Free fiction Kindle books for 07 Feb 17

How to Marry a Cowboy / Reckless in Texas

by Carolyn Brown

Two ebooks for the price of one!

Single parents find their unexpected chance at love in this $4.99 ebook duo from beloved, bestselling author Carolyn Brown and debut bestseller Kari Lynn Dell.

Includes an excerpt from Tangled in Texas, the highly anticipated second book in Kari Lynn Dell’s Texas Rodeo series.

How to Marry a Cowboy: All Lily and Gabby want for their eighth birthday is a mom. Mason Harper had always side stepped the issue, but what was he supposed to say the day he found a woman wearing a tattered bridal gown and just waking up on his front porch swing? He offers Annie Rose the job of watching his wild girls for a month while he finds a new nanny, and she takes it with intentions of laying low for a month to hide from her abusive ex-boyfriend. But in such close quarters, their growing attraction is impossible to deny…

Reckless in Texas: Outside the rodeo ring, Violet Jacobs a single mom and the lone voice pushing for her family’s rodeo production company to modernize and gun for the big time circuits. When she takes a business matter into her own hands by hiring on hotshot rodeo bullfighter Joe Cassidy, she expected to start a ruckus inside the family…but never expected her heart to end up on the line.

Praise for Carolyn Brown:
“The most difficult thing about reading a Brown book is putting it down.” â??Fresh Fiction
“Carolyn Brown is a master storyteller who never fails to entertain.” â??Night Owl Reviews

Praise for Kari Lynn Dell:
“An extraordinarily gifted writer.” â??Karen Templeton, three-time RITA award-winning author
“A standout in western romance.” â??Publishers Weekly

Freedom: Call of the Wild – Book One

by Simone Leigh

A Perfect Life?

Anna is a writer, making her living on the move and living her life as free as a bird. She seems to have complete freedom and a perfect life. But is everything as it appears?

Home Alone? (20 Stories of Knocking on More Than Just Her Door…)

by Kelsie Thighs

Knock, knock…

And make no mistake about it — there’s plenty of hard wood to be found in this 20 story bundle!

Hard And Fast

by Lucia Jordan

This is the first book in the â??Hard And Fast’ Series by bestselling erotic romance writer Lucia Jordan! Written in her signature style of high emotion and romance.

Growing up, Sophia Smith had two best friends.

They were like night and day. Denver was carefreeâ??with a tongue-in-cheek, devil may care attitude. He had been reckless and impulsive and more times than not, it was his insane ideas that got the three of them in the hottest water.

Then there was Ray. Ray was an enigma with mood swings that could run from hot too cold in the matter of seconds. He was usually the voice of reason between the three of them. Now, it is time for Sophia to see her friends again, and what better way to do that than at their fifteen-year class reunion. She is not the same girl she was in high school, and she is most certainly not the same girl she was the last time she seen them.

She was excited, but scared at the same time. What if their friendship all through school hadn’t been as serious as she’d thought?

Time changes everything and everyone, but the greatest changes have yet to come.

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