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Calligraphy for Beginners: Practical Guide for Beginners – Easy Way to Start Your Elegant Handwriting

by Alicia Rowley

Do you have that artist inside you who is begging for release? If so, have you ever thought about pursuing calligraphy as an outlet? This book guides beginners through a step-by-step process on how to achieve success writing beautiful calligraphy. You’ll learn about what tools to use, what type of paper and ink, and how to achieve balance and style in your practice of calligraphy. You’ll also learn to apply easy tips that will help you learn the proper spacing and how to be consistent in sizing your letters as you begin your exercises.

Not only will you get those creative juices flowing, but you will also learn some practical uses for calligraphy, such as how you can use it at home and in your workplace. We will guide you through three different fonts with step-by-step instructions. Once you practice, you’ll begin to challenge yourself to achieve even more beauty in your calligraphy, and how to identify the different fonts and styles that are best for your current project.

Most of all, you will find that calligraphy can be fun and entertaining for you to do with your friends and children. It’s an art form that’s been passed down through the ages, and almost anyone can achieve success. You won’t have to invest a fortune in supplies and equipmentâ??all you need is a pen and paper, and you’re ready to write. So, join us on your first artistic expression through the world of calligraphy. Together we can help you to paint a picture with your words!

Key Points to Look for in This Step-by-Step Process
-You’ll understand the affect different tools have on the style and design of your letters.
-You’ll be able to prepare and plan your project to save time and create a polished outcome with your calligraphy.
-You’ll learn what paper and ink to use.
-You’ll learn three different font with step-be-step instructions
-You’ll apply appropriate spacing and sizing to create balance to your work.
-You’ll learn how to write entire text, being sure to leave enough white space to make your artwork it’s most attractive.

Debacle: Failing to Rebuild the Twin Towers: A Collection of Essays

by Joe Wright

Why aren’t the World Trade Center Twin Towers being rebuilt taller, stronger, and safer? Why is what pretty much everyone took for granted on September 12, 2001, not coming true? Why are iconic 110-story Towers being replaced with a bunch of shorter buildings topped by pointless spires?

Ten years after the original disaster and ten years into the disaster that is the rebuilding process, New Yorkers and out-of-towners from all walks of life come forward to tell the story of the second destruction of the World Trade Center, not at the hands of terrorists, but at the hands of politicians, builders, and activists, who sacrificed the world’s most famous landmark to their own narrow interests and thus perpetuated the destruction wreaked by the terrorists.

The tales they have to tell are not pretty: stories of corruption, venality, opportunism, greed, short-term thinking, irrationality, incompetence, cowardice, and betrayal. Keeping the Twin Towers destroyed did not even require a grand conspiracy. All it took was the business as usual of New York politics. The twin behemoths of City Hall and Albany were all it took to make sure that rebuilding the icons of New York, America, and the free world was sacrificed to collectivist gain and the short-term political advantage of a few politicians pandering to vocal minorities, victim family members, and politically connected builders.

Together, these essays mesh into a kaleidoscopic epic of how the worst of mankind was first met with the best of man, only to be thwarted by the worst of contemporary politics.

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