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BASEBALL MADE EASY: An illustrated introduction for young players and anyone new to the game. (Sports Made Easy Book 1)

by Barry Blackman

Would you like to learn more about the game of Baseball? Then “BASEBALL MADE EASY” by Barry Blackman is a must have book. It is entertainingly written in simple easy to understand language and illustrated throughout. The book begins with a very brief history of baseball and closes with the World Series. Between those two chapters, most aspects of baseball are covered. The description of the ball park, the equipment, the rules, the players, their positions and responsibilities, and so much more are explained for the reader to understand and enjoy the game.

Here is what DJ Ten Hoeve, former NCAA Division 1 Pitcher at Columbia University, youth coach, and local Little League Commissioner had to say after reading an advance copy of “BASEBALL MADE EASY”.
“BASEBALL MADE EASY” for young players and Little League moms & dads, succeeds where so many other books about baseball basics fail. Those who understand the game of baseball at a very high level often lack the ability to simplify the game down to its most basic principles. Barry Blackman has decoded and streamlined one of the most complex sports with rules as obscure as “the infield fly” into simple digestible bites perfect for anyone from a new Little League parent or fan going to their first game to the semi-professional athlete. As a past collegiate pitcher and now youth coach and local Little League Commissioner I can honestly say that reading this book taught me things about the game of baseball that even I didn’t know. And, the nostalgia that Barry has infused into the book through his hand-drawn sketches transport the reader to the era of baseball as America’s past-time. A wonderful read.”

Baseball is a fascinating game if you know how it works. The game’s obscure rules, subtle strategies, and unique plays make for a thrilling contest between the 2 teams playing in any ballpark. Presented here is the minimum information that you need to know to enjoy America’s Pastime. Enjoy!


by Bill Stokes

Wisconsin had a big party in 1998. It was a roll-out-the-barrel, slice-the-cheese, strike-up-the-polka-band wing-ding that promised to roust every last badger out of state burrows and into the streets to dance with guests.

Fishing: Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Bluegill (Freshwater Fishing Book 1)

by George Olsen

3 Great Fishing Guides 1 Low Price

  • Bass
  • Catfish
  • Bluegill
  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Tactics
  • Baits
  • Lures
  • More
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    Paisaje nostálgico de Japón (Portuguese Edition)

    by nostalgic japan

    Paisaje nostálgico de Japón
    En Japón hay muchos paisajes nostálgicos.
    Es un libro que introdujo lugares que se puede decir que son el paisaje original de Japón.

    Paisaje nostálgico de Japón (Spanish Edition)

    by nostalgic japan

    Paisaje nostálgico de Japón
    En Japón hay muchos paisajes nostálgicos.
    Es un libro que introdujo lugares que se puede decir que son el paisaje original de Japón.

    Running to lose weight using weight training and cardio: How to lose weight using running and weights

    by Cardiowarriors

    Cardiowarriors presents to you ‘Running to lose weight, using weight training and cardio’.

    Inside this book you will find information on how to lose weight and keep it off successfully, how running can help you to lose weight, weight training tips that will assist you in achieving your weight loss goals.

    If you wish to lose weight then this book is a great place to start as it’s easy to read and simple to understand with you benefiting and succeeding in your goal the main objective!

    Chapters in the book include:
    -How to lose weight generally
    -How to lose weight via running
    -How to lose weight via weight training
    -and much more!

    Get your copy here! Available on Kindle and Paperback.

    Eat Like a King Outdoors: The Outdoors Cooking Handbook, Recipes, Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

    by C.S. Brookes

    Something inside us calls us to the great outdoors, maybe it’s a leftover spirit from a time long ago, or the freedom of the openness that lifts our spirts and frees our minds. After spending our day to day lives trapped inside our houses, business, schools, and cars, record numbers of people are finding the enjoyment of spending free time playing and enjoying our planet without the boundaries of walls.
    This is where this book comes in, from the beginning of time man has enjoyed the company of his fellow man. Spending time with family and friends is a worldwide pastime that knows no social bounds. No matter how rich or how poor you are family and friends bring you enjoyment the same, they are the great equalizer. It is inevitable that whenever family and friends gather that food and drinks will be involved. These things, family, friend, food and drinks are the basis for most holidays. Try removing any of them from a holiday and it would not be the same. Thanksgiving dinner, a New Year toast, a 4th of July summer BBQ, family, friends, food, and drinks are a requirement!
    So I wrote this book with that spirt in mind. A collection of tips, trick, and recipes that I have compiled over the year. Some of these are stolen from other so I can’t take credit for all of this but I have put them together in this easy to read book. I am sure you will find something to make your next outing a great success.
    Whether you are thru hiking the Appalachian Trail, on a big game hunt in Idaho, climbing the Grand Tetons, backpacking in Yellowstone, fishing in Canada, canoeing the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, hiking to Half Dome at Yosemite, spending a weekend car camping at a KOA, a day at the beach, kayaking the mighty Colorado river, 4 wheeling in Moab, an afternoon at the park or a backyard Barbeque you are sure to find something of use in this collection. And if you must most of these recipes could be cooked indoors.

    Cross Training Builds Machines: Das 8 Wochen Programm für Einsteiger (German Edition)

    by Kester Hrubesch

    Du willst abnehmen, wei�t aber nicht, welche die beste Methode ist? Du willst Muskeln aufbauen, die nicht nur gut aussehen, sondern auch etwas können? Du sehnst dich nach Abwechslung und Spa� in deinen Workouts?
    Dann bist du hier genau richtig!
    “Cross-Training” ist eine neue Art der Fitness, kombiniert aus drei verschiedenen Sportarten:
    Gewichtheben, Ausdauerübungen und Turnen.

