Free historical fiction Kindle books for 06 Feb 17

The Brethren Prince: Piracy, Revenge, and the Culture Clash of the Old Caribbean

by Ira Smith

As a child, James Ketcham is snatched from the streets of England and sold abroad as an indentured servant to the unforgiving world of the 17th Century Caribbean. But when his passage is interrupted by a terrible battle at sea, he is washed ashore and taken in by an international band of the underclass: English, French, Hollanders, Native Americans and runaway black slaves.

However, as he builds a life with these castaways of humanity, the Empire of Holy Spain launches a campaign to purge all “heretics” from its imperial lands: a campaign that will take from James all that he loves. He abandons his humble ambitions, taking up sword and sail to avenge the atrocities committed by the Spanish Crown and Inquisition, unaware that he would one day become the most feared pirate on the Spanish Main, a hero to his countrymen and The Brethren Prince.

The Brethren Prince is the real story of buccaneers in the New World. It is a thoroughly researched, historically accurate portrayal of life in the mid-17th Century Caribbean, nested in authentic historical events of the time. It captures the cruelty, nationalistic fervor, and religious virulence of the Imperial powers of the day but also the pirates who preyed on them.

Tears of Blood (The Veronian Archives Book 1)

by Daniel L Welch

The Dark Ages grip the world in famine and war, but in the Kingdom of Veronia, situated among the free cities, land is abundant and life is cheap.

Captain Leo Rosewood, after earning the nickname “Bloody Rose” for single-handedly slaughtering dozens of enemy soldiers in the battle of the Frostbite, defies the king to protect Veronia from its biggest vulnerability: invasion. At the risk of execution and the lives of more Veronian soldiers, he gathers two thousand volunteers to follow the enemy and finish the fight.

Upon his return two years later, Leo’s life is spared but his punishment is fierce. After thirty-nine public lashings, he is locked in a dungeon and held prisoner for weeks, where he learns of more threats against Veroniaâ??and Leo personally. Ruthless, unflinching, and wielding a newfound power to harness celestial energy, Leo escapes the capital during an enemy siege and travels to Tamore, where a group of soldiers gather to strengthen their skillsâ??both physical and fantastical.

Fed by allies and armed with weaponry given to them by Leo’s brother, Bishop Jewel, the soldiers are ready for imminent war. Meanwhile, Bishop Jewel and the members of the High Priest’s Council wield faith to salvage their unraveling kingdom. But what they discover is that Veronia is the battlefield of a supernatural warâ??with biblical proportions.

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