in Paradise will have you believing in second chances.

* Cover design by Curtis Sponsler

There’s Always a Catch: Christmas Key Book One

by Stephanie Taylor

Take a trip to a tropical paradise with this humorous series! With her beloved island’s future on the line, Mayor Holly Baxter must choose between progress and the status quo, and she’ll go up against a small army of golf cart driving retirees to do it. Throw in some major family drama, long-kept secrets, and the complication of a new romance that sparks under the watchful eye of her ex, and Holly realizes thatâ??in life, and in loveâ??there’s always a catch!

“This book is such a joy to read. It is witty, quirky and well written. I challenge you to not fall in love with this island, the inhabitants, and the visitors. Heartwarming without being sappy, this story gives a well rounded plot to keep readers of many genres satisfied. Can’t wait to see what happens next!” â??Amazon Review

“I loved this book. I grew to love Holly Baxter and friends, and loved the vibe of Christmas Key. If there really were such a place, I’d be visiting for sure, and would probably never leave!” â??Amazon Review

Women’s fiction for fans of Debbie Johnson, Holly Martin, and Jenny Hale

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