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Journey to Fulfillment (Pawleys Island Paradise Book 3)

by Laurie Larsen

Book 3 in Laurie Larsen’s Best-selling Inspirational Romance series, Pawleys Island Paradise

Life’s a Beach in Pawleys Island!

A traumatic family event. Distinctly opposite ways of dealing with it between husband and wife. Instead of joyfully celebrating the safe return of their kidnapped daughter, Tom and Marianne are struggling to understand why they’ve landed on polar opposites of this parenting issue.

Accepting her husband’s approach would require Marianne to disown a beloved family member. That can’t be God’s will.

Accepting his wife’s approach would require Tom to relive past mistakes made by his own father that he forever swore he’d never repeat.

Marriage. Free will. God’s will. A journey of continuous work to achieve fulfillment. Let no man put asunder.

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Ë?Ë?Ë? From the author of the Best Spiritual Romance of 2010, Preacher Man!

Christian fiction grounded in today’s modern world.

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