    Dieses Buch ist für all diejenigen, die auf der Suche nach neuen Herausforderungen sind, ihre Grenzen austesten wollen oder einfach nur neugierig sind, was dieser Sport zu bieten hat.

    Nach 8 Wochen intensivstem Training wirst du deutlich mehr Kondition haben, stärker und motivierter sein und bist auch selber in der Lage sein, dir Workouts zusammenzustellen.

    Ich wünsche viel Spa� und Erfolg mit dem eBook! Dein Feedback ist mir wichtig!

    Chapters of Life in 1915 Chehalis: The Chehalis Bee-Nugget Historical Souvenir Edition, May 15, 1915, Illustrated and Republished

    by Julie McDonald Zander

    The Chehalis Bee-Nugget published a historical souvenir edition in May 1915 to promote the community and recount its early history. It features prominent pioneers who helped shape the development of businesses and industries in the town located on Saunders’ Bottom. This wonderful treasure, tucked away on shelf in the Lewis County Historical Museum, is reprinted here for your edification and enjoyment. This book also corrects an oversight in the original publication, which failed to mention the historical contributions of Eliza Tynan Saunders Barrett, the Mother of Chehalis.

    Solo Traveler: How to Travel Every Month without Getting Fired

    by Nomad Cat

    Realize Your Ideal Travel/Work Balance!

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    • Do you want to see the world?
    • Do you dream of traveling light – and solo?
    • Would you like shed your skin and become self-employed?

    If so, this is the book for you!

    You’ll discover a wealth of tips and strategies for planning your trip, making every dollar count, and visiting the top destinations for digital nomads and solo travelers.

    This book even includes a special bonus chapter for acing your new work and life styles!

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    paesaggio nostalgico del Giappone (Italian Edition)

    by nostalgic japan

    paesaggio nostalgico del Giappone
    Ci sono un sacco di paesaggi nostalgici di sinistra in Giappone.
    Si tratta di un libro che ha introdotto i luoghi che si può dire di essere il paesaggio originario del Giappone.


    by Jacob Rothenberg

    An exclusive interview with Tiffany “Tiny Tiff” Leung – the 4’10, 97 lb. powerlifter who squats LITERALLY 3x her bodyweight! Gain insights to the mindset of an all-time world record holder, and find out how you can exclusively train with Tiny Tiff.

    Survival Arsenal On A Budget: How To Build A Complete Arsenal Of Guns To Keep You Safe For Home Defense or In A Grid Down Disaster For Just $500, $1,000, or $1,500

    by Bartholomew Rommel

    If you’re thinking about downloading this book, you’re probably doing so for one reason: you want to learn how you can build a complete arsenal of guns without spending money you can’t afford. You understand the importance of owning guns for personal protection, but for whatever reason, your personal budget constraints are tight.

    While you may think that you have to spend a lot of money for reliable or high quality firearms, the reality is that’s not true. As this book will show you, it’s completely possible to build a personal armory of guns for less than $500, $1,000, or $1,500.
    I feel that the topic of how to build a gun arsenal on a budget in general has received far too little attention in the firearms world, which is why I would like to discuss it today with this book.

    The specific topics that I will cover in this book will be to why you need to build a survival arsenal, the types of guns that you need in your arsenal, building an arsenal for those $500, $1,000, and $1,500 budgets, stockpiling ammunition, and then tips on firearms safety and training.

    This book is mostly meant for beginners who are rather new to the subject of disaster preparedness and firearms, but those of you who are already quite knowledgeable may yet find useful information in this book as well.

    Training for the Intermediate Lifter

    by Matthew Bachman

    The first major change in training that a lifter will need to address is when workout-to-workout progress becomes unsustainable. But what is the best way to do this? This book presents a concise method of structuring training–based loosely on the popular Texas method–to avoid plateaus and to continue to make forward progress.

    Also addressed are self-image in fitness, body dysmorphia, depression, and drug addiction–instances of adversity that define and create athletes that persevere through struggle.

    * creating programming that cater’s to specific athletic needs
    * basic nutritional information
    * a breakdown on the ‘why’ of why training needs to change at the intermediate level and beyond

    Extreme Fitness

    by Shawn P.

    This edition gives insight to how best to build that muscle that your crave for. Guides to get that big arm and how to get that chest and bicep. Also included are 12 protein packed recipes to build your muscles.

    The Mighty Magpies and My Mighty Dad: A Collingwood Love Story 1953

    by Peter le Breton PhD

    Peter loved the Magpiesâ??so named because of their black and white jumpers. Every Saturday afternoon during the footy season, he was glued to the radio, hanging on every word of the commentators. If Collingwood lost, he was in tears.

    On the day of this story, when the Pies were in front approaching three-quarter time, and his Dad spontaneously called him to jump in the carâ??so that he could catch the last quarter at the groundâ??he was in the car faster than a Thorald Merrett stab-pass.

    But this story is less about Collingwood and footy, than it is about the author’s relationship with his Dad, and the inspiration he gained as a boy from his sporting heroes.

    Peter learned anything is possible with enough preparation, will and grit. Or at least much more is possible than we believe, for we simply don’t know our limitsâ??as individuals or, in this case, as a team.

    This is a yarn about a 9-year-old lad, his Dad, and Collingwoodâ??the football team they adored. Peter le Breton shares his memories of life in Melbourne in the 1950s, when his Dad was a chiropractor with patients who played for the Collingwood Football Club.

    Although Collingwood lost this match, they went on, against the odds, to beat Geelong in the 1953 Grand Final.

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